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She hates kitties, I love viddies, “What’s a vowel” HOT CHEETOS AND TAKIS! does not condone the kicking, punching, or otherwise physical harming of animals (shaming, on the other hand, is all good.)

That said, this video might be the coolest effing thing I’ve seen all week:

Moral of the story: fashion, I think.

Big ups to Reed + Rader for making this, and tons of other incredibly creative, weird-as-heck / entirely delightful works of internet art.

I wrote about viral videos more than usual at work this week. It was a good week for the YouTubes, ya know?

A few of my favourites:

That little girl rapper totally jacked those moves from me. I swear to Hov, that’s EXACTLY the way I dance when I’m out with my friends on the town — which is exactly what I did last night. And the night before that, too.

So sleepy… fading fast… but first — WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?

No, no worries Amurrica. Your education system is just fine.

One more video for y’all. Well worth the wonderful, wacky watch if you like watermelons and weird guys:

Time to continue recovering now. BRING ME MY RANCH DRESSING HOSE.

P.S. – Happy Caturday :)

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Caturday Linksplosion: Meowigolds, Kitty Pryde and Nipnip PSAs

Cat beard, cat beard, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when it sheds on you?

Via Joanne Casey


I tend to tone down the more… “eccentric” parts of my personality when I’m at work. I try to, at least. We all do, right?

I mean, most of young professionals would like be taken seriously in the workplace so we act accordingly, despite the fact that we might be a little bit wacky off the click. We behave in a manner that is mature(ish). We are composed(ish). We are downright solemn when we need to be.

And then something like this happens:

Photo by Ryan Crouse, via

When that photo came through the CBC Your News Community, I literally squealed “KITTY!” like a five year old, grinning from ear to ear… I’m smiling right now just thinking about it.

Ceiling cat bless Mr. Ryan Krouse from Saskatchewan for making my Friday afternoon!

That’s my Caturday story for this week, folks. If you need something more, watch this little orange kitten pwn some puppies (HA!) or, better yet, check these important Catnip PSAs designed by Christ Ritter (via Buzzfeed)

On to the, on to the, on to the Linkstuff:

Great Read: 3 Things Professional Women Should Stop Apologizing For, by Amber Mac.

Another Great Read: Is The Free Internet A New God? by Benhamin Jackson.

Found talent: This 18-year-old boy takes that annoying LMFAO song we all hate and makes it sound really, really, actually really good. Please, no man boob digs jerks. He’s cool.

Easter Egg: The Google Translate beatbox trick.

Stupid perverts: Man stabs his computer with a Samurai sword in an attempt to get rid of child porn as FBI agents raid his house.

Marketing face-palm: Some European clothing store has embedded digital “Facebook Like” counters on in-store hangers. No, seriously. #StealThemAll #YouGuysAreHip

WHY GOD, WHY?: Lisa Turtle completely wrecked herself with plastic surgery and what appears to be some sort of horrid skin lightener. Either that or she’s contracted some sort of uglifying disease, in which case I rescind everything that I’ve just so callously speweed out into onto the interwebs.

Image via Buzzfeed

But seriously though, I would totally rock the shirt Screech is wearing in that photo. Wouldn’t you? It’s very now.

Mother’s Day awws: Six generations of women in one photo. Nuts!

Cute old people: These men have been BFFs for a verrrry lonnnng time.

Why not?: Tanning mom gets and action figure. He-man’s head, Sarah Palin doll’s body. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on here.

We are all so small: Interactive ‘scale of the universe map is very, very cool.

Bwahaha: Pier collapses during prom photoshoot sending kids into the lake. It’s okay. Nobody was hurt (physically.)

Mouse shoes: I just want them. That’s all.

Funny shorts: This video about a boy and some chocolate and some ladies will make you laugh. It’s well done and very cute.

Blasphemous Holograms: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Freddie Mercury now. Go ahead and tell me that the world “blasphemy” should be reserved for gods so that I can go ahead and tell you that Freddie WAS a god so that you can go ahead and tell me he wasn’t so that I can CUT YOU. Go ahead.

Dream life: Did you know that you can be a professional friggin’ mermaid? Like Ariel, only less “I’m actually half fish”ier!

Saw that coming: The Time magazine “I feed my grown kid with my boobs” cover has spawned an internet meme.

Inspirational: Janitor Graduates from Columbia University After 12 Years of Classes and Full-time Job

Track of the week goes to Tumblr sensation Kitty Pryde with “OK Cupid.” This is the new Kreayshawn, ladies and gentlemen — and I’m not just saying that because VICE did okay?

I seriously can’t get enough of this chick’s style.

Speaking of Kreay though, this.

I’ve got to wake up hecka early tomorrow for a race. Like, a race that my boyfriend’s running in, not me. But still. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I am le tired :)


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Cyriak tackles cats & Die Antwoord drops a new viddy

The art of Cyriak Harris and kitty cat videos = two off my favourite things ever.

Thank you, universe (or Cyriak, rather) for me this gloriously effed up creation. It won’t even give me nightmares! (fingers crossed)

I just showed this to a new guy at work because he was curious about my gasps. Little did he know that I’d spend the next 10 minutes geeking out over British surrealism on the web and show him Cows and Cycles and Baa. He can find “Something” on his own if he’s interested. I don’t want to be responsible for giving anybody else nightmares.

Too soon to repost Zombie Walk 2011 gifs? Probably. Not scary enough to warrant nightmares? Definitely.

Try this new video by Die Antwoord on for size. If you’re not comforted by scorpions and angry South African men, you’ll likely be a bit disturbed. Don’t even think about Googling “Human Centipede 2″. Please.

I effing love that song. Great beat, mad passion, and that vulgar breakdown at the end is great. As always, Ninja and Yo-Landi rock my world.

“Fok Julle Naaiers” is the first single off of Die Antwoord‘s soon-to-be-released second album TEN$ION, and apparently it’s tied in some way to the band’s recent split from their label (Interscope / Universal Music).

I’m psyched to see what comes of all that. Such fokken love for those super heroes, I have.

Tonight, I’m going to the Toronto premiere of “Love Lies Bleeding” — The Alberta Ballet’s Elton John-based show. I simply cannot wait!

Full review to come. Please enjoy this Franch Star Wars Disco ballet in the meantime:

Work to do. Must peace.

Love always,

Lauren the Swiss Army Journalist.

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