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CatWang, New kicks, Star Like Me, BBD!

*peers out from behind curtain of WAHHHH*



Hallo friends. I am BACKish now from my 4-day-stretch of flu-induced hibernation to BLOW YOUR MIND with the kind of wicked-ehss geekity goodness y’all know me for… or, rather, I would be if I hadn’t been laid out for 18 hours a day since this betch of a bug hit me, barely even able to Tweet – let alone eat. The upside to that: Willie helped me finish some cottage cheese the other day and it was adorrrrable.

The most I’ve actually been able to accomplish since Thursday was a trip to Sport Chek earlier this evening to buy some new running shoes and dayglo workout gear. I ain’t even mad if it was the cough medicine that influenced this particular purchase because my new kicks are chopahcalohpah:

I’m just making up words to troll you guys at this point.

I’ve actually been working pretty hard on a “Best of 2012″ post over the past couple of evenings. It’s taking a long time, but I suppose I should be thankful for that. I had one heck of a year.

Hopefully, I’ll get that one up right soon so that I can start cranking on some new blojects for 2013! I got some tings, I got some tings. But for now, please enjoy…

The fruits of my time spent playing with the CatWang iPhone app!!! It’s totally free and ridiculously fun (if you’re into putting lasers and cat heads and other cool things on your photos. Which you must be, if you’re here.)

This commercial for the HOT NEW SOCIAL NETWORK Star Like Me which was most certainly produced in a basement somewhere in the Eastern Bloc. Yeah, yeah, I know that the Eastern Bloc doesn’t exist anymore (as of 20 seconds ago — thanks Wikipedia.)

Facebook, Twitter, WATCH YO BACK(end)S — Star Like Me is taking over:

Bwahahahaha. <-- Yeah, that's the best joke I have right now, "Bwahahahaha." I'll provide the material - you provide the punchlines, guys, just for today (and maybe all of the Sunday mornings too.)

Azealia Banks dropped a new track on New Year’s Day called BBD (Bad B*tches Do it). “It’s Trap, but it’s Rave. it’s Banjee, But still a lil classy,” she said on Twitter. Love? Hate? Meh?

I was 6 and 7s about it until I listened to it for the 5th time. Now I can’t get enough of it, or the Angel Haze diss track (ooooh Diss track!) she dropped on Soundcloud yesterday, produced by MACHINEDRUM. It gets tight at 1:37: NERPRUHBLUMSNOPRUHBLERRRMS rah grumble grooo NOPRUUUHBRLEERMS.


Hey guys… have you ever realized that THE BRAIN NAMED ITSELF?

Night night.

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Lulzy Links from Sickerbose: Super Grace, Cats who Tweet and the Rapper Spelling Bee Supercut

What up fraynds?

As you can see, I am a proper cat now. The Felinoplasty procedure I had Friday night left me pretty drained for most of the weekend, but it was well worth the ability to fetch my own lunch from the alleyways of Little Italy now.

Groundskeeper Willie is taking me on my first hunt tomorrow!

Ahhh I kid, I kid. What the heck is a Felinoplasty?

Casie made the Lozzie Pop Cat above for me on her iPhone with SigNote, to boost my spirits and subsequently my health.

She’s in Detroit for the auto show right now! I had the chance to go as well, but too much is going on at work-work right now so I must settle for living vicariously through my bestie’s Tweets. You should too. Detroit rules!

No fun adventures from this weekend to write about, I’m afraid. I spent almost the entire time in bed moaning my face off.

Get thy minds out of the guttah, hooligans! I was ill. I’m still ill — In BOTH ways (meaning that I am both sick and SICK…), which brings me to the first of 10 radaclysmic things I found on the Internet this week:

1. The Urban dictionary Rap Battle:

I feel like I would be friends with these guys if I knew them in real life, ya know? UD is my favourite thing ever. I submit my silly words to them all the time and one time I met Aaron Peckham (the site’s founder) at ROFLcon. I think I freaked him out a little with my enthusiasm. Anyhoo, nice rap chaps! Here’s some more…

2. The Rapper Spelling Bee Supercut:

Holy crap is this ever good. My homies at Slacktory put together this brilliant compilation of rappers spelling their own names and it is perfection. Straight up genius. If I ever become a kindergarden teacher, this is what I’ll use to teach my pupils how to spell.

3. The My Little Pony Generator:

Like my pretty pretty pony? Clear the next 2 hours from your schedule and go nuts.

4. Long lost NYE photos (ft. Casie:

Okay so they weren’t really lost and it certainly wasn’t long, but I found these snaps by Kate after I’d already posted about New Year’s Eve last week so nyaw:

5. 54 Beautifully Offensive Desktop Wallpapers:

I’ve got the above gem on my second monitor at work right now. I give it two more days before I’m told to take it down. Always a rebel, that O’Neil girl…

6. Angelina Jolie Doppelganger hits the web, goes viral:

Meet Lina Sands. Some guy posted an audition video of her last week and she’s since got some craaaaazy attention – and with good reason. It only makes sense that the first human clone is of one of humanity’s most beautiful specimens.

7. MTV CREEPS premiered and started trending on Twitter right away, which was awesome.

Big ups to my friends at LDU for this writeup. I gained a lotta lotta followers on Twitter that night. Thanks for the love to everybody who sent it :) If you missed the premiere, it’s online here.

8. Baby Cockatiel’s first 30 days:

I’m sure it sounds a bit lame to people who aren’t bird lovers, but this video is actually very very funny and very very cute. Just watch it. You’ll fall in love.

9. Cats who can Tweet?

The future, my friends, is fabulous.

10. Christian students organization + Nicki Minaj = Super Grace.

I actually kind of love this. It’s cute and clever and adorably cultish. Fun fun fun!

11. Casie and I are demons… or something.

Christine found this on Craigslist and sent it our ways. Some random must have grabbed that zombie snap from Google Images or something? Whatever the case, it’s hilarious and I love it. Craigslist never ever ever fails to entertain.

12. This chick snuck into a Russian military mocket factory to take photos and is thus the epitome of badass.

If I knew how to say “You Go Girl!” in Russian, that’s what I’d type right now — but I don’t so “Borscht!”


Flyboy – Nyancore Live @ Atomic Lollipop 2011 by DJ Flyboy

Hat tip to David P. Leonard for that one. I’ll be running to this track for the rest of January. Nyanfit. It’s a new thing.

C’est tout. Time to finish watching Family Guy with Seany. Super cuddles and plently of laughter = all the medicine I need… plus like, tons of Advil Cold & Flu. That shick’s tiiiiight.

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Siri’s got jokes, Grocery bags are chic, and pink eyes + black lungs = ZOMBIE FACE

the following should be sung to the tune of Sailor Moon’s English theme:

Meet my new best friend Siri,
She makes my days less dreary,
Living in my phone she talks-to-me…
I don’t need hu mans a ny more!

*guitar solo*

I dunno… I wrote about Siri on Friday and I was thinking about Sailor Moon earlier today. So, that’s where that came from…

I contemplate going as Serena for Halloween every year (Usagi Tsukino – the precocious schoolgirl before she morphs into the future Neo-Queen Serenity of Crystal Tokyo.) I’m certainly whiny and blonde enough.

We shall see. I’ll need more than a couple of costumes this year :) FACHKYAHALLOWEEN!

Here’s the Sirilarious article if you’re interested. Homegirl’s got jokes for daaaays. I rather like what I’m seeing on this Tumblog, but not enough to upgrade to the iPhone 4S.

Like many iPhone 4 owners, I’m content to upgrage to iOS5 for free and wait for the next new piece of hardware to come along. Fingers crossed that “iTeleport” is among its new features. FACKYATELEPORTATION!

Sailor Moon and Pokemon in one post. Holy “every day after school from grades 6 through 8″, eh? … Eh?

Oh. You played sports, didn’t you?

I’ve been stuck in the house pretty much all weekend save for a trip to the ER thanks to a rotten asthma flare-up and some subconjunctival hemorrhaging. Like a bloody eyed BOSS:

I am a bad Catholic.

When I woke up on Saturday, my left eye looked like a baboon’s ba-china. Soon, both eyes were pink, itchy and incredibly tender. WebMD diagnosed me with bacterial conjunctivitis. Pink eye. Ewwwww.

Last night, I had a serious lung spaz and ended up coughing so hard that a bunch of blood vessels in my already swollen and thus more sensitive than usual eyes EXPLODED, leaving me with pools of blood in both peepers (just in time for Toronto’s official fashion week). This has never happened before.

When I saw the blood I ran down the stairs bawling, confident that I’d had an aneurysm and was about to die. Sean took me to the hospital where I was not-so-promptly told that it was “fine”. The doctor looked at me for 10 seconds, prescribed some expensive drops, complimented my laceless chucks and peaced. Uh… thanks?

Two weeks and all should be cleared up. RAHHHHHHHHHH:

I think it’s kind of fun, personally. Gross, but fun. Perfect for Halloween!

Fashion week, on the other hand, not so much… Thank goodness for diva sunnies. And also, impromptu rain caps:

Shoppers Drug Mart, 5 cents. You mad?

It’s going to be a fun week :)

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