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The weekend wrap v. labour day + gearing up for TIFF

'Tis the season for false lashes, la la la la la, la la la myaaaaaw

Au revoir, Summer 2012. I hardly freaking knew ye…

Maybe because I spent most of the season inside writing, working, sleeping running on treadmills, hiding from the humidex… Internetting.


WHAatever, I mean. Summertime feels a bit arbitrary now that I’ve graduated up into the workforce and whatnot.

Summer break doesn’t exist. Summer jobs don’t exist. Summer sausage doesn’t exist (I decided to stop eating red meat when I was 14, you see. At summer camp.)

I just spent SO MUCH TIME making that.

Stay in school, kids.

Click play on the song above (for it is my current jam) and then read on to learn about how I spent the last weekend of my tofu:

On Thursday, I went with a few friend’s to Dell’s Ultimate End of Summer party at Sunnyside Pavillion. Sean and I rode our bikes there thinking it was way closer than it actually is. It was a nice bike ride, and when we got there, SHARKS!


Lights started playing jussst as we walked in. Such a talent, that girl.

Casie pretended to be the Parkdale bed intruder. HIDE YO KIDS, HIDE YO WIFE!

Thanks for the invite, Dell! Y’all know how much I love my sweet XPS 13 Ultrabook :)

After the party, we hung out around Casie’s but my phone was dead. Twas a relatively early night, anyway, as I felt the need to get plenty of beauty rest for the Weekly webcast!

Play the Qwiki: CBC Community Weekly Wrap: August 31, 2012

On Saturday, I drove home to my parents’ house in Chatham — and then on to Windsor!

It’s been some time since I partied with my old homies there. I was too busy catching up and celebrating Harmony’s beeday to bother taking many photos. I slept at Seany’s parents’ house and woke up with my hair looking like this:

Rough morning, but somebody special was waiting for me on the bed when I got back home to Chatham:

And Mommy made MUFFINTOPS!

I watched the (mid) Season Finale of Breaking Bad with my parents and Tweeted so hard that THIS happened:

Rumour has it Mr. Paul will be in town for TIFF. I’ve got his film in my calendar as “GO STALK JESSE PINKMAN.”


My Labour Day weekend was pretty uneventful and chill. I spent a lot of time driving and walking in the country, looking at corn and cows and horses. Regard:

YEAH STEWED RHUBARB! From the gaarrrrden. If you’ve tasted it, you know why this blogworthy.

This past weekend was a very nice, grounded (for me) weekend. The perfect vaccination against what’s to come… this week…

Homies and gentlecats,

You’re going to see a lot of party coverage on this here blog in the two weeks ahead — most of it TIFF related, some of it fashion. But most of it TIFF. All of it, pretty dang myaw.

Yeah. It’s that time of the year again.

Brace yourselves for the onslaught of inexcusable douchebagggeerrry!!! (clipsonicehadtouseittwicethrice)

Not only will I be on the Star Spotting beat for work (let’s play polite paparazzi!), I’m scheduled to be at no less than… 10 parties within the span of three days alone.

Fingers crossed I get to hobnob with movie stars and the like again so that I can brag about hobnobbing with people who only had to talk to me because it’s in their contract.


In an effort to actually write about everything I do, I plan to keep my party reviews short. MAYBE even 140 characters or less.

I just got back from a pre-TIFF cocktail party at the Ritz-Carlton. Here’s my review:

I also hit up a sweet lounge this morning (EGPR’s Essentials Lounge for media) but that most definitely deserves a post of its own (you have no idea, holy MAN!)

Soon enough. Wait for it…

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Social Media Week Toronto, 2012 Styles + The Weekend Wrap(ish)

I’ve got 40 grillion supercool things from this weekend to blog about, but it’s Monday now and if I don’t log what I remember of last week in my little diary here right now I never shall. The circle of blog! It moves so quickly. YOLO.

I spent a lot of #SMWTO at work this year, creeping the hashtags from afar when I wasn’t busy doing, you know, social media (wrong verb, but I don’t know what the right one is). Is that ironic? Maybe in a loosely defined Alanis Morissette sort of way

It’s all good though, because the BEST of social media week came to ME. Ha! Take THAT, Universe. Or, maybe I should say thank you to the Universe. I don’t know why I have so much unwarranted animosity toward the world sometimes, jeesh.

This “Twitter Tree“, as I referred to it, provided our office with so much more than something cool to glance en route to the coffee machine — it was downright inspiring (in an “I could never figure out how to turn Tweets into origami birds for the purpose of an interactive art installation, but I’m totally glad that somebody else did” type of way.)

Tweet2Hold is the brainchild of Toronto media collective The Brototypes.

Basically, the team printed Tweets from the #SMWTO hashtag onto small sheets of paper which were then folded into birds and hung upon a tree (which was painstakingly constructed in the evenings leading up to Social Media Week). The colour of the paper bird was determined by the emotional sentiment of the particular Tweet, providing an at-a-glance snapshot of how people across the board were feeling about the week-long experience. So cool.

Laura Chambers wrote a nice piece about the installation and The Humber Daily Planet produced a video where the creators do a far better job of explaining it than I ever could:

The Brototype boys are gone now, but they were kind enough to let us keep the tree for a little while. I love creeping by to read some mesages when I get a chance.

On Wednesday evening, Entrinsic hosted a Social Media Week VIP party which was great fun. The place was slammed and I finally got to show some of my friends where it is I spend my daytimes (like, past what can be seen on Dailybooth).

This wall is one of the things I love most about our office.

Photo by Lindsay Kos

Thursday, I was hardcore Social Media Week panelizing all day long.

The First panel I got to be part of was Curation vs. Curation at the AGO with Mark Farmer, Andrea Carson, Sasha Suda, and Holly Knowlman moderating.

The main purpose was to take a look at the evolution of the word “curate” and discuss what it means to be a curator in the digital age. My sweater matched the signage — completely unintentional, I swear.

I found the panel stimulating, reflective and very well-structured thanks to Holly’s insightful questions, the expert opinions of my fellow panelists, and the smart audience feedback.

You can find some of the live-Tweets on Epilogger. I think these ones sum up how I feel about the subject pretty concisely:

After the AGO panel, I rushed over to LUMA for lunch with my fellow “Social Media Ref” participants and the team from Cision (our gracious hosts and event organizers). That restaurant is beautiful. The food is beautiful, the dining room is beautiful, the staff are beautiful — heck, even the tea pots are beautiful!

The panel itself was held in the TIFF Bell Lightbox, and the audience was much bigger than I had expected. Cool :)

I was a bit self conscious about the fact that my sweater matched the chairs (seriously – I didn’t plan it!) but I really enjoyed the debates.

Photo by Hayden Tay

Honestly, any chance I get to rap about blogamalism and branded Internetting is one I’ll jump at. I’ve seen so much in the past couple of years, walking that line between advertising and reporting. It’s a neat, new space and it’s been a blast to explore it. I’m hungry to learn more from all of these experienced people I meet doing things like this, always.

The audience Tweets for this one were a blast to scroll through afterwards.

Big ups to Terry Foster, Julie Geller and all of the debaters I got to chill with Thursday afternoon. Thank you for my new friend, Cision / Karotz! Can’t wait to test him out :)

Finalllllly, there was a wrap party of sorts that I stopped by for a few minutes on my way to HHK. That was aight. Hip Hip Karaoke WOULD have been amazing, had we got in. By 11:00 pm, there was a line up longer than **** **** ****!

We still had a good night with our friends though, and Saturday more than made up for missing HHK. Lots of adventures that I really will blog about LATER or NEVER (The art / music / awesome show at Creatures Creating will have its own post. The double late night hot tubbing, probably not.)

I did my first keg stand at Tiny Danza NIXON‘s afterparty (congrats, boys!) for the sheer purpose of wanting to drink something upside down. I don’t even like beer. So many camera phones were out and the video is funny, but we’ll leave those videos and photos where they belong: not on my blog. I’m Roger Murtaugh.

Love always :)

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Big dreams, Sweater Crushing and The Weekend Wrap.

What is UP velociRADsters?

I drove a Kraft Dinner coloured monster truck from Liberty Village to Hollywood today, all by myself save for Tickory and Oatmeal. The idea was to land myself a bartending gig and go on auditions all day until I “made it”… as lord knows what. A comedian? A singer?

I can’t rightly remember if I did land that job or even if I found a bench to live under because everything turned into spiders and then I woke up.

In actual fact, I slept until 4:30 p.m. today after going to sleep around midnight the evening before. 16 HOURS OF SLEEP. Can you beleedat?

I should check into the hospital for exhaustion with Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan. It seems to be the LA way, after all. I’ll need to develop a drug addiction first, but I don’t predict that should be too hard given the addictive nature of most illegal substances…

Here’s what went down the rest of the weekend:

I came at Friday night like a bat out of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks, just raring to rage. I had a long, stressful week and needed to blow off some steam / escape reality.

We had a few friends over before heading out and I made them DailyBooth with me because I figured I would look like a pimp surrounded by boys. And that I did:


Sam’s shirt is blogworthy. I’ve got a similar one at home (+ NKOTB bedsheets, pillows, a sleeping bag, dolls, lunchbox, etc.)

We went out to watch Ross spin at Supermarket (which us not actually a supermarket) and then skipped over to the Underground afterwards – but not before flitting around College and King West a bit. Morgan and I found a cat in some alley and played with her while the group ran ahead. She was very affectionate and very very cute.

Post boogie, we came back here and played lots and lots of dance central 2 on the Kinect. One person FRIGGING DOMINATED over everybody else with her mad video dancing skills, but I’m not going to say who because that would be bragging.

Saturday I wrote (work stuff. again.), had coffee with one very smart friend, gymmed and then went shoppppping:

I very much wanted to purchase the Cooperative Intarsia raccoon sweater from Urban Outfitters (seen here on Lights) but I’m on an agressive saving spree so I took a few pictures and felt sorry for myself instead.

Same goes for the 99$ deer sweater. Warm. Cozy. Cute.

If I had bought anything, it probably would have been this electric lime Staring at Stars cable tunic. I’m loving all things Day-glo right now and think this would be a surprisingly versatile addition to my wardrobe.

I thought it looked stupid with that skirt in the changeroom, but now I rather like it. *le sigh*… the sacrifices we make to pursue our dreams.

Do you think if I dedicated my entire blog to clothes and style that I’ll start getting FREE CLOTHES like Chiara and all of the real big fashion bloggers? Probably not. Maybe I’ll continue to try on and take changeroom photos of things I like but can’t buy for a little while. That would, at the very least, make for a fun Tumblr.

Yeah, those pants are gross.

Anyhoo, I’m going to go put this song on repeat and cry for a little while now ’cause my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark and such.

Perhaps I need that neon sweater more than I think I do.

Change is imminent. So many big, big changes on the way. I’m terrified, guys… but fear is a good thing, I’m told. I’d rather be frightened than bored or in pain.

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