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Henri, Bagel heads, Toronto’s national anthem and the Nintendo cartridge blow

Brace yourselves, 80′s babies — here comes another stake into the heart of your childhood… Don’t shoot the messenger (with your duck hunt gun, pyaw!)

Blowing into Nintendo cartridges “to get the dust out” may not actually have made them work better.

I know, right? It always (okay, sometimes) worked for me too.

According to an interview Mental Floss did with some gaming webcast host who conducted a non-scientfic study into the cartridge blow, the myth has been debunked or something.

Take that for what it is while I stare blankly at my laptop screen for a while…

Alright, I’m back. Now let us movie on… to Henri!

Henri is a very famous, award winning French existentialist cat. A cat after my own heart.  Pensive. Dark. Adorable…

We’re like Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, him and I… minus all of the weird sex stuff. Minus any of the sex stuff. I love kitty cats, but not like that. Why would you even suggest that, you sickos?

He dropped a new YouTube video today after a newspaper in Seattle asked for his views on politics:

Vote Tuxedo Stan for mayor of Halifax!

Vote Balpreet Kaur for inspiring internet hero of the year! (seriously. Just read the story.)

Vote Drizzy Drake of the Casa YOLO for President of the new Republic of Toronto!!!

I know that this was supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek piece, but hot dang if Edward Keenan didn’t go all Edward Keenan on us with his magical words and powerful facts, legitimately convincing me that Toronto should probably separate from the rest of Canada.

Think about it. We’re bigger than Nicaragua.

Better yet, listen to new Toronto’s national anthem (by Donovan Woods):

Oh, Toronto, I’m pretty sure I feel at home.

Well done, Mr. Woods!

It’s been two years, last month, for me as a Torontonian. It feels like I’ve been here so much longer. It’s safe to say I’ve never fit in better anywhere, in any city before. I wonder if that has more to do with who I am now than where I am now… but sheet, you don’t care. I don’t even care. Let’s get back to the important things:

Japanese hipsters get ‘bagel head’ saline injections

Saline forehead injections are a thing now, sort of. Read all about that here… I already wrote about it once today and I really don’t think I can spend 5 more seconds looking at body modification trends today.

Saved by the Bell is on. A really old one, where the gang struggles to study for Testaverde‘s midterm. I’m going to go do some homework meself! Prepping for a talk on Saturday. Check it oot if you’re in NEPA!

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My Tee is neon green ’cause I’m the party, girl.

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled geekery with yet another post about pretty clothes because hey, if there’s anything I like as much as a dope supercut or creatively placed Periodic Table of Elements, it’s a cute outfit.

Here’s the skinny: She Does the City has teamed up with Gap to host one “serious shopping event” at the retailer’s Bloor st. location on May 15th. There will be music. There will be Coconut Water. There will be giveaways and gift bags and goooood discounts.

As a fun little pre-cursor to the event, five Toronto bloggers were asked to come up with their own looks based on on of Gap’s recently relaunched classic T.

I was given the Mercer V-neck Pocket T in neon green, which I was obviously psyched about because, well… NEON GREEN. (click image above for elaboration.)

And yes, I did turn the belt I bought into a headband. It reminded me of a braid, and braids remind me of hair, and HEY – that’s what the stuff all over my head is called so Voila:

I came up with a secondary look too, because what if one of the other girls picked out THE EXACT SAME THINGS AS ME? What if? WHAT IF?

Also, I’m indecisive.

Ooooh, broody. Sorry guys – it’s hard to look normal in these. I should start a tumblr filled with funny fashion blogger poses. Never mind. Just googled it. Someone already did.

I did actually have to pee, kind of.

I called this look “Urban Glo-worm,” which really speaks to the fact that I wrote that description very very late last night.

I’m still recovering from ROFLcon, you see, literally rushing home after working all day to do laundry and hit the gym and other lifely things before a little bit of late night laurenoutlouding.

*sigh*, if this flurry of emails doesn’t SIMMAH DOWN I’m never going to get my interview videos up. LEAVE NIZZLE ALONE. See. me. pout:

I keed, I keed. Managing one young urban life is not hardship. Setting up something like this? Now that is dang hard work:

Hey girl, I like the way you Domino and then look up the word “Domino” to determine if it can be used as a verb or not.

One more game-related video for the road, ja? This one, a music video for Get By by Delta Heavy is excellent in a different way:


Bed time. Big day tomorrow! &News&News&News&News…

Befooore I crash though, I must note for those of you who don’t already know that today is my best friend Casie‘s birthday (er, was — I guess it’s past midnight now)! We’re going to do it up crafty this weekend :)

The cutest, right?

Go wish her a big happy one. I already did on the phone and Twitter and Facebook but I will again here because I LOVE YOU CAS! HBD :)

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Just Go Right.

Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Don’t use a cheat code and don’t you dare press pause. Not even when your mom calls you for dinner for the third time. Not even if you’re having tacos. NOT EVEN IF YOU’RE HAVING CHOCO TACOS.

Sometimes, it’ll get hard. You’ll face obstacles and challenges and stupid suns that swoop down from the sky and try to kill you sometimes. But you can’t turn back because you have no other choice unless you’re willing to die.

Go right, homie. Just keep on going right. Believe you me, all frustrations aside, when you finally get to your goal you’ll be sad the adventure is over.

Sorry. The music swell in that video got me all emotiony and metaphorizcal-like. That, and the many, many memories of pixelated death that came rushing back into my brain. Freaking Ghosts N Goblins. If you know anybody who’s actually beat that game, send them my way for a handshake and a chocolate taco.

WTH is a Chocotaco though, for real? I saw it when I Google Imagesed “funny taco.” It looks disgusting.

If your mother actually feeds you Chocotacos for dinner, call Children’s Aid. Unless, of course, you’re 35. If you’re 35 and your mother feeds you Chocotacos, HUG HER RIGHT NOW.

I wish my mom still made dinner for me. Is it so much to ask that she drives 4 hours to stir-fry my tofu? I’ve got to MICROWAVE it MYSELF… LIKE AN ANIMAL!

I’m calling Children’s Aid on myself.

Nizzle, OUT!

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