This post went live over on the vitaminwater canada blog yesterday and I wanted to share it here too because, well… I put a lot of thought into it.

Thoughts about cheese people and Tom Selleck and the early 1990′s. Wonderful Interwebbity thoughts.

I wanted to include hungover owls but that didn’t really fit the steez, what with all of the intoxicated forest creatures and such.

When Parents Text” took the number one spot on that list because it’s probably the most hilarious thing I’ve stumbled upon all month. In fact, that’s exactly why it did.

A late addition to the memeverse of 2010 , WPT was December’s darling for sure.

Parents and technology are hilar. I want to start a single topic blog called “When parents Tweet” so that I can post things like this from my Mom’s Tweet feed.

Unfortunately for my blog idea, I think she’s the only mom who actually Tweets and doesn’t use Facebook. Fortunately for me, I find this to be pretty damn cool.

I posted some of these “best of” images on my Tumblr the other day after it made me LITERALLY shoot water out of my nose. Word to the wise: don’t creep memeblogs and drink at the same time. “The kids are in the Cheerios now” is what did me in.


Damn you Autocorrect would obviously be on that list too if it weren’t so salty in the language department. Heck, it’d probably be number one!

Me: Hey Internet?
Internet: Yes, my child?
Me: I love you.
Internet: <3 -Lauren

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