Brace yourselves, e-homies.

It appears as though the digital aristocracy has been cooking up some very big plans for the future of our dear ol’ world wide web.

The infrastructure that supports your online life is changing and the implications of this could be huge.

If you haven’t been following the open graph API story yet, you need to start paying attention.

Basically, Facebook is taking over the internet. No seriously.

More than one billion “like” buttons are expected to be in place web-wide by the end of today.

The data miners are trekking to Mark Zuckerberg bearing Frankincense and Myrrh, and the entire Googleplex is shaking.

It’s time to roll out the red carpet for Web 3.0…

The magical Semantic Web we’ve long been promised is finally coming to fruition thanks to Zuckerberg and company, but it’s not exactly the way that Tim Berners-Lee described it.

Open graph will make for an intuitive web, but it won’t necessarily be an open web. It feels more like an Orwellian web than anything to me.

As our social networks become tied to our daily web activities, online browsing will become more convenient, sure – but at what cost?

Facebook isn’t running this show for kicks and giggles, if you know what I’m saying…

I’m not suggesting that anything malicious will be done with the data we provide, but the simple fact that so many people are routinely handing over so much information about their habits and likes to one private company is troublesome.

Our online lives are merging with our offline lives at an alarming rate. If it hasn’t happened already, the cybersphere will soon become as legitimate and important than the real world public sphere – if not more so. In fact, there’s been a lot of debate surrounding the notion that the internet is in fact the contemporary public sphere itself.

The nature of human communication is changing so very very quickly. While I embrace new media technologies in a very big way, I also find some of this stuff a little bit unnerving – especially when it comes to things like privacy issues and data mining.

This whole technological revolution we’re living through is cool, but scary cool – Like playing Doom3 or any of the Resident Evil games.

Except we’re not members of the S.T.A.R.S. team trying to take down the Umbrella corporation and cure a city filled with Zombies infected by the t-virus.

We are the zombies – and the Umbrella corporation doesn’t need to infect us with a virus to control our minds.

They just have to entice us with their shiny, pretty toys…

Okay, enough of my weird post-apocalyptic metaphors. I’m being melodramatic. Y’all know I love my iEverything :)

What I don’t love is the stupid baby SCREAMING at the table across from me.

“No mas, No mas” the mother keeps saying – but the demon child keeps on screaming.

Hey Señora – here’s an idea: remove yourself and your demon seed from the coffee shop that’s filled with studying students before our sleep-deprived asses rise up and cover you both with sticky notes and highlighter!!!

Well, I think I’ve offended enough people with this blogpost. I’m going to quit while I’m a jerk.

Oh – one more thing, just in case big brother is already watching *looks around*:

I’ll be voting Zuckerberg/Jobs in the 2011 race for President of the Internet! *cough*

Nizzle, out!

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