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Sore throat vlog, Paperboy, and photos of my meezers…

I should be packing right now. Packing, sleeping, editing, cleaning my car, writing, driving to a clinic for some antibiotics… something more productive than this, probably.

I move into a new loft next Saturday and I’ve got a pile of media to process from this weekend… but Sunday evenings are kind of hard for getting things done – especially now that my cartoons are back (I missed you, Springfield!).

All four-fingered and four legged distractions aside, I’m pretty much useless right now anyway. My throat is a throbbing mass of Pantone 186C and I was shivering the entire way home to my parents’ house today.

I hate to admit that I’m sick, even when I know that I am. Last night I knew good and well that I shouldn’t be going out to party, but we’ve only got three good weekends left here in Torontartica (MAYBE) before the bitter cold sets in. Blog damnit, a girl has got to MAXIMIZE her fun times! I’m glad I went out. It was a good one :)

<3 this crew. The throat bizznass actually worked out in my favour at around 3:30am last night when I happened to find myself singing hooks for a rap battle at an after-hours joint in hipsterville. I talk about that more in this video blog - and also sing some TV theme songs 'cause why not, right?:

That’s probably the ugliest vlog I’ve ever published and I’m not even mad. I figure, real people DO get sick sometimes… forget to brush their hair… forget to put on makeup. I am a real people. I am not a cyborg. Not yet.

Blonde or blue? What thinks you?

More weekend wrap stuff and my blog post from TedXToronto shall come along shortly – after I sleep and pack and work on my work work. I covered a sick Street Art Showcase over the weekend and then went back later in the evening just to take some photos and geek out over the art. Can’t wait to show y’all the video!

For now, I’ll leave you with the slick new Down With Webster video I just caught on MuchMusic.

Blog damnit is that shizz well done. So well done is it, in fact, that it’s hard to believe these guys are local. I wonder if this video was Canada-made? I’d be stoked to hear that it was.

Say what you will about how this would have been cooler two years ago you fookin’ hipster – slam on the mainstreamification of 8-bit culture, nostalgia porn, the commodification of our childhood memories… but it’s Paper Boy IRL with some really hot guy. Duck Hunt. NBA Jam. It’s effing awesome – don’t even try to hate.

More cat photos, you say? HERE. I’ll take your pet’s photo too, if you want. Do you have gorillas? That would be cool.

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Lashes, Tractors and Pink Pony Punch: Video Roundup

See Lauren. See Lauren run.

See Lauren run around like a chicken with her head cut off hunting for a new condo while simultaneously trying to get everything lined up for TIFF (7 out of 12 outfits down and counting!) and work 60 million+ hours per week. Don’t get it twisted though – she loves this shizz.

See Lauren aggregate all of her recent videos into one big blog post.

Aggregate Lauren, Aggregate. Blog Lauren, Blog:

1. The Eyelash Extensions LOLVlog: I recently had my lashes pimped by Laura from BeFabulous Spa Studio. Belle, non?

Not only is she crazy talented in the beauty department (rumor has it her Brazilian waxes are the best in Toronto), Laura is whip smart and nicer than apple pie. Wait, is apple pie nice? I don’t even know… haven’t spent too much time speaking to pies lately. I spoke to Laura the entire time my lashes were being applied, however, and she rules.

Note: Get Eyelash extensions. Well priced and, with regular maintenance, they last forever!

2. Pink Pony Punch with a side order of robots: Sometimes, I get to drink yummy things out of robot piggy banks on camera at work. And by “sometimes”, I mean “one day last week”. I like this video because it’s short, sweet and has both ponies and robots in it!

3. The CosmoTV Blogger Girl’s date with Evan Starkman: Full post available here.

4. Backstage with Stereos at the CNE: Interview + behind-the-scenes footage and uh… garbage tractor rides:

5. Thought Controlled Computing: vitaminwater visits Interaxon: Some technical issues here (audio problems, lens out of focus, my brain wouldn’t work…) but I like the idea behind this story.

6. Steampunk Octopus at Burning Man: The fact that I had nothing to do with this does not negate the fact that it’s amazing and deserves a place in this post.

C’est tout. Must sleep. Tomorrow, we ride… we ride to win.


Get it? If not, keep hitting those books… and maybe a little bit of TVtropolis too.

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The Caramilk Secret BIG CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY (+ an “Unbarring” Video)

Want to win a whack of free chocolate? I got you times three, buttahcup. Please read on…

Today, I filmed my very first unbarring vlog and IT. WAS. DELICIOUS.

If I had a lifetime supply of Caramilk bars, I’d probably do that all day every day because it ends with chocolate in my mouth. My dentist wouldn’t be thrilled but dag nabbit, I’d be living the life.

Living La Vida Coco.

Could you imagine having a lifetime supply of Caramilk bars? How about a lifetime supply of Caramilk bars AND $250,000?

If you pick up a specially marked Caramilk bar today – one that looks like the bar above – you could be on your way to scoring just that.

10 golden keys have been hidden in Caramilk bars across the country. Each key is worth a lifetime supply of Caramilk Bars AND a trip to one secret vault unlocking ceremony at the Gladstone Chocolate Factory in Toronto (Remember when I toured that factory to see how Creme eggs are made? It’s an amazing place. I really could live there).

Only one of the 10 keys will open the special safe (which, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, holds the Caramilk Secret).

If it’s YOUR key, you’ll win $125,000 on the spot. If you can successfully keep the Caramilk secret safe for another 6 months, you’ll get $125,000 more. (See full contest deets here.)

4 keys have already been found, which means that 6 more keys are out there just waiting to be unwrapped and claimed…


I can’t give away $250,000 on my blog, but I CAN give away a whole bunch of chocolate. Cadbury has hooked up with three Caramilk Secret Prize Packs just like this:

Want to win one? Simply answer the following question in my comments section below:

“What would you do with $250,000 if you were Protector of the Caramilk Secret?”

For bonus points, make your OWN unbarring video here and then post the link below.

Not only will you increase your chances of winning the big chocolate giveaway TWOFOLD, you could end up in Caramilk’s next TV commercial.

This, of course, will inevitably result in you becoming very very famous. You’ll probably land a 6K modeling contract and then a record deal…

You’ll be worth millions by next year, and then you can give me $250,000 for starting you down that road towards your big break. Or at the very least, you’d buy me a little boat and a camera so that I could follow around Jay-Z’s yacht and play PaparazzLee. That’s probably what I’d buy with $250,000 if I won it from Caramilk anyway.

BONUS: My mom did an unbarring video too. Such a trooper! My Dad was like “No”, My cats were like “Meow”, and my brother wasn’t home.


Yours in gooey deliciousness,

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