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Thank you for eating my brains: Golden Girls Tattoos and Testiblogimonials

There are no words. No words for this.

Thank you Chuck Hodi, for turning Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia into zombies on your Etsy page and thank you to Michelle Collins of for turning Chuck Hodi’s splendid set of portraits into the gif above (like, last year).

I’m going to have to take this post down when those betches die, aren’t I?

wait, what?

Kidding, kidding. Nothing but love for the fabulous 4, though I must admit that I didn’t watch the show much as a kid. I’m more “Gossip Girl” than “Golden Girls”, ya know?

Golden Girls as Kewpie Dolls by Richie Kwong

That said, I’m loving all of the modern quirky merch inspired by that seniors sitcom. I’ve seen it all over the web in the past couple of years, largely centralized around Etsy (natch).

People my age (ish) seem hyped on getting the gals inked onto their bodies lately too. Is it nostalgia? irony? shock value? I care not. Let’s all laugh at them together:

Thank you, reader, for being a friend. In the inevitable circumstance that humanity becomes plagued by a supervirus and the zombie apocalypse begins, thank you also for eating my brains.

On the outside, I’ll be screaming “HAY! HAY! Why you gotta do me like that?”, but on the inside I’ll be chuffed that you think my brains are more delicious than the dude next to me — coincidentally, your father.

Stay Golden, kids.


PS – I’m in the process of putting together a media kit for my blog, in the hopes that maybe somebody will help sponsor my “Lauren Goes to SxSW!” adventure next month. I’ve got the backstage passes – I just need the flight / hotel / food scrilla.

Please don’t feel obligated, but if you’ve got a spare minute to type up a testimonial about how much you LOVE MY BLOG and VISIT IT EVERY DAY, feel free to post it in the comments or shoot it over via email (laurenoneil at gmail dot com). I’ll give you a special shout out in my next post.

Oh, and if you’re somebody who’s interested in reaching the sexy young hipkids who watch my videos / read my blogs / follow me on Twitter, hollah. I’ll give you millions of eyeballs over and over again. For real.

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Video: Fashion Zombie TV at The 2011 Toronto Zombie Walk

On the 5th day of LOLoween, my true love gave to me… FIIIIVE JUICY BRAIIIINS!!!

After Zombie Walking all day, I was craving a nice plate of frontal lobe. Unfortunately, The Fort York Fox doesn’t serve human organs.

image by casie stewart

I had some of Greg Couillard’s spicy Jamacain Up Jump Soup instead. It was, to paraphrase Mya, “like woah”. So good.

I videogged the zombie walk and interviewed a bunch of undead Torontonians. Care to see? SEE! SEE, with your white scleras you jerks…

Jokes on you - I’M actually the jerk because you don’t even see with your sclera. It’s your retina and optic nerve that do most of the heavy lifting there. I’m really interested in eyeballs lately. There will be another eyeball post this week, I can assure you.

Have you seen GagaWeen by the Hillywood Show yet? Tres hilar, despite the sometimes shoddy rhyming. I haven’t watched The Nightmare Before Christmas yet this season. Must remedy that on Sunday.

We out, we out.

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Toronto Zombie Walk 2011: Photos + BRAINS, Brainnnns, brains…

.gif by Casie:

On the third day of LOLoween, my true love gave to me…


Zombling = Little zombie (Corn baby counts as a zombie because that shick’s freaky.)

I’m not usually into child photography (chiefly because I don’t want to be that creepy loner taking photos of random kids in the park), but hot dang were some of the kids at today’s Zombie Walk good models. The doll coming out of this chick’s stomach was especially fierce. Werq:

This boy was not a zombie, but he kept staring at me so I made scary faces until he laughed. And then I stole his adorable soul:


Today was, in a word, “BRAIIIINS!”:

Really though, it was awesome. One of the best days I’ve had in a while.

I woke up to my best friend yelling “ZOMBIE!“, spent the morning turning into a zombie, took photos and interviewed zombies in Trinity Bellwoods park for a while and then strutted down Queen West as a zombie fashion model. There was much Twitpiccage.

I was so busy trying to look spooky that I walked right into a bike pole. It went right between my legs. It was hilariously painful. Almost as painful as shoving that huge knife through my head!

I also had the pleasure of attending my first undead wedding today. It was a lovely ceremony. Watching the bride throw her bouquet into a throng of zombies was almost as awesome as watching her new husband rip the bride’s leg off and throw it into that same throng 5 minutes later. So good.

I’ll try to have the video I shot up by tomorrow evening. For now, here are a few of my favourite photographs from the ones I took today (full Flickr set here):

This chick cracked me up. A breath of fresh air:

See you around the cemetery, sweets. You should eat some Walnuts and blueberries tonight. I like a nice healthy snack :)

EDIT: Like our zombie bloooood? Casie‘s a pro. Here, she teaches you how to make your own with three kitchen ingredients in about 10 seconds. Cheap, easy, quick, delicious!

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