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What’s up this Weekend and the Dubstep Hipster Cat

Bonjeezy, goat massage enthusiasts!

So much has happened this week that I can hardly think of an appropriate way to start this post. Thus, I’m going to do the most logical thing possible. Lead with photographs of myself:

Hey — few things make more sense than mirror selfies when I’m wearing a day-glo sweater and carrying brand new robotic Internet bunny friends. Right? I was born in the late 1980s (okay, mid. Shut up Sean.) THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

More about Social Media Week, my new robo-friend, and my unintentional chair / sign / glow-worm matching outfit later.

Right now, I’ve got to spread the woid about what’s up this weekend before I bust out to DO IT ALLLLL!

Last night was a pre-SXSW party at Spice Route, Yoga at the National Ballet of Canada, Cision’s Social Media Ref afterparty at Wyrst and a fashion exhibit for Pardon Le Dopeness on Queen West. But none of that helps you now, does it? It’s Friday. Let’s all swoon over PLD’s Bleeding Pigeon hat and then move along:



Sunday and Monday are still in flux — most likely, I will rest SO HARD on Sunday (read: sauna, gym, blog) and then try my best to convince Seany to come with me to the science centre on “Family Day”. The Leonardo DaVinci exhibition is almost over!

Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen dubstep hipster cat yet, you probably should:

And to the (literally) 7 different people who over the past few days sent me the “cats as fonts” thing I Tweeted snarkily about on Monday, thank you for noticing that I do very much love both cats and typographic culture.

I want to love this meme, but I cannot. It’s derivative. The photos are old, the concept is old, the format itself is PLAYED OUT. It’s as if the creator thought “Hey! I’ll throw together 2 Internetty things, slap it up on Reddit and EVERYBODY WILL LOVE ME FOREVER!!!”

Okay, I actually like this one.

Well played, homes. It was a hit. In the days before Font Conference — in the days before my mother knew was a LOLcat was — I would have thought you genius.

Better luck when time travel becomes mainstream and you can go back to 2008 and impress me.

That little rant is so ironic coming from a girl who just pimped Dubstep Hipster Cat, non? :)

Love always

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The weekend wrap(ish) with Lau Calderone

Hey ladies…

Boy Lauren here. Lau Calderone. Why yes, that is my disco stick – but I’m happy to see you as well.

It’s Tuesday night and that crazy blonde betch hasn’t even blogged about the weekend yet, in all of its spiff and splendor. Wait – dudes my age don’t use words like “splendor” much, do they? Whatever. I’m not your average drag king blogstah. Believe me I said, I’m a goner.

Lau’s been go-go-go with all the video since Saturday. Three shot on the weekend and another 2 today, plus some vlogs. I think her fookin’ smile hurts, but it was a great weekend.

There were piggies and pants, poms and plaid shirts. pedals, pussycats, p…hresh air…

Here are some highlights:

1. Getting flirty new eyelashes, courtesy of BeFabulous Spa Studio (Eyelash Extensions Vlog Post and review forthcoming. Wait for it…)

2. Being a Sim.

I pretty much died when I saw that green diamond.

A young man and a young woman came over to me while I was gawking and offered to take my photo under it. As it turns out, they were the ones who put the diamond there. When asked why, the guy shrugged “just random fun, I guess”. The don’t even have a website. I was floored.

3. Texting and cycling through Liberty Village, just to feel like a badass. Apparently, it’s still considered “distracted driving” if you’re on a bike… #TheMoreYouKnow

4. Interviewing this guy. Super hot. (Video + CosmoTV post will be up this week)

5. Instagramming randos in the park. Why not?

6. Rollerblading all the way out to Etobicoke to pick up my car at the shop. A TTC train was stuck on this bridge and I felt superior. Plus, the view was nice.

7. Another Google Images bomb. FRIG OFF!


We had no idea that there was a cat show going on at The Ex until we got there on Sunday.

I’m not going to elaborate too much because we (Picard, Mike and I) shot a pretty intense video… but holy crap that was awesome.

9. SURPRISE MATCHING OUTFITS = also awesome. Plaid brigade! Not even planned:

No more CNE talk. The video will be entertaining, promise. I filmed John eating gross food things, myself bawling on whatever the carney equivalent of Power Tower Down is, AND I almost touched a cow’s butt hole. Almost.

10. Found out that Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z’s baby. This is what RocBaby will look like:

At least she’ll have money?


And last but not least, Indian train surfing looks like SO. MUCH. FUN. Don’t try this at home, kids:

Night night.

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Puppies, Yuppies, Hippies & Buggies: A very Churanno Weekend

Gather round, my noodly goons – it’s time for us to share some tunes!
Click here to make sense of that rhyme then GET BACK, YOU! It’s story time…

</weak verse>

I don’t know where that came from, sorry. It’s TUESday BLUESday and I’m feeling LEUpay. And also like this:

Frig… enough with the rhymes – my gears they grind. (THAT ONE WASN’T EVEN GRAMMATICALLY CONSISTENT! *refrains from trying to ork the word “persistent” into a sentence* *writes a coherent line of poetry that ends in the word “persistent” and then deletes it because this is getting quite weird*)

I was going to post a bunch of photos from my weekend yesterday but I ended up falling in love with something else and photoshopping random objects into my hands instead. Look! Slacktory wrote about the fact that I created something based on THEIR creation. So exciting!


Now about this weekend…

I love a me a hot Saturday in the city, especially when I’ve got nothing to do but enjoy it on my own clock.

It’s rare that I don’t have to work AT ALL during a weekend, and normally when faced with such fabulous circumstances I gets the heck out of Dodge-ronto. This weekend though, I decided to stay – and I’m glad. It was good.

Friday night, I worked late but ate some watermelon sorbet in a waffle cone for dinner so… that was okay.

On Saturday, I did my gym thang in the morning and then spent most of the afternoon walking around Queen West, just shopping the shops and peeping the peeps.

Trinity Bellwoods was bumping with people and pets (typical for this park on a sunny Saturday).

“Take my picture, take my picture!” these guys said. This guy, too. He’s Russian.

The people were pointedly less than clean than the pups (hipster joke retracted) but that’s only because my Tw’homies from Paws for the Cause were giving doggie baths for charity that day.

“Paws Park Life” was an adorable fundraiser, but an important one too. You can learn more about what the hip, sexy animal lovers at Paws for the Cause do here – and check out the Drool Hunter’s blog for more adorable doggie wash photos.

By the time I hit the washing grounds myself, it was later in the day and most of the terrier traffic had tapered off. I did manage to snap a few big boys getting fresh though:

This little honey heart made my day!

After departing doggy dream-land (and any hope of keeping my suede boots dry) I walked around taking more photos of park people since the camera was already around my neck. Why not?

Some slackliners caught my eye so I stopped to watch.

Brown-pants girl: “Wanna try?”
Me: “Um, CHYEAH!”

I sucked and ended up doing cartwheels and handstands instead. They were impressed by my INCREDIBLE FLEXIBILITY AND BALANCE. My lack of strength would probably have disgusted them if they were they type to be disgusted.

This man was like, 60. He started doing some crazy stuff on a bench nearby and we all skipped over to watch. The cool hippies used their awesome upper body strength to float on the bench too while I continued to do handstands in the grass like “tra la la la la…”

I like my new friends and hope that I’ll see them again in the park. Maybe next time I will be able to remember their names and stay on the slack line for more than 4 seconds at a time. I dumped a whole whack of park and dog photos in a Flickr Gallery here if you’re interested.

Saturday night held killer Rooftop Luau party at a condo building downtown. Lots of young urban professionals. I’d identify as one too since I’m young, urban and professional but duuuude, I spent my day doing handstands in the park with people who don’t shave. I’m not a yuppie.

This is the fourth such party I’ve been to in the span of two weeks and I must say, I’ve got a bit of the condo fever. I live in an apartment above a flower shop right now and it’s great – huge, relatively quiet, perfect location – but I can’t have huge parties on my roof like this…

Somebody was giving out leis with condoms attached,  ’cause if you’re gunna get leid you’d better do if safely! Hehehe. Christine wrote more about that party here. I love the way she writes.

Sunday was a “catching up day” (busy week, late Saturday night, mountain of laundry watching me sleep… shick had to be done).

I went for a run in the park near my house in the evening. It was not lovely. You can read why here.

And that’s all she wrote about THAT. I’ve got some real work to do now. Please enjoy this geriatric lip dub (and everything else on my Tumblr blog by clicking here):

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