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Kittywood, Simpsons Food and The Weekennnnd wrap!

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

How did this even happen? Wasn’t Friday afternoon like, 5 minutes ago?

Schwatevvs. I’ve been making a conscious effort these past few weekends to spend less time working, more time having fun. At first, it was very difficult to let go – to stop writing and researching and producing every spare minute I had.

But alas, there isn’t much warm weather left and with TIFF / Fashion Week / Fall classes right around the corner, I’m going to be perma-glued to the grind again soon (not that I mind)

I’d rather show you funny videos and photos than write about what I did this weekend, but for Future Lauren’s sake here is the long and the short of it… (actually, it’s just the short of it. What’s up with that idiom, anyway? ):

  • I strolled around Kensington Market in the sunshine. Bought sugar skull stuff.
  • I played this wicked fun card game called ‘Apples to Apples‘ with a bunch of my coworkers and lost. Kicked everybody’s butt at “You Don’t Know Jack” later though. HA!
  • Still didn’t win the grand prize of games party… He sparkles and everything.

  • I went to Hip Hop Karaoke Round 55 with Sean, Brock and Donnie
  • Afterwards, stopped by the Roosevelt Room to pop bottles with some old friends (So freaking good to see you all – Andrew, Caroline, Cory <3)
  • Went back to a buddy’s house and stole this scooter (because riding something that belongs to somebody else, even with their explicit permission and approval, equates to stealing right? No matter. Let’s not worry about the facts. It’s much more fun to mindlessly poke fingers!)

  • Went to the gym a few times
  • Thought I witnessed a real live McWedding (turns out, they were just playing around after the ceremony. Either way – I’ll take a number 4 combo with a side order of TRUE LOVE FOREVER! So fun.)

  • Made a new friend
  • Had some of my homies over to the crib for a little förfest.
  • Went to this sick late-night jam that was like… keg party meets electro-club meets secret after hours. Met a lot of cool people. Danced hard. I took a few great photos on a corrupt memory card, too. Womp. Good thing it’s happening again next week:
  • I also did some grocery shopping and rolled around town with Walshie in his car car for a while.

  • Took the subway on Saturday night. I wanted to walk, but it was raining so… TTC it was. Casie‘s overalls are the cutest ever.

Without further ado (another idiom that I don’t really get…), here’s some stellar Linkfarmitty goodness!!!!!!!!

A Pizza made entirely out of pizza-flavoured snacks. So meta.

Instructional English dancing video: I have a bad case of Diarreah!

Ridiculously talented Bulgarian gymnast is probably a robot
. That’s the only way to explain this stuff.

TV Gourmet: 5 Simpsons-inspired Meals

8bit Seinfeld Iotacons

Lollipop Chainsaw!

Decent celebrity impression demo reel

Welcome to Kittywood studios – my dream employer, if only it were real.

Can’t… stop… Tumbling

Tosh time. Gots to go.

Love always,


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SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY! (are you ready for the MMVAs & afterparties?)

Oh it is ON mans and womans. It’s on like Donkey Kong… like a Donkey Kong Thong… Like Donkey Kong singin’ the thong song ON.

Finally, after weeks and weeks – nay, MONTHS and MONTHS- of anticipation, MMVA madness has hit its peak! In less than 24 hours, The MuchMusic Video Awards will pop of at the corner of Queen st. W. and John St. in Toronto Ontario and IT.  WILL. BE. EPIC.

Hello, btw :)

I’ve been so dang busy running around town these past few days, preparing for Sunday’s festivities, catching up with old homies and taking in as much NXNE awesomeness as is humanly possible that I haven’t had much time to blog about everything – and for this, I apologize… though I do hope that my onslaught of tweets has kept you feeling up-to-date on all of the sweet happenings taking place in the teeeedot this week.

I’m actually typing this post up on my blackberry while I ride the subway downtown. It’s jam packed up in here, and I’m pretty sure lady sitting next to me with her eyes trained on my hands is reading every word that I’m writing right now…

Oooh! “arriving at Osgoode, Osgoode station…” that’s my stop! I’ll finish this later…


Hi again!

What a day this has been so far! In the past 5 hours I’ve watched Katy Perry, The Raveonettes, Stereos, Justin Bieber and Iggy Pop rock out on stage. I bought some shoes too. I’m starting to develop a habit… Toronto is bad for my wallet. Maybe I should buy a new wallet…

Uh… where was I?  MMVA Eve, yes! As you know, I am a Virgin Mobile VVIP for the 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards. This means that I’ll be blogging, vlogging and tweeting up a storm all day long tomorrow – expect some majorhuge photo, video, and story posts come Monday. I’ll be rolling with my BB (for to Tweet with), my good camera, a notepad and my camcorder.

I’m going media-ninja on this event, my friends… it’s my favourite thing to do :) Stay tuned.

And on that note – I just want to warn everybody right now that I will not be sticking to the ’5 tweets per day’ twettiquette rule tomorrow (do I ever?). I’ll pretty much be e-blabbing a mile a minute as I prepare for the event, moon over celebbys on the red carpet, watch the big show and then hit up the afterparties. Sorry.

And speaking of afterparties, there are about a zillion of them going on, eh? I’m slated to hit up Perez Hilton’s MMVA afterparty for definite, but who knows where I’ll end up post-pink-carpet?

Where are YOU going to be tomorrow night after Canada’s biggest and bestest awards show shuts it down? If you haven’t got the foggiest, check out this list of Sunday night’s best MMVA afterparties, courtesy of Canadian celebrity blogger Zack Taylor :

Snooki - Century Room
Drake, Hedley and Justin Rego - This Is London
Jonathan Toews, Blake McGrath, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Adam Lambert and Fefe Dobson - Ultra Supper Club
DJ Pauly D - SkyBar
Ill Scarlett, Midway State and Rob Dyer - MOD Club
Ashley Tisdale and Cobra Starship - Opera House
Stereos - Nyood Nightclub
Whitney Port and Kristin Cavallari - Dolce
Down with Webster - Cheval
Danny Fernandes and Belly - Lobby Lounge

I’m thinkin’ that I might have to hit up Century Room for a cartwheel or two with Snooki if I can get in… but the two major parties that I want to hit are at Ultra (the official MMVA afterparty spot) and This is London (Universal’s bash).

Too much awesome! I wish I could use a magical hammock to split myself into five different people, go to five different parties, and then reconvene with my selves at the end of the night to share pictures/stories/cute-boy-email-addys…

I need to peace on out for some more festivations right meow and then rest up. It’s going to be a huge Sunday. Huge like this HUGE FRICKIN’ DOG or this HUGE RUBIK’S CUBE. HUGER, even – like this lady’s… tank top:

I’ve got an interview lined up with someone very, very cool in the afternoon tomorrow. Someone I’ve idolized for a long time :) I don’t want to jinx anything, but… watch my tweetfeed around 1:30 if you’re interested.

Love always,

Lauren O’Neil, the living bundle of nerves/excitement…

Oh Oh – one Pee Ess: Last night during MMVA sound checks at MuchMusic, the entire block just happened to black out (oops!). I had just left Toshiba’s Primer Party at Ultra when it happened, so we decided to head west for more NXNE stuff. As we were crossing Queen at Spadina, some amazing drunk, shirtless guy was trying to direct traffic. It was so hilarious – definitely one of the best things I’ve seen IRL in a while.

Fortunately, my homie Sean Ward caught the whole thing on tape (hoorah, modern technolomagies!). Check it oots!

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Super Sonic SIMPSONS Sunday

Gooood Sunday morning to ya!

I’ve got about 45 minutes to kill before I rush off to dance and instead of cleaning my bathroom, as I had originally planned to do last night when I was lying in bed mapping out my SUPERSONICSUNDAY, I’ve decided to write.

Maintaining a clean bathroom wasn’t one of my new year’s resolutions, but writing in my blog more often (blogging, if you will) was. So really, I’m not procrastinating – and I’ve got the mathematical evidence to prove it. To simplify, let’s just say that
Scrubbing Shower < cruising the web for funny pictures to repost blogging.

Too offensive? Sorry. No… wait – I’m not sorry at all.

Anyways, it’s not like my bathroom is THAT dirty – save for the pile of bathbombs and bubble bars lying around the jacuzzi (yeah that’s right, I’m ballllin’). I uh… went a little nuts at Lush the other day. Suffice to say, I’ll be well stocked for a while.

Don’t you just loooove weekends? I kind of forgot how awesome it is to spend two days relaxing, catching up, getting things done, painting my fingernails, long yoga classes, trying on clothes at the mall… staying up late to watch SNL and waking up early to watch Hannah Montana and That’s So Raven. You see, for the majority of my undergrad years I spent every Friday and Saturday night (sometimes Thursdays and Sundays too) behind a bar slingin’ drinks.

In a lot of ways, I really miss bartending. The fun scene, the cool people I got to meet, the sick jams, the joys of flairing and mixology… mo$t of all, I mi$$ being able to $hop at my favourite $tores and go on $nowboarding excur$ion$ out we$t…. being a poor grad $tudent flat out $UCK$.

But on the up side, I have my weekends back! I can finally relate to the cultural phenomena that is “T.G.I.F.” – like, the cheesy motivational office poster version, not the classic belated Friday night time block of PURE HILARITY on ABC during the 90s.

Remember? It was Friday night and the mood was right…

I encourage you to take a brief moment of silence wherever you are to honour the best Friday night line up that ever did exist. I’m talking Family Matters, Full House, Step by Step, Boy Meets World… I don’t remember when Home Improvement came into the mix – but it’s also an excellent show.

I remember jumping up and down on my mom and dad’s bed one morning when I was five screaming “HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL FULL HOUSE?”. You’d best believe that Friday night meant lots of popcorn and sweet sweet Stamos dreams for little Lauren…


Here’s a tip for the guys out there looking to pick up just about any chick who grew up during the 90s: Be more like Uncle Jesse (sans the righteous mullet. Very few can rock it like Stamos did).

And SPEAKING of television shows, tonight is MAJOR. It’s the 450th episode of the greatest show of all time.

That’s right, The Simpsons celebrates its 20th season tonight at 8 p.m. EST on FOX with “Once Upon a Time in Springfield”, which will be followed by “The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special in 3-D on Ice” – an hour long documentary by Mr. Super Size Me himself, Morgan Spurlock.

I’m beyond excited for this. For as long as I can remember – sheeet, I suppose since I was about 6 – I’ve been watching the Simpsons every Sunday night, save for the odd time I’ve had to “tape” it due to prior commitments.

I’m not going to call myself the HUGEST Simpsons fan in the universe, since I’ve yet to tattoo my entire body or write a book, but I do own five (Simpson books – not tattoos) and I’ve seen every single episode in existence (Yes, all 449 – I’m not exaggerating), many of them 10+ times. I CHALLENGE you to take me on in Simpsons trivia. Your funeral, budday! Like Bart and Lisa, I consider the television to be my third parent :)

Anyways, I’m just thrilled that Groening’s managed to crank out TWENTY seasons. That’s amazing. I’ll admit that some aren’t as good as others… (Seasons 3-8 for life!), but the show manages to be smart, clever and funny. Last season was meh… but I’m really liking season 20 so far. I’ll most definitely be watching episode 450 tonight… Will YOU?

Time to go dancedancedance!


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