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Converse S/S 2012 Preview: Do Ya Thang + A Chuck Taylor Manicure

Hey yo, shoefans.

Last night, I saw the future (sort of):

See that? Future. The very near future of footwear departments at select retail stores within Canada, that is… which still counts as the future in my blogpinion. (Hey – if scientists can reccommend that Justin Bieber be sent into space, bloggers can write authoritatively about future. This is fact.)

I actually hit the Converse Spring/Summer 2012 Press Preview Monday night at the Hotel Le germain in Toronto, is what happened, and LOOK! I got my fingernails turned into bebe shoes:

Photo via Micki

Er… more importantly, I got a chance to see some of the new kicks Converse will be rolling out for Canadians next season. Trust me — it is good.

"Model for me, Seany!"

I was immediately drawn to a table filled with shoes from the much-hypedConverse x Gorillaz Chuck Taylor collection (which launches in Canada this month):

Converse x Gorillaz and Converse x Marimekko

Have you heard that new Gorillaz ft. Andre 3000 and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) track yet? I’ve been loving on it for a week and had no idea until just now that it’s actually part of Converse’s huge “3 artists, 1 song” project.

Small freaking culture. Or it is? Smaaaart campaign. I’m impressed by it on so many levels. Those illustrations alone, jeez… Not to mention the video (!):

This is getting a lot of hype right now for all the right reasons. Dope song, wicked animation and, as many have taken note, Andre just slayyyys it with his verse. So fast. (Don’t get excited though, kidlets – this does not signal the return of Outkast, apparently. Whatever.)

Back to the shoes though, because the shoooooes the shoes! Good luck trying to have a meaningful conversation with me in a room like that. My eyes dart back and forth from shoe to shoe, bags to shades, posters to people, people to other people — their clothes and cameras, mostly…

I take a photo of Marcus Troy taking a photo of Jay Strut taking a photo of some Chuck Taylors. Ooooh photo chain. I hope there was a security camera or something on me. Probably not.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the Converse Spring and Summer 2012 collections:

The Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty is a slightly more feminine version of the classic low-top. Wardrobe staple. I’m loving them in the summer materials – especially “Strawberry Pink”:

The ChuckIT Lady CVO: Lightweight slip-on Chucks with a nautical twist. If I ever make it out to the Yacht club, you’d best believe I’ll be wearing something like this. All the better to speed away from snooty guards when they catch me hopping the Yacht Club’s fence! “Get out of here, you vagrant city rat! Shoo! Well, I never! Myaw!”

The Chuck Taylor All Star Coast: The kicks are collapsible, meaning that they’ll fit into a suitcase just as well as your flip flops, and with a mesh upper they’re nearly as breathable too. Sold.

I’d be remiss not to include the Chuck Taylor All Star in this mix since I’ve owned more pairs of Chucks than any other single shoe style in my entire life (with the exception of those foamy almost-disposable beach flip flops from Old Navy. I go through like, 20 pairs a season legit).

Here are some of SS 2012′s seasonal colours — I’m loving on the purple (Irish Orchid) and the green (Green). And the creamsicle (Nectarine). Frig, I want them all. That dazzling blue, too.

Big ups to the fly lay-days from Wow Wow Nails for turning my fingernails into little kickers! I’ve been showing these off all day.

I’m off to get my hurrs did right now – at the Academy, because I’m too frugal for those fancy schmancy “$150 but you get a free teaaaaaa” salons right now. Saving up for a big, big trip! Gots to be smart.

Fingers crossed I don’t end up looking like this:

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She’s got a habit…

Oh me, Oh my. The fashion binge continues…

Yesterday, I set out to grab a coffee from the best little indie java joint / frogurt haven in my hood and returned two hours and too many dollars later with this:

I never did get that coffee, but I’m not even sure that I really intended to get one in the first place. Okay, that’s a lie – I always want coffee – but my foray into the BWV may have been motivated by more than caffeine withdrawal…

I love Sweet Flour‘s organic brew (and custom cookies, ohmygawww), but my very favourite thing about going there is that I have to pass Mendocino (my favourite boutique) on the way.

Yorkville Mendocino, November 2010

I thought that maybe if I saw something pretty on sale I could snatch it up for one of the evening events I have this week.

Sale? Not so much. And yet…

I’m in love with the first dress and the third outfit but the middle dress is a little similar to something I already have and, to be honest, a git generic for the price. I might return it for something a little more stylish. What do you think?

Living on this strip is a blessing and a curse. The local shop girls know my name, size, fit… they’re even starting to know my style. I love that. It feels good.

But for what I spent on frocks and faux-fur today I could have bought a brand new mid-range snowboard.

This, on the heels of Saturday’s mini shoe-buying spree (PUN INTENDED! bwahahaha) after my Build-a-Bear adventure (more on THAT tomorrow).

Thankyouuuu Spring and Little Burgundy:

Stop judging me, Cat.

I’m not out of control or anything. Really, I spend far less on clothes and shoes than many women I know – annnnd to be fair, it’s sort of a work-related expense (I NEED to look fly on camera and I can’t be pulling repeats).

It’s just that I tend to feel sort of guilty when I do buy a lot of clothes because I’m accustomed to feeling guilty for spending money on things that aren’t school-related or life-sustaining.

After 22 years of being a student, this is my first time having a real grown-up job with real grown-up money.

The challenge for me is keeping in mind that I have real grown-up bills to pay now too. Big city bills.

Realistically, I should be pinching pennies now more than ever. I do hope to own a place with a driveway one day…

That said, you’re only young once.

I’d hate to look back on this time when I’m a rich 50-year-old (fingers crossed) who’s unable to pull off a micro mini without looking totally cougish and lament over the fact that I decked my self in cheap fugly threads when I could have been wearing… well, this, this, this, this, this and this. AND THIS:

I’ll hold off on the holiday dresses for now (I’ve got a closet full of archives) and maybe cut back on my latte spending too. But I’ll probably buy a new snowboard this season, ’cause life is about more than cash money in the bank.

What’s the point of living a fabulous life if you don’t feel fabulous in what you wear? :)


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