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NXNE 2014: Reggie Watts, Strip Comedy and The Pizza Underground (+ I WAS ON A BOAT)

The Mio Canada Squirtcar was basically a party on TTC wheels

What up slim thugs?

Wait, that’s the name of a rapper isn’t it? I don’t even know why that came into my head.

Anyway, hi.

These past two week has been a doooooooze, guys… a good one — just busy.

In the interest of time and, well… interest, I’m going to focus on NXNE 2014 right meow because that JUST wrapped up last night.

It was my… fourth year covering North by Northeast (I think?) and while I didn’t run into any giant Marge Simpson cars, I did have quite a raucous time.


Okay, this is from the MMVAS -- not NXNE -- but I don't have time to blog about both.

Okay, this is from the MMVAS — not NXNE — but I don’t have time to blog about both.


My adventure began Wednesday when I went to go and pick up my media pass at the Hyatt. For some reason (because I’m a narcissistic, probably) I decided to tweet out a picture of myself holding my badge thingie.

The @NXNE Twitter account was fond of that, and challenged me to do the same thing for all 5 days of the festival. So I did. They were kind enough to return me this little collage:




Thanks @NXNE, you’re sweet :)

Wednesday night, we celebrated Jenny Jen‘s 30th birthday on a BOAT which was fun and not at all NXNE-related but look at how cute my outfit is:





Okay so after the boat party, I went to check out the Perrier Pop Up party at the Burroughes building which WAS NXNE-related and also very fun. There was cotton candy.

I kicked Steve’s butt at ping pong (*cough* again) and also got nearly 1 million points playing some Transformer’s pinball game. My uncle had a pinball machine in his basement when he was a kid so like, not to brag, but I’m pretty not ridiculously bad at it.






Thursday is when things really got cranking with a STREETCAR PERFORMANCE by the Pizza Underground (that Velvet Underground cover band that only sings about pizza and has the Home Alone guy in it.)

So here’s the sitch: Mio Canada basically took over an entire Queen West streetcar and turned it into a concert venue. Like, bands were playing while we rolled down my own freaking street and I was just ballistic over the concept. It was so. much. fun.

PLUS, while the pizza-themed band was playing, we got pizza from the homies at Panago (MY FAV.) On the streetcar. Streetcar pizza.

Here are some pictures and videos from that whirlydoo, including a (basically failed) Macaulay Culkin selfie:







I got even MORE Pizza Underground time the next day when I went to visit the Panago Pizza party at MOCCA (or whatever it’s called now) on Queen West.


I really do love you, Panago.




Later that evening, Steve and I both ate burritos and attended the World Pride 2014 flag raising ceremony, which was just beautiful.







We also attended the 2014 IdeaCity afterparty that evening. Here’s another gratuitous outfit post:


*catches breath*

OKAY THENNNNNNNNN we hit the Mio Canada Squirtcar again, THIS TIME for Reggie Watts! I friggin’ love this guy. He’s so creative and talented. I remember catching him at SXSW a few years back and being blown away, so to get front row seats (er, knees) for this was a dream. Thanks again Mio!




You can listen to a full song that I recorded on Instaradio here (and while you’re at it, check out my ‘Lauren Walks to the streetcar‘ series!)

On Saturday, we went to check out the GAP x Sidewalk Hustle NXNE showcase. THERE WERE FREE POPSICLES, GUYS! Great bands too. Well done SH!


Later that day, Stevie and I hit up the ROM for some good old fashioned Saturday fun… and by “fun” I mean posing with dead stuff. I am actually in love with the ROM’s biodiversity exhibit. It’s phenomenal.

10474960_1445141309072331_1519145459_n (1)




That evening, we TRIED to hit the Future Islands show at Tattoo but it was lined up down the blizzock. So we went to the hideout and Casie gave me one of her sweet new biznass cards:


Steve and I made our way over to Comedy Bar after that for some STRIP COMEDY, which was sick. Funny stuff. I don’t have much to say about it other than that we had a good time… I was a little bit gone by that point. Here’s a photo though:


C’est tout!

Now, I’m off to go play with my new colour contact lenses… ’cause COOL.

Love always,

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NXNE roundup #1: Andre Williams, Buck65, Shelshag and lounges galore

Stop. Drop. Shut ‘em down, Open up shop. Ohh. Noooh. That’s how Ruff Ryders Roll…

I have no idea why that song is stuck in my head. DMX has nothing to do with North by Northeast or the MuchMusic video awards, but the rest of these photos and videos, which I present without context or comment (for the sake of time um… artistic mystery) do — for the most part.

Awww, Mini. My brother's cat had an accident a few weeks ago. Her pretty cast was reset today!

Without further ado, a few highlights from the past 24 hours of my life:

- Andre Williams with the Sadies at the Horseshoe (the one act I needed to see this year):

Forget about the no comments or context line above. This was SO SO GOOD. It actually blew my mind to hear that Andre Williams was coming to Toronto. Big ups to The Sadies for that! You can hear their entire collaboration album here, and more Andre everywhere (but especially here).

- Buck 65 at Tim McCready’s NXNE BBQ

One of Canada’s most interesting and creative hip hop artists. He’s the kind of good that stops you in your tracks – makes you rewind for one line in one song 6 times and then do that again for 8 more lines in that same song. I highly recommend that you listen to everything he’s ever put out, and start following him on Twitter too. He gives good Tweet.

- Shellshag: -

This Brooklyn duo was a blast to watch – wicked high energy, wild sound, fun stage play – but hanging with them outside after the show was even cooler. Shell (the female half) told me all about how she used to hang out with Nirvana, back before they got famous. I was dying over details. If you know anything about my love for Kurt Cobain… well. You know.

NOW for the photostream — I’ll tell you more about the MMVA gifting lounges (The Wiliamson and Williams Influencers lounge and Universal Canada‘s Friends with Benefits) in my MMVA2012 wrap post. Kay? Kay.

On with the MMVAs… MY third. Looking forward to seeing what transpires this time. Will I FINALLY meet JB? Probably not. But I WILL get a new dress, which is just as fun.

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Helicopteros, Hot Chris Hemsworth and Holding Hands with Strangers

Hi there. I have something to show you, okay?


This young chap is doing something called a “helicoptero” and it’s not even fake. That gif is as real as the nose on your face (unless you’re one of those betches) and it. is. spectacular.

I found out about that slick move on a Parkour blog earlier tonight, complete with this video tutorial from 3RUN’s Fabio Santos.

I’m probably going to give myself a concussion this summer trying to perfect my own helicoptero, but maybe I’ll succeed on the first try. Actually, I think I will. I can already do a cartwheel split so I’m pretty much a professional gymnast, right?

And now you know that the helicopteros exists, so we can continue.

Sorry for the lack of bloggage this weekend – I took a little bit of an Internet break (as much as I could, anyway) to enjoy real life stuff because the experts say that sometimes you should do that for some reason or something.

It was aight. I didn’t feel particularly refreshed or free or tralalalawesome, but I did get a chance to spend some quality time with my boyfriend, which is always nice.

We went for a walk.

I wore some new kicks from my homies at Sorel, and they’re as comfortable as they are adorable.

I’ll write more about them later when I post the unboxing video of these + this pretty pair of sandals. Pedicure first, though. I really need to get a pedicure.

You know what else I did on Sunday? I watched SO MANY MOVIES. Three of them, Which is a huge number for someone who averages maybe 10 per cent of one film on a good week.

When I started cleaning my room, A Bronx Tale came on – one of my favourite movies in existence.

Then, after I lied in bed watching the rest of it Casino started, and I couldn’t very well leave the house at that point because, much like Goodfellas and the aforementioned A Bronx Tale, you don’t walk away from Casino when it’s on TV.

I decided to use the next four hours to switch over my wardrobe / practice teasing my big ponytail while watching Sharon Stone go from Sharon Stone to Kate-Goselin-on-crack. Tsk, tsk. Such a sad character, that Ginger.

At night, Sean and I watched Thor. To my surprise, it was effing awesome – and not only because of the Chris Hemsworth thing…

… though it did help :) That guy is painfully hot, eh? I’m probably going to marry him.

He’ll propose to me with this:

While he’s wearing this:

And I will say…

Ahhhh juuuust kidding S. Simmer down. I would never accept a Star Trek engagement ring. I’m after one of these:

This little Rock, Paper, Scissors logic graphic below is circulating Facebook right now, which means that it was probably posted to Reddit a few weeks back or something. I don’t know. I’m a fair-weather Redditor right now. Whatever the case, it’s SO TRUE:


I’m going to go to bed now, for it is very very late and I’ve got a big week ahead with NXNE and MMVA and WORK.

So excited for so many things. Follow my Tweets to see where I’ll be if you’re into the party report. If not? Kudos. Let’s meet up and do this to people when it’s all over:

For real. Who’s wants to pull YouTube pranks with me this summer? Mommy?

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