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iPads and Squishees : a very good day.

A long, busy day for this kid. Here are the highlights – with photos, huzzah!

8:23am -9:40am : Woke up, showered, prettified myself for the day – all that jazz. Then, I went surfing…

Web surfing, of course. I live in London, Ontario people – come on now!

As much as I’d love to try surfing for real, it wouldn’t really fit into my morning routine, what with having to fly to the coast and all.

Plus, I like to multi-task by eating breakfast while I take my morning jaunt around the net.

I don’t suspect it would be very easy to balance my cereal on a surf board.

I eat big breakfasts, fyi. Brain food:


10:20am - The sweet thunderstorm was over and I went back to studying.

11:45am ish - Drove downtown to get the zipper on my broken boot replaced.

I was ticked off that I had to pay $40 to fix a pair of $250 boots that I’ve owned for less than half a year, so I bought myself a red squishee and walked around downtown for a while.

1:00pm -2:00pm ish - Went Grocery shopping, because I didn’t actually make it to Loblaw’s before the store closed the other night. #fail

2:45pm - Watching TV and chopping celery in my kitchen. Suddenly, I realize that it’s 2:45 in the afternoon and I start busting my booty to finish up with the produce preparation.

A phone interview in the J-school studio at 3:30pm means I need to leave the house at 3:00pm to make it in time.

3:07pm - locking my front door and putting on my shoes at the same time. I jog to school in the rain and arrive, soaking wet, with 2 minutes to spare :)

3:30pm – 3:51pm – A great interview with an official from the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada for my medical feature story.

I spent the next two hours transcribing said interview / answering emails / chatting with classmates…

and then it was off to yoga.

6:30pm – 7:30 pm – Ommm….

(I would have taken a photo, but cameras aren’t allowed in the class. I wonder why that is?)

8:00pm ish – The fun begins. I drove on over to Chaucer’s for GEEK DINNER LONDON! (#gdldn)

I got to touch my first iPad tonight and it was dirty magical.

James was kind enough to let me play with his brand new bouncing bundle of joy…

And then she was called away for something even dirtier…

(Yes, this was my idea. Yes, I’m a nerd. Stfu.)

Then, the iPad got passed around the room, that little floozy!

I think more than 30 people had a hand in this crowdsourced portrait of Monsieur Picard. Comic Jamming 2.0 or what? The possibilities are endless with this thing!:

But it’s not the gadgets that bring me out to Geek Dinner, of course – it’s the awesome people (PHRONK) I get to hang out with when I’m there.

… people who just happen to have sick, sick gadgets – like Bill Deys, who has so kindly let me touch both his Nexus One smartphone and his Amazon Kindle.

Oh, how I want an e-reader… and server colocation.

Someday… When I’m less poor and more rich.

As for the iPad, I’m waiting for it to come to Canada and depreciate in price a little bit before I rush out to buy one.

It’s a sweet, pretty toy – no doubt about it – but I get by just fine with my laptop and blackberry.

I’ll probably buy an iPod touch soon to bridge the gap, but I think I’ll wait on the iPad until the next generation comes out.

Hopefully, it will be able to withstand my blender.


I saw this in the hall at Chaucer’s, btw, and I like it. So I took a picture.

And then I drove home from Geek Dinner in the rain. The pretty spring rain :)

It’s now 2:02 am and I AM LE SOFA KING TIRED!

G’Night, e-homies.

<3, i’Nizzle

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How a little green robot made me question my most important relationship…

G’Day, blog-a-voise!

As you (should) know, Google finally released its highly anticipated new smartphone today – THE NEXUS ONE, RAHHH!!!

This insanely powerful little sweetheart has as much RAM (512 MB) as my laptop did before SDubz upgraded me for Xmas. Yet, unlike my chunky D-E-double-hockey-sticks GARBAGEMACHINE (which, at the tender age of three is considered both elderly AND obese), the Nexus weighs a mere 130 grams and is about as slim as a standard #2 pencil.

Beat THAT, Rachel Zoe.

*shudders and eats a poutine cupcake*

Anyways, my new fantasy gadget is manufactured by HTC and runs the Android mobile operating system – which just so happens to rock the cutest logo in the history of smartphones. I guess that doesn’t really say a lot, as smartphones don’t really have a super long history… but the logo is cute as fahk – how ‘boot I just say that?

Not gunna lie – I want this phone. I love my BB, sure, but I’m a bit of a Google fanboy – fanGIRL, rather – fan person, perhaps? Anyways, with it’s 5MB auto-focus camera, light & proximity sensors, native gmail application, GPS w/ voice directions, 512 Megs of internal Flash storage and 1Ghz Qualcomm 8250 processor (I don’t even know what that last part MEANS but it sounds badass), the Nexus One makes my BB Curve look like an overweight retarded chick wearing pink sweatpants.

And wtf is this supposed to be? Really – I want to know! Aside from their logo fail and MULTIPLE service outages over the holidays, I’m still pretty happy with my baby… sheeet, I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

It’s not like we can even get the damn thing up here in the great white North anyways. Yes, much like Hulu, Pandora, Fage and firearms at the grocery store, Google’s superphone is not available in Canada. Furthermore, it starts at $529.00USD (sans plan) so I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyways. Bah Humbug :(

If you’re interested, you can go check out all the nexus porn pics, deets and developments for yourself via mashable.

I’m outskis – the newsroom’s starting to get buzzy again… finally. Slow day for news = Nizzle ‘researching’ potential stories = boring.

As one of my professors once said, news doesn’t happen in the newsroom – it happens out there in the big exciting city of London (heh heh heh…) I want to research at the mall – at the drugstore – at the muthafuggin’ corner of Dundas and Richmond! I bet there are tons of stories there. I hate to sit still.
I really, really do.


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