…Contrary to what TV taught me. Crystal Tokyo was 30th century, right? Come on ladies, it’s meatball-head chic!

The truth is, I worked a little bit late last night and had absolutely no time to search for something “future-themed” before the AGO’s massive party — Hence the wild(ish) hair. Ya know, to overcompensate for the simple dress.

Little did I know until I got there that NOBODY would be dressed up like a robot. Nobody at all!

Apparently, the future of fashion is one part Richmond Hill wedding reception (said the blogger like she’s actually ever been to one) one part fashion show (the good kind) and one part, the tiniest part, this:

Photo by Erin Seaman for FASHION

That part is my favourite part.

To think – all of that time I spent stressing over the toxicity of silver spray paint on skin, I could have just thrown on a floors-weeping Dolce & Gabanna number or that dress Pippa Middleton wore to the royal wedding!

Photo by Becca Lemire, She Does the City

Becca took some great style shots at the party (see them here), including this one of Casie, Jen and I:

Jen’s writeup of the party is perfect. Just do yourself a favour and go read it instead of this.

I think I took some nice pictures too… I took a lot, at least. Sucks though, that I managed to FRY MY FREAKING memory card last night.

Both my MBP and two PCs are calling it corrupt. OH YEAH? OH YEAH? WELL MAYBE YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS CORRUPT, PINK DELL! HA! (jk. I love you, Barbie III)

Gratuitous cattery

Until I get that little mess sorted out, here are a few instagram snaps from my phone and Casie’s phone:

Photog / restauranteur (Restaurantographer?) Zach Slootsky (peektured above) got some photos of Casie and I being, ya know, us in an elevator.

He was equal parts delighted and disgusted by my weirdness, which means I put on no fronts last night.

A lot of other people have already written about the party (I’m fashionably late to the story.) Some were less than enthused while others seemed super-dee-DUPER impressed!!!

Photo by Andrew Louis for Torontoist.com

Personally, I had a great time. 1800 people in the AGO, at night, with free food / drinks / ravens? Pretty bomb, even for an RPP.

The crowd seemed jovial and there were so many fun things to see between three floors. Blacklit basement playground, fortune cookies on platters, drunk chicks crying in the bathroom…

Some random tumblr photo on my desktop. Probably the real inspiration behind my hair last night.

I talked to a lot of really nice investment bankers and boutique owners. The ones I got on with best were transplants too. People from other parts of Canada who’ve moved to Toronto in the past 3 years for work. Is there any other kind of yupster anymore?

To play pixel pirate on SDTC one last time, CHECK THIS OUT — somebody wore the meat tights! The meaaaat tiiiiiights:

Photo by Becca Lemire, She Does The City

*slow clap* *fast clap* *standing ovation*

*stops claping*

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