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Beth Maher, Kreayshawn and the chicks who climb fences

One big blog, full of bad bitches…

“Pixel pixel, 8 Bit kitties, chiptune music, physics…

Be still my nerdly, gangster heart – This. Fokking. Exists…. (And it’s got the swag, and it’s pumping out of its ovaries…)”

Last week, I interviewed Beth Maher for Pink Mafia’s blog. Homegirl is the artist / writer / designer behind that wicked NESesque Kreayshawn game that’s been blowing up our Internets for the past month (play it above if you know what’s good for your SOUL.).

She’s also a cat-loving feminist gamer girl from Toronto who loves Tumblr and Flickr. yes… The legion grows.

Read our ridiculously long Q&A here:

I still heart Kreayshawn hard. Like Beth, I don’t think she’ll fade away just quite yet. Something’s there. She’s a shining example of generation Youtube coming correct and I sincerely wish that I could be part of a crew like hers andcV-Nasty‘s.

Something tells me I’m a little too soft. A little too safe.

Remember that?

I’ll continue watching the White Girl Mob from my nerd-perch up here in Canada. You guys are cool, GLAVIN! I love Kreayshawn’s new website (and browser update alert, bwahaha):

My weekend was aight. I worked all day today and last night too. Sleep when dead, yadda yadda. Not complaining. This is the life I choose right now because this is the stuff I love. Fokk a Sunday.

Last night was fun at least. I covered a giant game of Capture the Flag downtown! Video will be along on vitaminwatercanada‘s youtube channel vurry soon. TEAM PINK FOKKYEAH!

Friday night was also fun. I had some folks over and we all went to an 11/11/11 party that was way too dark for iPhone photos. Wasn’t much in the mood to snap, anyhoo. I took these beforehand.

Later, the boys and I hopped some really tall fences (short cut!). Big ups to friends who will hold your 6 inch platforms while you climb and place them back under you to avoid dirty feet. So glad I decided on jeans that night.

Simpsons time! I need to get off the computer and give the television my full, undivided attention now. Must get some LOLlage in before that stupid Allen Gregory show comes on. Ugh. #BringBackBobsBurgers

Here’s one more photo of my face looking like somebody who feels pretty dang sneezy this fine balmy evening. What’s UP with this? Everybody I know has been sick for like, 2 months now. Make up your mind, weather. Our immune systems can’t take much more of your waffling. Just stay warm maybe. That’d be cool.

I think I’m going to start writing about what I feel again someday soon. I miss that. Maybe I’ll have to do it on a secret blog. Either way, it’s probably a good idea to sort my head out.

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Kreayshawn at the Roosevelt Room + TIFFmas begins

Awwwww yeah.

Remember that Kreayshawn-themed photoshoot Anna, Casie and I did a few weeks ago? The one with all of the gold teef & fake tats that my mom spazzed over?

So meta. Can’t wait to meet my style-icon-for-a-day IN THE FLESH this Friday! That sounds kind of creepy, doesn’t it? “in the flesh“…

It puts the lotion on its skin… KIDDING, GAH.

If you want more information about kray-kray (we girls now, you see. I can call her that), Peep NOW’s interview with Oakland’s finest here or check out the giveaways on Pink Mafia and She Does the City (EVERY good chick is going to be in that room on Friday, I swear).

You could also just Google Kreayshawn – or maybe “Bing” her. I like this viddy. “It just goes to show you the power of the Internet.” – Hollah:

BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE. I think the ones that come with T-shirts are sold out, but that won’t stop me from trying to buy one at the venue. They’re dope as hell, non?

Today felt like TIFFmas, truly. The festival hasn’t even started and already I’m reeling.

Hit two gifting lounges this morning (The Tastemakers Lounge by RockitPromo + EGPR’s Essentials Lounge. Substantial blogposts forthcoming, I swear. Both were dreamy) and got another special delivery at the office! Yesterday, Diet Coke sent something fun. Today, David’s Tea blew my mind:

It was honestly a godsend. So heavenly to step out of a long, hard meeting and find this on my desk. THANK YOU, KING OF THE TEAS!

Post-work, I got my hurrs did by Matthew at Brennan Demelo Studio. He styles many a hot and famous head, plus his beard is awesome. The assistant put a cape on me and I played superhero while he mixed my formula. Up, up and a weirdooooo….

Tomorrow is a huge day. Interviewing a really really really hot guy and then another guy who isn’t quite as hot (hard to be)… then writing and editing all day and late into the night probably. A clothes fitting in there somewhere. An afterparty. Dinner.

I wish life was this crazy every week. It’s hard to understand if you’re not in Toronto – not in that scene – but there’s an energy to TIFF. It’s huge and pretentious and annoying and exciting. Exhausting, but invigorating!

Oh God. I am everything I hate.

Back to the grind…


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Pink Mafia + Kreayshawn = One big shoot, full of rad bloggers

Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Casie Lauren Anna! (+ Becca, Mica, Aviva and Slayer too)

Back in May, my friend Nate started to geek out over some hyper-stylized rap chick from California who’s name I didn’t quite know how to pronounce. “CHECK HER OUT,” he said. “SHE IS YOUR SOULMATE.”

Probably not his exact words, but after watching every single video of Kreayshawn in this post (all eleventy-jillion of them), that’s exactly how I felt.

Kreyshawn is a swagtastic, Tweetaholic, Tumblriffic, (often) blonde chick who raps, produces music videos, and loves cats (HI HI BFF TWINNIE).

She’s mad famous right now and pseudo-controversial. Google her to learn more. There’s a lot to know.

That’s the cover of her Kittys x Choppas mixtape. Perfect. PURRfect! Hehehe…

Last week, I got a chance to BE Kreayshawn (sort of) for a Pink Mafia Photoshoot with Anna Von and Casie Stewart, Shot by Becca Lemire, Styled by Mica, Makeup by Aviva Rosnick.

We took a little break in the middle of that shoot for Casie to interview Kreayshawn by phone (!!!). She called Pink Mafia HQ all the way from LA. It was insane cool to hear one of my best friends just chatting away on speakerphone with THE it girl of right now. Such a pro.

This shoot was a blast to do. I adore the threads Mica put us in (many sourced from Becca’s extensive vintage collection) and the chicks were all great to work with. You can see the whole photospread here.

If you’re wondering what that song playing in the background of the magazine app is, it’s called “Rich Whores:)

Kreayshawn and the White Girl Mob are getting hotter by the day. She’s up for “best new artist” at the 2011 MTV VMAs and she’ll be heading our way on tour in less than a month.

Buy a ticket for the Sept. 9th Toronto show now and you’ll get a limited edition T-shirt with – be still my 90′s child heart – an 8bit kitty cat on it.


Crash time. I’ve been bopping around Michigan all day and am pawsitively exhausted. Good haul though. Got some skirts. Got some shirts. Got some Deeeetroit soul. Much needed.

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