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Baptiste Giabiconi Buckles My Knees Despite Extreme Douchebaggery (again)

Hokay paypoles, fohkus… I SAID FOHKUS!

Maybe you don’t already KNOW or somethink, but a couple of evenings ago Karl Lagerfeld debuted a series of three commercials for Magnum ice cream.

I know, I know – Le EW – but it’s not like he actually ATE zem or anythink. Vat, are you CRAZY? or just FAT?

Anyways, the incomparably adorable miss Rachel Bilson was cast to star in all three commercials as a Ballerina, an art student, and a fashion model respectively. Also featured in the spots is none other than Mr. Lagerfeld’s muse / boyfriend / joke of an impossibly gorgeous man-tard BAPTISTE GIABICONI!

To be fair, he IS one of the biggest fashion stars in the world right now – though, also to be fair, it certainly isn’t difficult to be named as the world’s number one male model when you’re dating the king of the fashion industry and look like… ya know… this:

I thought, after watching Mr. Giabiconi’s first um… “music video” a few months back, that I could never ever feel attracted toward this man again.

I stand corrected:

Bwahaha / woooah…

That little “Of course” at minute 1:08 just made me swoon SO hard, seventeen times in a row.

French accents french accents FRENCH ACCENTS. What is it about zat sound zat make me go nuts? Even on really really gay guys who dress like ginos. I do not understand this.

And why the hell do I want a Magnum bar all of the sudden? (That, I can sort of understand.)


I don’t want to date Baptiste or even to know him. I just want to collect him or something. Stick him in a little Pokemon ball. wonder if Karl’s ever done that? I bet he would if he could.

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From “Yes, please!” to “PUH-LEASE!”

Supermodel Baptise Giabiconi releases his first dance single.

There’s nothing I hate more than to see a nasty stereotype proven true – even when I’m the one perpetuating it.

Male models are not inherently clown heads, just like blondes ARE NOT inherently ditzy (I’m just a klutzy spaz who happens to fail at doing normal lifely things from time to time)

It pains me to rep so poorly for platinum kind, but it’s not like I spill food all over myself (every single day) intentionally.

This, on the other hand, this “music video” recently released by Karl Lagerfeld’s beefcake in residence muse … this was intentional.

There’s no way Baptiste Giabiconi tripped, landed on a motorcycle, sailed through a torrent of hair gel and straight into the frame of “Jersey Shore’s desert adventure”.

Way to take away my horny, Giabiconi!

If Derek Zoolander was with me right now, I’m confident that he would shun you for reinforcing the widely perceived notion that male models are better off keeping their mouths shut.

I appreciate the lulz, but how can I ever again watch you strut in a show without picturing that bobbing hand sweep? Without praying that you stop at the end of the runway to shout “Vats wong wits yoo mayne?” (Minute 1:01. Best part of the video).

*sigh* you know what they say, ladies; all the good fantasy men are taken, gay, or aspiring pop star clowns. I have a feeling Mr. Giabiconi is all of the above.

I guess we won’t be getting married any time soon… but that shouldn’t stop me from buying the 2011 Pirelli Calendar and making every month Baptiste month, now does it? :)

I mean, Lagerfeld boy toy/ hokey pop thing aside – he still looks like this:


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