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Video of the day: She’s a hipster! (+ moving still sucks)

“I’m okay with Mainstream, get your vegan tempeh sandwich away from me!”

I’m really wishing I’d brought peanut butter and jelly to work right aboot nyoo. I swear to gahd I didn’t see that video until after I’d purchased lunch… which just so happened to be a tempeh wrap. Don’t hate.

The irony! The double irony. I only bought Tempeh to be ironic in the first place. Fermented soy stopped being cool the second my mom could bring it home from Zehrs (but refused to because I need to stop eating like a “freaky hippy” or something).

I’m onto Corn Smut and Mayim Bialik’s breast milk now.

Fungi is fun, guy! Blossom is fun too…

Moral of the blogpost = This video by i8athumbtack is hilar. Big ups to Alex Lewis, Aaron Joseph, Orion Abaca (The Tik Taks) and everybody else involved.

You guys are hot. Double hot because you’re funny and have the skills required to show this to the world.

It’s great to see that lonely island-style rap parody web video genre continue to thrive. Rumor has it one Torontonian blondebot you love to hate for speaking in third person sometimes is working on something similar with somebody very cool. But not today. Moving weekend has taken a toll on my brain – especially with Nuit Blanche thrown into the mix.

Hot damn was that one loooong Saturday. 6:00 am -> 6:00 am. My arms are jelly, my lids are heavy, and my new loft is only about 20% unpacked. “My new loft”… myaw. Look at my chandellieeeer.

And my pussycat…

And my heap of stuff stuff stuff STUPID STUFF….


You can also look at this roundup of what I wore during TIFF 2011, if you’re past that “sick to death of TIFF crap” phase by now:

C’est tout! Now, I gots to see an office about an organizing…

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Little Twitter me and The Blonde Lock Necklace (P.S. MOVING SUCKS)


I ran into an old friend who was visiting from Berlin the other night. She was wearing the coolest necklace that, if my hazy memory serves me correctly, had a lock of blonde hair in the middle of it.

I was instantly obsessed and melodrunkmatically devastated when she told me that it was from some off-the-map boutique in Europe. “WAHHHH” thought I. This necklace was perfect – unlike anything I’d seen before or anything I’ve been able to find since, despite searching Google for three whole minutes. That’s actually a pretty long time in Internet minutes. Interninutes.

This has nothing to do with what I'm writing about but it made me lol.

I did stumble upon something similar in my travels, however:

Lauren Passenti‘s Horse Hair Pendants are what’s right with the world of artisan jewelry; original, interesting, almost too good to be unique – though this won’t last long, I’m sure… (watch out for UO, Passenti!)

According to her Etsy bio, homegirl grew up on a haunted old farm in western Massachusetts. Her style is otherwordly… almost a bit macabre. Exactly the way I like my accessories.


Design crush of the week is you, LPJewelryDesigns.

SEGUUUUEEEEEEE! (that’s pronounced Segwayyyy, but it’s not a Segway. Segways are the leading cause of ironic death on this planet.)

Have you tried this Twitter thing yet? OMG GET OUT OF MY HEAD:

RIGHT? Spooky.

Teambuy’s got this thing going on where you can get $50 worth of clothes from American Apparel for only $25, just so you know. If I didn’t share that with you, I’d be a bad blogger. Jeebus. Can I purchase 20? They should pay me for advertising this shizz. Hey, you guys can pay me in high-waisted pants – I don’t even mind.

I must off to HELL now go. We’re moving. Like, tonight and tomorrow morning. Moving is the worst thing ever, what with all of the chaos and heavy lifting and clothes being shuffled around… *sigh*. This is our new pad – I’ll be writing lots and lots about it later, believe you me.

By Sunday, I’ll be living in the best neighbourhood in Toronto. I must keep this in mind tonight while lugging my life down Dufferin in a Uhaul.

Bwahaha… sweet satire. I wish that was real. Yeah, that’s right.


Unnecessary Journalism Phrases
The Milky Way Transit Authority
Cats Can be DJs too
LG Fashion Week Calendar (eee!)
Study: Power without status makes people mean (duh)
The Onion’s new Toronto branch is looking for interns!
Schrodinger’s Cat, by Minute Physics
Man kills his own mother over Avril Lavigne tickets. Seriously.
29-year-old woman hearing for the first time
“Euthanasia Coaster” proposed
Teenage Mutant Ninja Pizza
Canadian Comic Stereotypes
Tattoo Barbie by TokiDoki

And last but not least, this guy really likes bunny tongues. Do you?

Oh Oh! PS! Nuit Blanche is on Saturday night! Go, go, go. Everybody… but not where I am, TOURIST. Ugh. Download the app. I’ll see you ’round town :)

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In with the new, out with the… NO WAIT! I LOVE that shirt!

Moving is hard.

Not physically hard (at least, not when you’ve got a lot of strong men in your life), but mentally hard. It can be frustrating, exhausting and emotionally taxing, too.

Last week, we emptied out the storage locker I was renting in London and got most of my furniture up to ze new pad safely. That went swimmingly – no beefs there. Still working on getting the bedroom organized, but it’s coming along. As you can see from this little viddy I took before I moved out of the best bedroom ever in London, I have a lot of bedroom stuff:

This weekend, I came home to collect the rest of my stuff (yes, there’s more!) and… it wasn’t nearly as easy as I thought it would be.

I had planned on just grabbing the rest of my wardrobe, some office supplies, art, snowboarding gear (just in case?) and coats.

I figured I could leave the boxes upon boxes of old clothes and toys I wasn’t using in the corner of my parents’ basement like I’ve been doing for years, but my mom had other plans.

To be fair, the stuff in my “corner” of the basement was more like a growing rainbow-coloured blob that was now monopolizing at least a quarter of the room it was in.

It began in 2007 when I went on exchange and left everything that couldn’t come to Sweden in what used to be mine and Brodie’s play room.

It had been a sewing room at one point and then a “home gym”/bowflex storage room, but post-Euro trip it was simply the “Lauren’s junk room” – and my mom was ready to reclaim the space.

Ready to get to work?” she asked me excitedly, latte in hand after teaching me how to use the new espresso machine (that I will inevitably break anyway).

Yeah, yeah… let’s do it” I replied, assuming that we’d be down there for about about an hour tossing some junk into boxes while the kitties supervised.

Four hours later, I emerged exhausted and nostalgic with an empty mug and half a truckload worth of clothes designated for the local Goodwill.

My mom was happy as a clam, but I was already grieving my California Raisins All-Star tee and Southpark pajama pants.

The only way I could bring myself to part with a lot of my old things was to take pictures of them for memory’s sake.

Most of these photos, I won’t bore you with by posting on the blog (the stuffed animal collection alone could fill a book… A really weird book.) but a few select outfits were kind of LOLworthy so I set my video camera to photo-mode and posed it out:

I worked at Sport Check for two weeks when I was 16. This was one of so many part-time jobs I held down for about a minute until I found something I liked more. I think I left this job to work at a Fish&Chips restaurant for two shifts before I got hired at another mall store.)

The CKSS gym outfit, I’m not giving away. I’m going to rock that at the yuppie gym I go to in Liberty Village just to be conspicuosly less cool than the Lulu clad, cake faced, fake-boobied girls who walk on the treadmill next to me.

If you think that getup looks big on me now, you should have seen it in Grade 9 when I was only 5’3. Shrimpies unite!

I bought these cool Hawaiian shorts when I was 14 because I was cool like that. My mom was like “Hey, those still fit! Why don’t you keep them?” and I was like “They fit, but they’re totally ghey.” My mom agreed “Yeah, they are pretty ghey.” She never uses words like that, so it was hilarious.

The GAP sweater was my pride and joy in Grade 8. I bought it at Devonshire mall and wore the hell out of it until pretty much the end of highschool (as can be seen by the completely busted sleeve that I refused to let anyone fix because it gave the garment “character”). Time to part ways, old friend.

I fancied myself quite the seamstress back in the day. A stylist and coiffure too. Doesn’t she look lovely?

The miracle McWatch. Purchased at a German McDonald’s in 2001 – lasted (without a battery replacement) until 2004, if I’m not mistaken. Best Deutsche Marks I ever did spend.

My parents just left to go to a wedding. Who gets married on a Sunday night? Doctors or something. Weird, I know. I took some candids of them getting ready.

Then I took a non-creeper style photo in low-res. Next time I come home, I’m bringing one of my real still cameras ’cause this looks like it was taken with a fookin’ logitech webcam in 1997.

Alright, it’s time for me to stop blogcrastinating and get back to this crash course in After Effects.

I’m not going to have time to figure it out on the fly next week when TIFF starts and I’m producing erreday.

Ooooh and speeeeaking of the festival (and related events), I may or may not have some VIP party tickets to give away this week. Okay, I DO.

Get @ me if you’re a good Tweeter and you want to hit a special event at one of the most buzzed about celebrity stomping grounds in Yorkville on Friday. I’ll Tweet about it later, maybe. For now, this is a blogsclusive. You know where to find me :)

<3 L

PS – I kept the California Raisins shirt. It’s going back into the basement for future “goodbye” photos.

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