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Dogs in Pantyhose, Vadering is Stupid and thoughts on JC Superstar

What up, frands?

Life is straight up crazy for me right now — so much change afoot. Good changes. Strange changes. Stressful changes. EXCITING changes!

I don’t even know where to begin with that stuff, so here’s this instead:

Dogs wearing pantyhose, or Gou Gou Chuan Siwais a thing right now on the Chinese Internet (which is the same Internet we’re on, only incomprehensible unless you speak Mandarin or Cantonese — in which case I’m sincerely jealous of you.) :

The photo fad is pretty self-explanatory at a tertiary glance: Dogs + Pantyhose = Dogs wearing pantyhose.

It was initiated by Sina Weibo user Ulatang according to Kotaku via Sharp Daily, and spread like wildfire after people started riffing upon his concept.

Instructions for participation: Put pantyhose on your dog. Maybe some heels, also. Take a picture. Upload it to Weibo. Laugh and laugh and laugh and wait for PETA to go HAM.

You can also try to put pantyhose on your cat, but I don’t recommend doing that. I’m down a nice pair of pantyhose and at least 3 drops of blood.

I do love a good Weibo meme — much more so than a lot of what I’m seeing on the North American viral web lately, which I’ve already betched about at length on here and on Twitter so I won’t go too deep into it.

To quote my own CBCNews piece on the lameness of a trend called “Vadering” that Mashable / Buzzfeed / All of those guys hailed as totally epic and awesome “It would appear as though some people are growing tired of these flash-in-a-pan memes…”

To quote Geekosystem’s Rollin Bishop, who doesn’t need to appear as unbiased as I do:

“At the risk of sounding like Old Man Internet telling all the new folks to get off his lawn, we all should really just agree that Vadering is not actually an Internet meme. At best it’s a sad attempt to seed the beginnings of one, and at worst it’s the scummiest kind of viral marketing. Either way, there’s definitely nothing good going on.”


Back to the wonders of Weibo, though.

Sina Weibo, as you may know, is a massively popular microblogging service often described as “Chinese Twitter” even though it’s more of a Twitter / Facebook hybrid according to people who can actually use it.

Like me, a lot Chinese internet memes are weird — at least to North Americans — which is probably why I like them. They’re fresh. Almost freshly weird the Japanese internet — like Japanese things in general. But that’s another book. Maybe I’ll write it from Osaka. A girl can dream… of STUFF LIKE THIS:

I’m not trying to say that a “dogs in pantyhose” photo meme is any more clever or cool than something like the Harlem Shake (which I openly revile, for so many reasons), but it’s definitely weirder. It’s funny, it’s odd, and it kind of makes people uncomfortable, which makes it edgy.

This is what life has come to. Hailing housepets in women’s lingerie as “edgy” on my blog. Be proud, mommy. Now, for the unfinished blog post I started last week whilst home for the rock opera holiday:

“Bonjeezy. I’m watching Jesus Christ Superstar with my parents right now because it’s Easter, and that’s what we do around these parts. That, and eat so much food it hurts.

Being that my mom and dad — who grew up in the 70′s when this film came out and still kind of believe in God stuff (mom, anyway) don’t appreciate my snarky running commentary, scream-sing-alonging and Simon-style zealot dancing, I’ve decided to share some my awesome thoughts with YOU because now even Twitter can’t even handle the amount of characters I’m about to throw down.

A little bit of background: I’ve seen this movie no less than 20 times and the broadway musical twice. I was actually pretty obsessed with in back in Grade 8 when my parents ordered the Soundtrack. I’d play it in my room and sing along while acting scenes out with my teddy bears, which tells you a lot about why I didn’t really fit in at school so well.


- Judas is such a hater like, the biggest hater ever. What does he even do in this film aside from sit in the corner and scowl before scuttling over to bitch at Jesus?

“Ugh, Jesus, I can’t believe you’re hanging out with Mary Magdalene.”
“Wahhh, Jesus you’re letting way too many people into our crew.”
“Jeeeesus, that ointment is expensive. You’re flippant and careless with your money.”

Do you know what my lady mags call people like that, Jeez? TOXIC FRIENDS.

Judas can’t handle your success right now. He’s jealous — and I’ve got half a mind to think that if Mary Magdalene weren’t so gaga for you, he’d have tried to schtoop her for spite.

Instead, he ratted you out to a bunch of murderers.

If only Cosmo had existed in 0 A.D.

- Jesus is an emo kid. If Judas is Regina George, Jesus is Daria.

You know that awesome scene were Simon and all of his cool hippie friends dance for Jesus (in 110 degree heat, by the way — not comfortable) and instead of saying “Wow, thank you guys so much! You didn’t need to do this. Like, wow… seriously. Thanks.” he’s all “NONE OF YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT POWER OR GLORY IS.”

How rude!

If I were Simon I’d have been like “I get it, you’re stressed, but I feel a little bit hurt right now. We choreographed this entire dance and danced REALLY REALLY hard for you just now and all you can do is call us uninformed? Fine, Jesus. Go save Africa then. I’m going home.”

That’s as far as I got in my critique before I got mad distracted by my (now complete!) apartment hunt again.

My Easter break was nice. Always good to get home to see the fams :) SEE INSTAGRAM FOR MORE PICS BECAUSE I AM LE TIRED AND DON’T FEEL LIKE UPLOADING THEM ALL.

In other news, it’s April Now, which means I’m up on the Movember calendar! Cool!

Also: Did you know that there’s a subreddit devoted to GIFs of chemical reactions?


I’m off to watch Season 3 Episode 2 of GoT. Now matter how many cool things happen in real life, this will always be the highlight of my week :)

(build your own GoT family insignia here, or find out how you’d die in Westeros over at Vulture.)

Night night. More on the place sitch next time :)

No duckface, even. Times, as I said, they are a changing.

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Sc.R.E.A.M and speaking about memes for Marketing Magazine


Sorry I’ve been a few days absent on the ol’ blahwg heeeya.

I’ve been slammed in the wake of my birthday working on some things behind the velvet rope. The velvet roooope. *rubs velvet rope*

I’ve also been writing and napping and reading like a fiend to keep up with everything going on in the Justin and Selena scandal international politics.

On Tuesday though, I got a wee break from the news cycle to speak about web culture at Marketing Magazine’s annual social media conference, which was an honour and a blast.


I sometimes take for granted how immersed in the culture of the web I am since the people I’m around all day every day are just like me. It’s refreshing to speak about memes with people who are coming at this world from a different angle, especially in such a positive setting.

Thanks to Marketing Magazine for having me, and to everyone who came out to see me talk! Especially the person who took this photo. Here’s a copy of my “Internet memes for marketers” Prezi if you’re interested in zooming through:

And because I’m a stark raving narcissist HUMAN BEING who loves to hear nice things about herself, I put together an ego-inflating Storify of kind things people said about me on Twitter during and after my presentation. I’m not going to embed it here because mostly, this is for my mom and dad to show my grandparents.

They might not understand what I do, but they can at least appreciate that people think I’m doing a good job… well, some people. Nobody show grandma my YouTube comments, please.

The above photo is unrelated to anything in this blog post, but it’s great. If you don’t understand why you probably need to spend more time listening to your dad’s CD collection.

Yes, CD collection. If your father has already digitized his entire music collection, he’s probably too young to be into Toto as hard as my dad, and thus you are too young to appreciate The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as it was in Grade 6 so WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?

Judging theoretical yous while I eat granola bars is what I do best.

Bragging of little victories, LOOK AT WHO MADE IT ONTO MASHABLE SORT OF:

Not me, but a Screenshot of the story I wrote for work about a 72-year-old man who models teen girl clothes. The Mashable story was about Storify’s new layout, and Storify had just happened to feature one of our stories when Mashable took the screenshot. LITTLE VICTORIES, FRIG MAN, I WAS EXCITED, and also just really want to link to this story because that grandpa’s got game.

Also linkworthy (and crucial if the title of this post is to make any sense: Wu-Tang Clan member GZA is teaming up with a Columbia professor to help public school students in New York City learn science through hip-hop.

Science rules everything around me! Get it?

Kitty cat cuddle time. We out, We out.

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Election memes, performative politics, Barack Obama and me.

Screenshot via Fabiola Carletti (@FierceFab)

Friend: “Hey Lauren, where’s the party tonight?”
Me: “The Republicans or the Democrats?”‘
Friend: “What?”
Me: “Which party?”
Friend: “I don’t know… anything going on downtown?”
Me: “Oh. Oh I don’t care. I’m working.”
Friend: “STILL?”
Me: “Yeah… I’m interviewing TOM FREAKING ROSENSTIEL about memes and the presidential candidates tonight.”
Friend: “When did you start caring about American politics?”
Me: “Politics have changed man. I’ve changed… ”
Friend: “When are you going to be normal again?”
Me: “Saturday, probably. I need to sleep.”

From Boulet's 7 deadly animated sins

It’s been a really good, really busy week for me on the work front.

Between a marathon Live Chat Tuesday night, weeks of presidential campaign stories and the “Meme Election” episode of Live Online last night (plus all of the writing, prep, and research in between) I am an exhausted zombie, but one who’s feeling pretty knowledgable in her own keenerly bookish geek-beat way.

Come at me with a current events question, bro, I’ll TALK YOUR FLIPPIN’ EAR OFF before I eat your brains, braiiiiins…

click to embiggen

Here are a few of the best things I did over the past week, for posterity’s sake and in case any of you are into new media, journalim, or the intersection of memes and American politics from a (nerdy millennial) Canadian perspective.

Obama and Romney’s most controversial celebrity endorsements

Tweeters respond to DMs from Obama

Five record-breaking election day moments on Twitter

Top memes of the 2012 presidential election

And of course, LIVE ONLINE: The Meme Election, featuring Tom Rosenstiel, Brad Kim, Tim Hwang, Veronica De Souza and Michelle Forelle.

You can watch the full video replay here.

Not at all related to election, I also featured this little guy as our photo contest pick for today. Fezzik the goat is famous and adorable and I love him. Don’t you?


Here are some of the studies I touched upon or articles I gleaned knowledge / facts / statistics from to provide more in-depth social media commentary than “Binders, Big Bird, Bayonets, wee!” over the past couple of weeks.

Bed time for this cat. For so many hours…

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