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A Very Merry Linklist

I had a dream about my blog last night, in which I decided that I would try to grow in the new year for some reason.

I asked my little brother (who’s never blogged a day in his life) for some advice about how to do this while we were flying over the mountains in our Tanooki suits.

Dream Brodie, who by then was driving a red air train, told me that I should start doing a “lunchtime links” roundup, every single day. He also advised me to cut back on posting so many cats. As if!

The cat thing isn’t going to happen, but I kind of like the idea of doing a link lis every day. Something that people can cruise to on their lunch breaks to laugh a bit and get my take on what’s good on the Internets that day. Like The Superficial’s news roundups… only weirder.


Either way, I’ve decided that I should stop appending my mammoth posts with these and give my linkfarms a space of their own. Voila. Here’s today’s:

A group of students at Sheridan College produced a shot-by-shot remake of the opening theme for Disney’s Recess (aka one of the best cartoons of my generation) and it’s bang on. I wrote about it (and my love for the show) Friday at work:

- Anonymous good samaritans have been going into Kmart stores across the US to pay off random layaway items. This story broke HUGE earlier this week and now it’s being reported that copycat christmas angels are popping up too. That’s the kind of holiday spree I can get on board with!

- Kim Jong Il finally kicks the can. Hilarious Tweets ensue.

- PETA goes after Mario for wearing a racoon suit. Seriously.

- First came Shit Girls Say, then Shit Gay Guys Say. “Shit Black Girls Say” was inevitable.

- The Ten Best Album covers of 2011, by my buddy Matt Shore for MuchMusic

- The 20 Unhappiest People You Meet In The Comments Sections Of Year-End Lists

- Should hipsters wear monocles?

- A group of senior citizens in the states performed a Christmas “flash mob” in Target. I don’t know who organized this, why it happened, or how it can really be called a flash mob, but it’s one of the best videos I’ve seen this season:

- George Costanza inspired Hipster fashion:

Bon nuit!

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Converse x Mario = GOOMBA CHUCKS + Today in Blogworthiness

Don’t even try to act like you wouldn’t spend ¥16,312.11 for these suckers when they drop on Japanese Ebay in a few months.

Seriously, please don’t act that way. It reminds me of the frivolous spender I pretend not to be around people who are supposed to think I have some sort of self control or something. So let’s all for the sake of my conscience agree that these shoes are worth every penny we will all eventually spend on them:

I’m not really feeling the whole Nostalgiaporn thing anymore lately, but these are clever as heck. I mean, dude…


I don’t have to feel like a douche for buying these because, unlike the majority of hipsters who I assume will be rocking them, I’ve actually beaten that game several times and won’t be trying to smell my feet every time somebody points out the Bowser on my shoes.

The pairs above are slated to be released in August, but just today another two of the four limited edition MARIOCHUCKSISSES came available for preorder in the US (snatch ‘em up here if you can!).

As much as I’d love to order those right meow, I’m not based in the US… And also, the other sets are way cooler.

I’m frivilous, but not frivilous enough to get a pair of shoes I’m “meh” over just because they’ve got a sick box (Hehehe, STDs) and an invincibility star on the back.


I’d like to say I pimped my Facebook profile last in honour of these sneaks, but it was kind of a happy coincidence. I’ve been working on some new branding materials and I re-stumbled upon this photo from Paris yesterday and … well, the rest is l’histoire.

In other bits of blogworthiness, here are 29 ways to stay creative. This video (by TO-FU based on Paul Zi’s list is one of the best and most important things you’ll see today, I guarantee it:

Also awesome (and coincidentally quite relevant to a blog post I published two days ago) = An artist’s statement, translated into plain English:


You know what’s not blogworthy? A lot of things. Maybe I’ll write more about this when I have the time and the freedom to snark out properly (emancipation imminent). Until then, my PR / Marketing friends can read this post by Casie and know that I feel exactly the same way. Zipping my mouth now because, unlike Casie, I don’t have the tact to keep things polite when it comes to this topic.

(I’m the dude.)

BYEBYE LOVE YOU GOTTA GO! Lifeliness awaits. Maybe I will see the new X-Men tonight with my boyfriend like a normal girl. I’d like that very much… in theory.

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Super Mario Wedding Proposal: When 80′s Babies Get Engaged

I’m not the mushy type – really, I’m not – but gosh darnit if this didn’t make my nerdy little eyes start quivering. Gross.

I’m half tempted to check my tear histamine levels to see if this is merely an allergenic coincidence. It’s scary to think that all it took to melt my cold black heart were some 8bit firework sound effects.

Tissue, anyone?

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