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Tetris Leggings, Pop Phones, Icarus Kicks abd Sh*t Nyan Cat Says

Hai friends!

Have you seen these Tetris “retro gamer” tights yet? They’re done by Black Milk, obviously.

Is it just me, or is Black Milk making news at an increasingly frequent rate? October 2010: The R2D2 Swimsuit. July 2011: The Steve Buscemi Dress. Last week: the meat leggings and yesterday, nyaw.

Methinks they’ve got some brilliant people over there in Australian fashion land. Nerd merch is hot. Nerd culture is commodified. LET’S ALL PLAY COOL!

I’d rock the Tetris tights in heartbeat, but I wouldn’t spend 100 bones on them. You see, I’m confident enough in my gaming skills not to feel the need to envelop my lower body in a tribute to them. And also, I am broke.

Here are a few more of the things I’m coveting but shouldn’t buy. Blog therapy will have to substitute for retail therapy until I pay of the mortgage I’m saving to buy.

A pink pop phone:

Some Throwboy icon pillows

EVERYTHING from Jeremy Scott x Adidas 2012.

Icarus. That’s me!

Last but not least, remember all of the “Sh*T ___ Says” videos? Don’t make another one. It’s played out. Proof of that can be found on Buzzfeed’s “Has Anyone Said this Sh*t?” Search engine:

The Sh*t Nyan Cat Says video is still my favourite. Bwahahaha…

Big party tonight and two Social Media Week Panels tomorrow. The fact that I’m more concerned with what I’ll be wearing over the next few days is probably indicative of something…

Maybe I’ll be a fashion blogger when I grow up. Or maybe I’ll be a business man or an award winning novelist. I don’t know. I’ve got to go buy some things to fill the black hole in my heart now :)

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Video of the day: She’s a hipster! (+ moving still sucks)

“I’m okay with Mainstream, get your vegan tempeh sandwich away from me!”

I’m really wishing I’d brought peanut butter and jelly to work right aboot nyoo. I swear to gahd I didn’t see that video until after I’d purchased lunch… which just so happened to be a tempeh wrap. Don’t hate.

The irony! The double irony. I only bought Tempeh to be ironic in the first place. Fermented soy stopped being cool the second my mom could bring it home from Zehrs (but refused to because I need to stop eating like a “freaky hippy” or something).

I’m onto Corn Smut and Mayim Bialik’s breast milk now.

Fungi is fun, guy! Blossom is fun too…

Moral of the blogpost = This video by i8athumbtack is hilar. Big ups to Alex Lewis, Aaron Joseph, Orion Abaca (The Tik Taks) and everybody else involved.

You guys are hot. Double hot because you’re funny and have the skills required to show this to the world.

It’s great to see that lonely island-style rap parody web video genre continue to thrive. Rumor has it one Torontonian blondebot you love to hate for speaking in third person sometimes is working on something similar with somebody very cool. But not today. Moving weekend has taken a toll on my brain – especially with Nuit Blanche thrown into the mix.

Hot damn was that one loooong Saturday. 6:00 am -> 6:00 am. My arms are jelly, my lids are heavy, and my new loft is only about 20% unpacked. “My new loft”… myaw. Look at my chandellieeeer.

And my pussycat…

And my heap of stuff stuff stuff STUPID STUFF….


You can also look at this roundup of what I wore during TIFF 2011, if you’re past that “sick to death of TIFF crap” phase by now:

C’est tout! Now, I gots to see an office about an organizing…

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Maple Leaf mittens for Party Whore hands (Tastemakers Lounge at the Gemini Awards )

Remember during TIFF when all of those famous people came to town and needed moving trucks to carry all of the awesome free swag they scored back to Los Angeles? (I wrote all about it for Yahoo and my blog if you need a refresher).

That was my first experience with celebrity “gifting lounges” and I was blown away.

I knew that celebrities receive tons of free goodies during award shows and events, but I had no idea how much they really did get (at the Oscars, it’s up to $85,000 worth of goods!) until I saw it first hand.

Furthermore, I would never have guessed that journalists get invited into these lounges too – let alone bloggers.

But the times they are a changing, I guess, and now media kids are all up in these things like Kristie Alley’s tongue in a jar of mayonnaise.

I don’t know where that came from. My apologies to Ms. Alley… And Mr. Hellman.

The 25th annual Gemini Awards went down this past weekend (Canada’s version of the Emmy Awards, pretty much), and this brought together our country’s finest English-language television stars right here in the fair city of Toronto.

Instead of lounges scattered across the city, as we saw during TIFF, there was but one lounge for the Gemini nominees and presenters. The ULTIMATE lounge. The Tastemakers Lounge.

When I got the invite from rock-it promotions to attend, I RSVP’d within minutes. I figured that if it was anything like the Tastemakers lounge at TIFF, it was worth the trip… and was it ever! Sheeeeet, for these alone:


Also amazing was the manicure I got (in Party Whore!) from Cheeky Monkey Costmetics that, might I add, still looks fabulous a few days on -miraculous for a busy-handed rapscallion like yours truly.

The Cheeky team was fabulous – hooking me up with an extra bottle of Camel Toe because I simply couldn’t get over how hilarious it was that there’s a nail polish called “Camel Toe“.

Clever packaging, strong branding and a great quality product too. I rave about it some more in my video below. You can buy it at the ten spot – has anybody had a facial there? I’ve been meaning to book one of these for months. I’m a (real) facial virgin… I’d love to see what the fuss is all aboot!

Another thing I’m raving over is Hallmark‘s recordable storybook collection. Genius idea!

I’m half-tempted to record myself reading Frosty The Snowman all distorted-like, serial killer stylez, so that I can mail it to friend anonymously and freak her out. Wouldn’t that be a funny prank?

Here’s my “look at all of this cool swag” video. It’s long and rambly… really best suited for people who have nothing better to do than watch me act like a nerd. So nobody.

Thanks a trillion, Tastemakers!


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