Happy Friday ickle biddies!

First off, I promise you that this will be the last Nyan Cat related post I write for this blog (maybe). Secondly, Behold: Canadian celebrities reacting to the most badass little pop tart space cat YOU EVER DID SEE:

What can I say? My personal life tends to flow over into my working life from time-to-time. Sue me! (but please, don’t actually sue me. I’m so poor.)

Some might say this meme is getting old – and I would have to agree… but only because I’m a 1337-ass Internet hipster.

For the 99.9% of humans who don’t spend 15 hours per day cruising the seedy underbelly of Mother Web, Nyan Cat is still kind of nouveau. And even if it weren’t – I can’t see how this would ever get old.

Some memes just don’t go stale.

Big ups to Shawn Desman, Keshia Chante, Stereos, Aleesia, Kid Kut, Trixx, Tricky Moreira, A-Game, Tanika Charles, Wojtek Wolski, Riley Armstrong, Colby Armstrong, De La Vega, Sexy McHottie and everybody else who made that video so very very fun to produce.

And typing of videos I love… here’s a new one from Cyriak Harris (as you may recall, I am quite obsessed with this artist):

Man… I seriously need to learn After Effects, and then maybe start dropping acid and then playing around in it.

I stumbled upon this blog post, written by a palliative care nurse, about the 5 common “death bed regrets” late last night.

A lot of these points really hit home for me, and will for a lot of you too – especially if you’re also an idealistic urban Millenial.

“All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”


Note: Laurenoutloud.com does not condone quitting your job to spend more time following your dreams if this may result in losing your home, car or cat… unless you’re that guy who gives out parking tickets because I FOOKING HATE THAT GUY.

We out we out.

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