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Lashes, Tractors and Pink Pony Punch: Video Roundup

See Lauren. See Lauren run.

See Lauren run around like a chicken with her head cut off hunting for a new condo while simultaneously trying to get everything lined up for TIFF (7 out of 12 outfits down and counting!) and work 60 million+ hours per week. Don’t get it twisted though – she loves this shizz.

See Lauren aggregate all of her recent videos into one big blog post.

Aggregate Lauren, Aggregate. Blog Lauren, Blog:

1. The Eyelash Extensions LOLVlog: I recently had my lashes pimped by Laura from BeFabulous Spa Studio. Belle, non?

Not only is she crazy talented in the beauty department (rumor has it her Brazilian waxes are the best in Toronto), Laura is whip smart and nicer than apple pie. Wait, is apple pie nice? I don’t even know… haven’t spent too much time speaking to pies lately. I spoke to Laura the entire time my lashes were being applied, however, and she rules.

Note: Get Eyelash extensions. Well priced and, with regular maintenance, they last forever!

2. Pink Pony Punch with a side order of robots: Sometimes, I get to drink yummy things out of robot piggy banks on camera at work. And by “sometimes”, I mean “one day last week”. I like this video because it’s short, sweet and has both ponies and robots in it!

3. The CosmoTV Blogger Girl’s date with Evan Starkman: Full post available here.

4. Backstage with Stereos at the CNE: Interview + behind-the-scenes footage and uh… garbage tractor rides:

5. Thought Controlled Computing: vitaminwater visits Interaxon: Some technical issues here (audio problems, lens out of focus, my brain wouldn’t work…) but I like the idea behind this story.

6. Steampunk Octopus at Burning Man: The fact that I had nothing to do with this does not negate the fact that it’s amazing and deserves a place in this post.

C’est tout. Must sleep. Tomorrow, we ride… we ride to win.


Get it? If not, keep hitting those books… and maybe a little bit of TVtropolis too.

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Nyan Cat hits the red Carpet + a Brand New Cyriak

Happy Friday ickle biddies!

First off, I promise you that this will be the last Nyan Cat related post I write for this blog (maybe). Secondly, Behold: Canadian celebrities reacting to the most badass little pop tart space cat YOU EVER DID SEE:

What can I say? My personal life tends to flow over into my working life from time-to-time. Sue me! (but please, don’t actually sue me. I’m so poor.)

Some might say this meme is getting old – and I would have to agree… but only because I’m a 1337-ass Internet hipster.

For the 99.9% of humans who don’t spend 15 hours per day cruising the seedy underbelly of Mother Web, Nyan Cat is still kind of nouveau. And even if it weren’t – I can’t see how this would ever get old.

Some memes just don’t go stale.

Big ups to Shawn Desman, Keshia Chante, Stereos, Aleesia, Kid Kut, Trixx, Tricky Moreira, A-Game, Tanika Charles, Wojtek Wolski, Riley Armstrong, Colby Armstrong, De La Vega, Sexy McHottie and everybody else who made that video so very very fun to produce.

And typing of videos I love… here’s a new one from Cyriak Harris (as you may recall, I am quite obsessed with this artist):

Man… I seriously need to learn After Effects, and then maybe start dropping acid and then playing around in it.

I stumbled upon this blog post, written by a palliative care nurse, about the 5 common “death bed regrets” late last night.

A lot of these points really hit home for me, and will for a lot of you too – especially if you’re also an idealistic urban Millenial.

“All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”


Note: does not condone quitting your job to spend more time following your dreams if this may result in losing your home, car or cat… unless you’re that guy who gives out parking tickets because I FOOKING HATE THAT GUY.

We out we out.

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Disband Showcase – PHOTOS

Goood afterevening!

My hands are sooo sticky right now because I just ate night-breakfast and my orange was supahjoosy. I’m going to wash them before I continue.

Much better.

So, last night, I was up in the Tee-dot hanging out at Tattoo Rock Parlour to cover an event for the MuchMusic blog and let me tell you dear reader, it. was. dope. DOOOPE.

I really dig watching sick bands play. Who doesn’t? But watching SIX sick bands play in one night, and getting to hang out with all of them in the dressing room and junk? I dig that all the way to China, son!

Big red head. heehee.

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play of the night with all of the juicy backstage deets and hilarious secret happenings or anything like that, because a) Well, that’s what I’m doing for the Much blog and b) I’ve been writing at my internship all day and I AM LE TIRED.

So here are some photos of me with cute boys instead. Everybody likes cute boy photos, right? Hooray Hooray!

These guys reminded me of Swedish kids, so I liked chilling with them a lot.

And this guy‘s shoes were like, blowing my mind.

This guy is FAMOUSISH but has some sweet ink so that’s okay.

And this guy is just downright hawwwt with 3 ws. Very nice, how much?

These guys were all like “yo! we’re GWEEDS!” and I was like “what’s a gweed?” and they were like “Guidos! DUH.” They were just precious as pie – such characters! One of my favourite bands of the night, for sure.

And theeeeese guys were like “HEY! Aren’t you LAUREN O’NIZZLE? From THE INTERNET?” and I was like “yeah, no big deal…” and they practically BEGGED me to snap a pic with them so I did…

And this guy was straight hilar. Rarely do I find a person who can not only appreciate, but reciprocate my sick sense of humour :) Also, he is cyooooote. Obvs.

This guy had a righteous ponytail, so I had to take a picture of it.

And these guys just plain rule at life.

Anyways, it’s been a busy day. MY WORD! SUCH A BUSY DAY! I just remembered!

Big things are poppin’, my friends… if I can briefly allude to something very big that’s soon to be taking over my life (JANUARY 25th, to be exact) – let me just say that this may shape up to be the best summer ever :) EEEEEEEEEE!

<3L PS -> Chelsea Handler on Leno = so good. Like a blonde Kathy Griffin, she is! Hilar!

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