I’m feeling inspired by my dear homie Kate right now to give y’all some jam-fodder at the top of this post (see).

Please play this ol’ gem while you read along – and if you’re not done by the time it stops (or if you just get way too distracted by the FIERCENESS THAT IS KELLY to pay attention to my shizz), crank this:

Amanda Lepore is great, I guess. I didn’t even show she produced music – good music, rather. Maybe she doesn’t and this is a one-off. Whatever the case, her mouth is cray-cray like Rey Rey and I was feeling that.

oh em gee, could you imagine? Nyah. I move my mouth way too much for voluntary fake parts.

ION Magazine threw another party with Little Burgundy Wednesday night, this time at Style Exchange on Queen West.

I really liked their last collaborative party in Toronto, as I’m a huge fangirl of both ION and LB (Their stock and their branding / marketing / appreciation of bloggers and cats).

Plus, Style Exchange is like, 5 minutes from my place and my makeup was already did from an MTV shoot earlier that evening (Thanks Lucky!) so I decided to scurry on over to amp up the weird factor in that joint and BUY SOME SHOES AT NIGHT.


Hey JC, JC, would you sparkle for me? Zana Ho, Zana Hey, Shoeperstar!

Miss Cotton Venus was dope. Great DJ!

I didn’t get any shoe-shopping done at all that evening. Too busy chatting and playing and trying on clothes.

Bwahaha, Jeremy photobombed me good.

There were fake eyelashes and candy and FLOAM, wee!

Usually, taking photos inside any store is forbidden (laaaame) so I went nuts while I could because of that compulsive urge I have to take photos of everything that makes me smile. Hence all the Twitpics of dogs.

Here are a few non-footwear things I liked:

I’ve been reading about these Herschel bags a bit. Real simple, really cool.

I’ve want a Moose Knuckle coat this season. A red one. So warm. The TNA parka I have for Canada-cold weather is so UWO and I’m almost 2 years out of school now. Wow.

There’s somebody who wants my attention. I should probably go now. More photos if you like. Happy MOvember, eh?

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