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Late-Lee: Killing peeps, getting Luckee, climbing the CN Tower and so much work



A bonjour bonjour, mes amis!

It’s been what, an entire MONTH since I blogged last? Suffice to say I’ve been busy… and heck, I pretty much live-blog my entire life through Instagram and Twitter these days. Poor LOL’s been getting the neglect.

I apologize to my mom, that weird throng of creepy dudes who send me late-night Facebook messages, and the other 4 readers of this blog.





I dunno, that’s just a great gif. ALSO GOOD.

Below, I’ve comprised a Storify with some of the past month’s most clutch moments — but first, please check out this sick video Steve and I made on Easter Sunday. We hit my hometown for some delicious free food quality family time and decided to go out to the beach for… well… some murder. Peep murder.



We also climbed the ENTIRE FREAKING CN TOWER last Saturday. I KNOW, RIGHT? It was a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Foundation and my legs are still burning just a little bit.

I did get to hit the aquarium afterwards though, which was fun (especially when I snuck into the kids adventure zone bwahahaha)

resize (3)

And one more photo before I dumb 50,000 on you — this one, taken at a birthday party I threw for Casie at Trinity Bellwoods Park on Saturday. A lovely day with some lovely cats. If anything good has come from less blogging lately (aside from like, more time with my boyfriend, more time hitting events, more time cleaning and working on so much actual work stuff it’s been that I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with my homies.

That’s what life is about. It’s nearly summertime. Give a girl a break.




Now, for the wild blustering catch-up post…




If you actually made it through that entire thing… thank you for that.

Love always,

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Birthday fun, NMA Lauren, Harvey’s Love and a Brand New Weave


Hi kids, do you like violence?

I don’t.

So here, instead of watching me stick Nine inch Nails through each one of my eyelids, check out what I’ve been up to over the past month courtesy of my favourite thing EVER, Storify.



I love you, Luxy Hair… and also mom and dad for buying me a new weave. I feel like a mermaid :) IT’S A FESTIVUS MIRACLE!



Also, I forgot to tell you that I met Macklemore at a Red Bull Thre3style World Finals show. That was cool. He’s super, super nice.


In other weird news (and before I legit throw you over to the Storify,) that Taiwanese news outlet I’m obsessed with did a “death of Rob Ford” video (which, on its own, I’m rather nonplussed over) and there’s a CBC reporter who looks… well, some people say she looks like me. It’s most definitely a coincidence. A weird one, but a cool one:

Thanks to Jonny Bunning for the gif and for spotting that.

Annnnnd on another work-related note, you can watch me speaking about how a Moose-eating shark went viral on Reddit here if you’re so inclined. Please don’t mind my hurr. I had no idea I’d be on TV that day. So is the nature of news. I freaking love it.


One more thing. Big ups to Harvey’s for making me this — THE LAUREN O’NEIL BURGER, AHHHH!!!!

That’s a veggie burger on multigrain with ketchup, mustard, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and pickles for the record. I eat those suckers all the time. Copyright your own Burger here — maybe they’ll Vine yours too!

Okay. Okay. Here’s the massive photo / tweet/ gram dump. Plz enjy.

One more thing (really, the last thing, I swear) — I found this image on Tumblr last week and it took me like, 5 minutes (about 40 years in Internet time) to find the high-res original using reverse image search and the like. Here is a large copy for you, in case you also want to make it your desktop background. And why wouldn’t you?



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Waka Waka Waka…

Behold, the most-recently filmed-for-Youtube set of my bourgeoning local amateur standup comedy career!!!

Big ups to Saroox for filming that, and to all of the friends who’ve been coming out to see me joke. It’s the cats who make time to come out and support me who will get front row seats when I’m as famous as Louis C.K. hired to be Louis C.K.’s nanny for a few weeks and score some comps from my employer.

No but for real.


Sat, Aug 10:  Crown & Tiger on College, 8:30 p.m.

Mon, Aug 11:  Dawn Patrol, Comedy Bar

Tues, Aug 12:  Toronto Comedy Brawl Quarter-Finals, Johnny Jackson’s in Toronto

More to come from VELD, The Bridle Bash, The Grove Festival and more… busy summer, sheeeeeiiit.

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