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The top social media moments of 2013 PLUS my 2 favourite gifs


What up bloggies?

That reminds me of Smoggies. Remember the Smoggies? It’s vague for me, but YouTube tells me that this show did in fact exist and also that it was Canadian. GO GO GADGET NOSTALGIA!



I’m watching the backwards episode of Seinfeld right now, and the part where Elaine gets drunk and calls Jerry “Jugdish” never gets any less funny. Never ever ever ever JUGDISH hahahahahahaha.

I know it’s way past the point of year-end roundups, but I totally need to share this clip from work in which I talk about but THREE of my 40-zillion top social media moments from 2013… mainly because I attempt to do the actual Harlem Shake on live national television,  but also for posterity’s sake. You know.


I’m sorry if you can’t see that because you’re in Amurrica. Please enjoy these year-ender / holiday-themed articles I wrote for work within the past two weeks instead:

As always, you can read my latest work stuff here. And if you’re curious about my favourite gif from 2013, I have two — two delightful gifs that I simply cannot choose between, both from news moments that I witnessed live on teleivsion (AND LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF, screaming “WHERE IS THE GIF? WHERE IS THE GIF? SOMEBODY MAKE A GIF!!!!”)

1.  The “WTF AP?” microphOWNED moment during a press conference after the LAX Shooting in November. Small lady, big stand, hilarity all around :


2. The corn-cob-eating sign language interpeter lady who helped Gov. Deval Patrick let Massachusetts residents know that… something about snow, but that looked like corn.


On that note, NIZZLE OUT!

No wait, wait, I made a GIF tonight too. Harvey’s sent me a t-shirt with “The Lauren O’Neil burger” on it. Regard:

Night :)

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Robster Gets His Lobster: A Victory for Internet Kind

Good afternoon, homies!

LOOK! A ROBSTER! (Please, before you accuse me of acting racist, read on…)

At approximately I-Have-No-Idea O’clock on February 22, 2012, Mr. Robert Mills of Redding California posted a complaint on Red Lobster’s Facebook page about the lack of free birthday dinners he had received from said fine seafood / delishcuits establishment.

You see, Robert Mills is not a man of great means. Some (him) might even go so far as to say that the expired egg truck driver (I’m assuming that’s what he does?) is POOR. SO POOR.

All Mills wanted to do for his 56th birthday was eat some free lobstah without killing anybody first (Don’t do it, Bobby! We hear that death row serves a terribly briny last meal platter!).

Oh that's not even FUNNY... too far, too far...

Fortunately for Rob and hitch hiking prostitutes everywhere, the Internet took up his case against Red Lobster. And guess what?


While many of the web’s finest Tweeted and wrote on Red Lobster’s Facebook wall in support of the movement, the credit for this victory should fall square on the sexy shoulders of Matt Stopera from Buzzfeed, and then trickle on down to thewhitesade for tipping him off in the first place (so, not SUPER squarely I guess…)

Graphic by Skip

Merely 3 hours after Buzzfeed unleashed their army of loyal readers upon Red Lobster’s social media properties, the company replied with this:

And we, the Internet people FREAKED OUT with joy. Or maybe it was just me? I don’t know, but I’m chuffed that Red Lobster retweeted me:


Standing Crabwalk break:

Feb 21, 2012 | Source:

Back to the story.

Robert Mills eventually logged onto The Facebooks again and I’m assuming he saw the melee because he made a statement:

A few of the cats at work were wondering if maybe, just maybe, this was all a setup. A truly brilliant marketing campaign produced by Buzzfeed for the lobstahkings. It was certainly effective… but I’d like to think it was organic and pure. Otherwise, I’d feel a bit had. Buzzfeed has a very, very special place in my heart and my bookmarks. As in I don’t even have it bookmarked because it’s automatically the first thing I look at every minute.

I LOVE YOU, Buzzfeed Tweeter. *creepy whisper* I love you…

Something about the Old Mill is inherently creepy in a beautiful way

That’s me. Come find me here at the Old Mill and we’ll hang out, okay?

PS: Gizmodo did some digging and it turns out that our boy Rob is actually a convicted felon. Oops! Hehe. Oh well. Victory, all the same :)

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The “new” Urban Outfitters logo

… garners puke-in-mouth reactions from graphic designers, eye rolls from PR pros and lethargic nods of approval from social media strategists.

The first thing that went through my mind when I saw this redesigned Hipsters R Us logo was “OMG, April Fools.”

Then, remembering that it’s November, I navigated to the page and immediately thought “OMG, 4chan.

But I was wrong.

Nobody hacked into to swap out the embedded fonts for titles generated with Word Art, and (to the best of my knowledge) Zack Morris didn’t travel forward in time for a design internship at some web development firm in NYC.

This shizz is legizz. Le-Jizz.

I think it’s safe to say that anyone who’s not a Dancing With The Stars judge can see how much this redesign SUCKS.

So what’s the deal, Urban Outfitters?

Did a mass suburban revolt against $90 t-shirts drive down your revenue so much that you had to outsource web design work to your moms?

Or did the mad social buzz and resultant media attention garnered by Gap Logogate 2010 inspire you to stage your own public stumble?

Likely, the latter – but hey, it damn sure worked. (Maybe not on the same level, but give it time.)

I’d slam on UO for playing copy-cat if I didn’t think this move was so genius and intentional.

Not only is the retailer getting attention for tossing up a gross logo, they’re getting attention for tossing out a gross and blatant publicity stunt.

Double the press, double the clicks, double the “OMG that logo IS gross… ooh! 40% off women’s outerwear!

Then again, this could just be Urban Outfitters waxing ironic. That is sort of their thing, after all.

The company’s marketing department is obviously familiar with the commodification of nostalgia, and their buyers are keen on re-trendicizing fashion mistakes gone by – so I suppose it’s not a shock that their graphic profile follows suit.

Urban Outfitters’ new logo may be ugly by all contemporary aesthetic standards but perhaps, like all things hip, it’s just too cool for a square like me to appreciate yet.

Who knows… maybe it’ll grow on me like *shudder* high-waisted skinny jeans….

Or maybe not.

<3 L

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