Hai friends!

Have you seen these Tetris “retro gamer” tights yet? They’re done by Black Milk, obviously.

Is it just me, or is Black Milk making news at an increasingly frequent rate? October 2010: The R2D2 Swimsuit. July 2011: The Steve Buscemi Dress. Last week: the meat leggings and yesterday, nyaw.

Methinks they’ve got some brilliant people over there in Australian fashion land. Nerd merch is hot. Nerd culture is commodified. LET’S ALL PLAY COOL!

I’d rock the Tetris tights in heartbeat, but I wouldn’t spend 100 bones on them. You see, I’m confident enough in my gaming skills not to feel the need to envelop my lower body in a tribute to them. And also, I am broke.

Here are a few more of the things I’m coveting but shouldn’t buy. Blog therapy will have to substitute for retail therapy until I pay of the mortgage I’m saving to buy.

A pink pop phone:

Some Throwboy icon pillows

EVERYTHING from Jeremy Scott x Adidas 2012.

Icarus. That’s me!

Last but not least, remember all of the “Sh*T ___ Says” videos? Don’t make another one. It’s played out. Proof of that can be found on Buzzfeed’s “Has Anyone Said this Sh*t?” Search engine:

The Sh*t Nyan Cat Says video is still my favourite. Bwahahaha…

Big party tonight and two Social Media Week Panels tomorrow. The fact that I’m more concerned with what I’ll be wearing over the next few days is probably indicative of something…

Maybe I’ll be a fashion blogger when I grow up. Or maybe I’ll be a business man or an award winning novelist. I don’t know. I’ve got to go buy some things to fill the black hole in my heart now :)

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