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Herp it, Derp it, no – submit it… Internetic

I remember hearing “technologic” by Daft Punk for the first time during a house-party scene on the O.C. I thought it was the bomb sheezy and I totally wanted to bone Ryan Atwood & Seth Cohen.

Now, I think Reddit is the bomb sheezy and I want to bone Pete Cashmore and moot, so it only make sense that I’m loving on INTERNETIC. Urlesque’s delighfully webby remix of the original 2005 Daft Punk hit is over 9000 percent blogworthy.

And thus…

Big ups to Jed Stoneham and Urlesque for this. Effing brilliant.

Tweet it, rate it, like it, star it, digg it, tag it, zip – email it
Up it, down, it, vote it, link it, reddit, share it, quik – retweet it
Face it, book it, friend it, fav it, fan it, chat it, start – reblog it
Type it, search it, ask it, blog it, buzz it, stream it, paste – upload it
Add it, buy it, win it, tip it, bump it, flag it, App – download it
Pinch it, zoom it, swipe it, tap it, text it, post it, switch – delete it
Mix it, trend it, meme it, fail it, rage it, troll it, old – repost it
Join it, launch it, check it, badge it, herp it, derp it, no- submit it)

Internetic Internetic Internetic Internetic

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Supercut: Now if you’ll excuse me…

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some real work to do…

Oh snap.


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Vote now for The 2010 Urlies

Hurry hurry, friends!

You only have ONE DAY left to vote for the best of the web over at urlesque!

From coolest web kid of the year to biggest new single topic blog, there’s no shortage of awesome categories to choose from.

Okay, there are only 11 – but all are equally important, except maybe for the “Justin Bieber Internet Thing of the year” category. (Lesbians who look like Justin Bieber ftw, though!)

Who do you think will sweep the third annual Urlies?

Merton’s Chatroulette Piano Improv? (YES), Doppelganger week? (NO), CaptchART? (yessss but they should totally give a nod to Buzzfeed in their acceptance speech)

I predict Antoine Dodson and Gregory Brothers will take home at leaasssst one golden computer – and not only because I’m (still) obsessed with that meme. It was revealed yesterday that Bed Intruder was the most viewed video of the entire year (49 million + views = more than the entire population of Canada). That’s got to count for something.

We here at like to keep things nonpartisan when it comes to politics (and, more importantly, web meme competitions). Thus, I won’t reveal who I voted for in any of the categories except for hero of the year:

Y’all know we love us some Zach Anner, right?

The next thing we’re gunna learn to cook… IS TAKE OUT!” bwahahaha…

Voting polls for the third annual Urlies close tomorrow at midnight, so get on that mmmmkay?

I’ve got my work holiday party tonight. I probably won’t blog about it because I’m too busy to blog about anything that takes me more than 20 minutes to blog about.

I’m seriously stoked for the holidays so that I can have a chance to breathe again.

Love Always,


P.S. – Vote and comment on the 2010 Urlies Animal of the Year award today and you could win a 2010 cheezburger calendar YEAHHHH!!!

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