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Internet Memes 101: LOL at Podcamp 2012

Happy Sunday, my crazy nasty*ss honey readers!

Nary a blog post all weekend from this lass, eh? My apologies (because I know you live and die by the regularity of my blog posts. What up, Obama family? Thanks for reading!) — it’s been a busy one though.

More on the lot of my adventures (plus some huge news) later, but first: Internet Memes 101 at Podcamp 2012, WHAAAAT?

This was my third year at Podcamp (year one, year two) and I’d been toying with the idea of presenting for a few weeks. So, at the very last minute I finagled my way into a spot and tossed together the only thing I felt passionate enough to spend both Thursday and Friday nights inside the Matrix working on:

I had expected that maybe Casie, Sean and a few of my friends from Vinyl Countdown would show up if they weren’t too busy fending off ravenous fans after their session.

To my delight though, the room was already filling up as I arrived to plug in. Too bad said room was in a basement with no freaking Internet connection.

Fortunately, Picard was there to save the day by securing a BETTER room upstairs in about 5 seconds flat. Hey hey! (THANK YOU JOHN!)

The entire group marched up 3 flights of stairs through the Rogers Communications Centre with me. These people are obviously as dedicated to Internet hilarity as I am (and maybe you too, since you are reading this blog), which makes them fooking stars:

Ethernet! Great success! John Leschinski rules at LIFE!!!

The feedback I got from Twitter after the presentation was cool. Being told I’m funny feels better than anything else (save for being told I’m SUPER RICH, but that’s just an assumption. I’ve never been rich. I bet it feels great.)

Thanks again to everyone who came out for real. You made this little blonde nerd’s week!

If you didn’t get a chance to see it live, here are the slides. Many won’t make sense or be as good without the verbal commentary / jokes behind them, but there are some funny videos and lots of weird crap so it’s still worthwhile I think.

I should have included blue waffle in things not to google (DON’T DO IT) and Badger Badger in classics. *sigh* There really are more memes out there on the World Wide Web than anyone could ever document in full… Except for KnowYourMeme. They do it. I don’t.

WAH, give me a break. I am but one cat and the Oscar red carpet show is about to begin. Want more information about Internet Memes? GOOGLE IT :)

Memes 101 w/ @laurenonizzle @ #PCTO12. Lots of hilarity :) Room 357

Feb 25, 2012 | Source:

Alright, It’s time to get my judge on. You know, Tweet about how much I love everything that isn’t touching Goopy Paltrow or any of the other Hollywonks I can’t stand.

Fingers crossed Jean DuJardin has a wardrobe malfunction :)

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Gadget girl gets around (the Internet, that is…)

Greetings, puny human!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to write a piece on consumer technology trends for the incomparably fabulous Yorkdale.

True to my nature, I jumped at the chance to spend some legit time obsessing over gadgets and gizmos. Tablets were tested, televisions were toyed with and the rest, as the say, is history. Quite literally once you click through to the article! Web browser history! Get it? Waka waka waka!

I had a blast and a half frolicking through the Mall’s finest electronic, gaming and communications stores, gathering intelligence for this post. The hardest part was paring down my list of things to feature since – as you may already know – I love me some gadget. All of them. ALL OF THE GADGETS.

Thanks for calling me a “Tech Expert”, guys :) That made me go “hehehe!”

In other “stuff I did that I want to show off on my blog” news, here’s that interview with Rob Dyer I promised!

I’m outie now. Working on this week’s CosmoTV blog post for a bit longer, and then I’ve got to get to bed because PODCAMP TORONTO 2011 is Tomorrow! Last year’s Podcamp was awesome – remember?

I’ve also got the Power of Movement Yoga-thon, some Oscar stuff, and a Raptor’s game this weekend. Make that a Raptors EXPERIENCE courtesy of #RTZ – bomb seats, pre-game shoot around, meet and greet with players… you should totally come. I’ll wear my special hat :)

You know how they say that sleep is for the weak? I wish that were true. I’m incredibly weak and I never sleep. But I’m not complaining, no. Life is good, dear homies… just a few more months until the cold goes away and it gets Grrreat! :)

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Xzbit pimped my phone.

j/k. It was me.

Now my BB matches my iPod :)

Some things
are just too perfect not to buy.

Maybe I can get a bodysuit with that print on it too…

Oh god.

I’m totally going to be that moms who dresses her kids in matching outfits when I grow up, aren’t I?



Lauren O’Ledbetter.

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