Dear Mayor Ford,

Tomorrow is Foursquare Day in Toronto. Actually, it’s Foursquare Day everywhere – but ESPECIALLY in Toronto because, 4 squared equals 16 and we’re the 416. Get it?

Yay Math! I didn’t even need to use a calculator for that.

Heh heh heh. Sorry.

Anyhoo, Mayor Bloomberg has made things official over in New York City with a proclamation, as have mayors in several other major cities all over the world.

Toronto doesn’t need another reason to feel inferior to New York City, know what I’m saying? Help a home-nerd out and watch this video. That’s all that I ask. And maybe also for a tiny little proclamation or something… and nicer TTC staffers.

Did Bob Marley make you a video like that? Louis Riel? Betty White?

I didn’t think so.

Thanks :)

PS – Will I see you at the Firkin on King tomorrow night? Everybody’s welcome!

PPS – This video rules. If you can get past the salty language, It’s a great window into the collective brain of my generation’s coolest members.

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