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Blonde Cleopatra WORKS it at The Ten Spot (+ Julyna!)


Have you ever experienced a manicure, a pedicure and a facial – at the exact same time?

Let me tell you dudettes and dudes, it’s like paradiiise, spread out with a butter kniiiife. (That band is Canadian, btw. As a fellow Canuck, I’d try to take some credit for their awesomness if that didn’t mean having to accept responsibility for the bedsore that is Nickelback too…)

Last week, I hit The Ten spot Leslieville Beauty Bar for some much needed “foot un-grossening”, “finger nail prettification” and… a facial (I don’t know enough about facials to make up my own name for them yet).

I’ve been a fan of this joint for years now. Love their fresh visual branding and fun “anti-spa” MO. I remember walking past their Queen Street location before I officially moving to Toronto thinking that someday I’d get my nails done at a hip beauty bar like that. Funny how life turns out, eh?

I’ve been to that location plenty of times (Hi, Queen West!) but this was my first time ever at the Ten Spot East. (LESLIEVILLE is one cute freaking hood by the way.)

But I digress. Back to this pedi-mani-facial thing (aka THE WORKS.)

Unless your aesthetician is Speedy Gonzales or one of the X-Men (in which case, please get at me with the name of your salon cause HOLY HELL THAT WOULD BE COOL), it’s pretty much impossible to get all three of these things done within 60 minutes (problematic for busy cats like me who barely even have THAT much time to spare.).

Thus, more than one expert is needed to get ‘er done. Yes, you need a team of people tending to your tootsies, talons and… face (again, I have no clever words). Here was mine:

Jayna and Tyechia are as sweet and talented as they are pretty. I felt like a modern-day Cleopatra with both of them working on me at once… only blonder, with more computers, less eyeliner and an aversion to marrying my own brother (not judging, but… well, ew.)

I got to the beauty bar around 6:35 and, after a warm greeting from managing director Lisa and the lovely receptionist who’s name I did not catch, I was given a robe and headband to change into.

Personally, I dug the ninja look, but it was no good for my cheveux. Go go gadget, Fivehead!

Picking out a polish colour was no easier than it ever is. Too many polishes, not enough fingernail. Life is full of hardships but we must persevere on, my friends. ‘Tis the Canadian way.

I went with Skull & Crossbones on the fingers, Fiercely Fiona on the toes. Both by OPI, of course. YYou know how I do.

Don’t mind the duckface… ever.

This is where the magic went down. I couldn’t take photos because I was lying back in a green chair blissing oooout, but I did manage to remember a lot of what happened thanks to the ladies walking me through the process and answering all of my ridiculous questions.

There were a LOT of steps to the facial… pre cleanser, cleanser, exfoliation, steamer, extracccctions, post extraction, an eye mask, a hydration mask, collagen mask, toning mist, eye cream, moisturizer… I might be missing some, too.

My skin got the total “superstar treatment” as Tyechia put it. And, as per usual, I got a sweet little Cake flavoured lip balm to take home :)

What I do remember, clear as day, was the bomb satellite radio station pumping out gem after gem over the speakers – mostly Funk and Motown from the 70s. They told me it was Sirius “old school R&B” (The Groove, maybe?) Exactly my style. Can you think of anything more entertaining to listen to while your face is getting exfoliated than The Commodores’ “Brick House“?

Shake it down, shake it down, shake it down now…

Here are a few more photos I took after the service was complete:

Annnd speaking of brazillys, it’s Julyna now. Did you know? It’s like Movember for the ladies but… lower. I wrote about it last week for veedubz:

Which design are YOU rocking? (Dear Mom: Please don’t answer that.)

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Bingtinis, Manicures and NerdGirl talk at Sassafraz

Is there anything finer after a long, stressful day at the office than meeting up with some girls for cocktail hour at a cozy restaurant in the city’s swankiest hood?

Yes. Getting a manicure and lusting over hot, hot sales while said chillaxing takes place.

manicures by the ten spot

Last night, I was invited to help celebrate the Canadian launch of Bing Shopping in Yorkville. On a scale of lame to awesome, I have ranked this event as “dope”. Here’s why:

1. First and foremost, I got a chance to catch up with some of my favourite Internetty homegirls.

As much as I love my “Twitter’s Stupid but Facebook’s cool,so let’s go creep on people we hated in highschool!” crew, I’ve noticed that their eyes tend to glaze over when I geek out over things like web stats and content management systems.

Lisa and Wendy from

Girly girl chatter pairs every so nicely with nerdy girl chatter, don’t you think? I’m perfectly capable of dishing about my retail obsession and affinity for clean code within the same conversation. I had a hard time finding girls who share this same lean until I moved to Toronto.

I’m so glad that I did.

2. Bingtinis.

*Note: Image has been doctored for effect. Chandler Bing may or may not have appeared in Torontonian cocktail glasses on Nov. 25th.

3. Pretty, pretty foodstuffs:

4. Getting briefed on the joys of massive, massive discounts by Bing Man (His name is Anthony, but I think Bing Man is cuter). I’m talking up to 85% off here. All from trusted, screened retailers who will guaranteed ship to Canada (no Hong Kong basement scams here). Click on “Cross Border” to see what I mean – and save yourself a Detroit/Buffalo run this holiday season.

Or, like me, you can shop your gourd off in Detroit and then come home and shop some more online – ya know, for all the things you weren’t able to find in the States. Like people who say “Please” and “Thankyou” – ZING! :) I kid, I kid… (I don’t kid).

Thanks again to High Road, Sarah Long and of course, The Ten Spot for my fabbbumalous fingah tips!

They told me the polish was vegan and I was like “WOAH! THAT’S AWESOME!” But later I gots to thinking… Isn’t all nail polish vegan? If this polish is vegan, what exactly the heck am I putting on my fingers the rest of the time?

For more event photos clickez ici.


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