Have y’all seen the trailer for David Fincher’s the social network yet?

you probably should, if only to moon over Justin Timberlake’s sweet little anglofro (i’d call it a jewfro or an afro, but timbo is neither jewish or african so… yeah) or any one of the ridiculously good-looking people that are about flash across your screen.

Like a hottie buffet for your brain, this one. Unbuckle the belt on your retinas right now, ladies and gents – the feast begins… (who the eff wears a belt inside their eyeball, btw? *judging you*)

As visually stimulating as this clip was, what really got me to watch it past the initial eye-rolling “oh PUH-LEASE – a freakin’ FACBEOOK MOVIE?” moment was the siccckly eerie choral cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” playing throughout.

I tend to be a visually inclined person by nature, but I do appreciate some good aural stimulation (*physically kicks mind up out of the gutter*)

Naturally, I Googled the shite out of said song and learned that this particular cover of Radiohead’s 1993 hit was done by Scala and Kolacny Brothers – an obscure Belgian girl’s choir headed up by two guys called Stijn and Steven Kolacny. It was recorded in 2002.

Nice choice, musical director (or whoever was responsible for selecting the viddy’s tuneage). The song itself is a noted favourite for many within the film’s target audience (which I can only assume is Millennials, GenX-ers, and the odd hip Boomer or curious teenybopper, judging by the content and promotional strategy thus far). It’s enduring – timely both now and, obviously, in 1993 where the film takes its roots.

I was only 7 when Radiohead dropped that track, but it’s one of my all-time favourite songs. I grew up listening to it, not really even understanding a lot of the subtleties until I was a lot older… kind of like those old episodes of the Simpsons and Seinfeld that I watched repeatedly as a child but didn’t really “get” until I was a teenager. (“Mommy, what’s a shrinkage?”)

Annnnd I’m babbling now, so I’ll go get on with my day. My parents are coming to visit in a few hours! They’re taking me to see Miss Saigon and then out for dinner. Hopefully, they’re bringing me some stuff from home… like Oatmeal the bear. I’m having trouble sleeping without him…

I totally just ripped that pic straight out of 2006. My dead myspace page is like a time capsule from 2nd year undergrad. Adorable and mortifying at the same time.

I wonder if Facebook will ever become extinct? Replaced by some new service and relegated into the dark abyss of interwebs past… used as a hosting service for indie bands and FOX show advertisements?

Nah… it’s TBTF… Like the Lehman Brothers or Merrill Lynch!

Wait, what?….

Whatever – it’s not like Myspace Tom ever had a film made about HIS life now is it? A film that has both ANN PERKINS and LONDON TIPTON in it, to boot!

I’m not even being snarky – I effing love Rashida Jones – so hard. And Brenda Song is cool too, even if I only know her as the Asian Paris Hilton of my Saturday morning TV line-up.

I don’t want to wait until October to see this flick. But I will, because I’m nice like that… and also, not magic.

<3 Lauren O’Yorke

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