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Comedy Brawl, Prancercise, Senate Chat, INNOVATION!

Hey ho, LEH-GO;

It’s been a week, guys. A solid one. Longer than seven days for sure, but what is TIME anyway? Really?

I’m going to drop this YouTube video of my recent standup comedy re-debut right off the top before I get into it because ME:

That was filmed about a month ago — the very day I moved to my new place, actually, hence the hair sitch. Shup. Here’s another video, this one made by Casie and her sweet phone. Even seeing my parents just now got me smiling. As bratty as I am towards them, I don’t love anyone else more.

The set I performed a couple of days ago during the gauntlet round of the 2013 Toronto Comedy Brawl was not recorded, but this is close enough:

Awwww, jaykay. It wasn’t my best set (out of the WHOLE THREE I’ve done) ever, but it got me through to the next round which is all I was really hoping for. I’ll write more about that when it happens. I also met some cool people — one of whom booked me for ANOTHER show Monday night!


Also free and sufficiently grand = This Prancercise demonstration video. I’m not going to write about how this came to be (because I already did that at length,) but I will encourage you to discover it for yourself. Read this story. Watch the video. Learn to prance. Buy different pants.

Even lulzier than the video are the Amazon reviews on her book. I love you Joanna Rohrback and I love you, like actually, as much as a god, lover, or family member, LOVE you, Internet.

Now riddle me this friends: How much do you know about Canada’s Senate? I mean, outside of the ongoing scandal headlines and vague memories from Grade 10 civic class?

As constantly immersed and in love with the world of news as I am, I’ve got to admit that I didn’t know much before hosting a Senate-themed episode of CBC Live Online Thursday evening. I’m still a bit foggy on the issue (it’s a foggy issue) but I learned a ton and it was a pleasure to speak with Senator Mobina Jaffer / all of our fantastic guests.

Replay the chat here if you’re so inclined and turn the volume down if you’ve got dogs in the room. My voice will make them jump out of windows.

Outfit of that day:

I also had the pleasure of speaking on a panel about innovation in news at work last week — a topic I’ve got plenty to say about beyond “GIFS RULE,” I swear.


Lastly, OH MY GOSH THE ISLAND. Have you been to the freaking Toronto Islands? I took a ferry to Centre Island yesterday for Expedia’s TBEX party and I was just blown away. Big ups to my homie Alistair for the invite!

I hadn’t been across since… Wakestock 2008 I guess – and even then, it was straight mud and party. I’ll be back with my bike and perhaps a cute date one day this summer if I’m lucky :)

A few photos, if you will:

That last one is not from the island… I was just trying to take a selfie while kneeling on my own forehead afterwards like the weekend winner that I am.


**UPDATE: 12:35 a.m. — post Game of Thrones**

Crystal Light moustache all day.

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Election memes, performative politics, Barack Obama and me.

Screenshot via Fabiola Carletti (@FierceFab)

Friend: “Hey Lauren, where’s the party tonight?”
Me: “The Republicans or the Democrats?”‘
Friend: “What?”
Me: “Which party?”
Friend: “I don’t know… anything going on downtown?”
Me: “Oh. Oh I don’t care. I’m working.”
Friend: “STILL?”
Me: “Yeah… I’m interviewing TOM FREAKING ROSENSTIEL about memes and the presidential candidates tonight.”
Friend: “When did you start caring about American politics?”
Me: “Politics have changed man. I’ve changed… ”
Friend: “When are you going to be normal again?”
Me: “Saturday, probably. I need to sleep.”

From Boulet's 7 deadly animated sins

It’s been a really good, really busy week for me on the work front.

Between a marathon Live Chat Tuesday night, weeks of presidential campaign stories and the “Meme Election” episode of Live Online last night (plus all of the writing, prep, and research in between) I am an exhausted zombie, but one who’s feeling pretty knowledgable in her own keenerly bookish geek-beat way.

Come at me with a current events question, bro, I’ll TALK YOUR FLIPPIN’ EAR OFF before I eat your brains, braiiiiins…

click to embiggen

Here are a few of the best things I did over the past week, for posterity’s sake and in case any of you are into new media, journalim, or the intersection of memes and American politics from a (nerdy millennial) Canadian perspective.

Obama and Romney’s most controversial celebrity endorsements

Tweeters respond to DMs from Obama

Five record-breaking election day moments on Twitter

Top memes of the 2012 presidential election

And of course, LIVE ONLINE: The Meme Election, featuring Tom Rosenstiel, Brad Kim, Tim Hwang, Veronica De Souza and Michelle Forelle.

You can watch the full video replay here.

Not at all related to election, I also featured this little guy as our photo contest pick for today. Fezzik the goat is famous and adorable and I love him. Don’t you?


Here are some of the studies I touched upon or articles I gleaned knowledge / facts / statistics from to provide more in-depth social media commentary than “Binders, Big Bird, Bayonets, wee!” over the past couple of weeks.

Bed time for this cat. For so many hours…

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Protest toque, #CAJ2012 and the Caturday Linksplosion

I said brrrr, it’s cold in here. I said there must be some carbon in the atmosphere! I said ohheeohheeohhh – Frick, frick, frick.

I’m not taking this toque off until spring starts acting a little bit more like SPRING. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again (which is what I’m doing right now): Canada is the best country in the world, minus the weather.

Winter, I’m over you.


I woke up this morning to find Groundskeeper Willie staring at me all intense-like. He had managed, somehow, to rip my suuuuuper long-lasting helium heart (Sean gave it to me on Valentine’s day and it’s STILL floating!) down from a high shelf and just sat that there with it for a very long time. Quiet. Freaky.

It’s been a busy week between work and the gym and prepping for ROFLcon and… watching TV with Sean. I moderated a panel yesterday on “Twitter Tips & Tricks for journalists” at the Canadian Association of Journalists conference.


Sarah, William and Ron shared a wealth of information about how Twitter can be used in the newsroom and out on the field for journalistic purposes. I was actually pretty blown away by some of the things I saw (Uh, hi William’s self-built Twitter RSS-pulling Google spreadsheet.)

Ron Nurwisah from Huffington Post Canada made his presentation notes available online and you can view the entire panel’s live-blog here. I highly recommend that you do.

Actually, you’ll learn a ton just creeping the conference’s hashtag. So many smart people and interesting sessions around.

Not to be all me-me-me-milennial, because I’m pretty much less impressive than every other person on the speaker page, but this is my blog so HEY HEY LOOK AT MY BIO I AM SO COOL AND PROFESSIONAL LOOK LOOK:


Moving on.

Here’s the Caturday linksplosion for April 18, 2011:

- The “F*ck-It list” gets this guy into the Cannes Young Lions Academy with less than a month to spare. Nicely done.

- How CISPA would affect you (like, if you’re American)

- Carlton Banks flashmob sets world record (I wrote this one. My job is the best. Carlton Banks is the best.)

- This little boy is the best Carlton dancer ever, mostly because he’s soooo cute:

- You can buy canned air from Paris now. Meh.

- Good read: Our “white people problems” problem: Why it’s time to stop using “white” as a pejorative

- This poster changes the song you’re listening to when you throw something at it, which is dope if you don’t have a remote control and / or like to throw things.

- The first 4,000,000 digits of pi visualized.

- Why cats are better than dogs, according to the Internet.

- 80-year-old Twitter user on mission for 80,000 followers

- Autocorrect thinks it’s soooo funny. I nearly threw my iPhone at a fire hydrant for this.

- Depressing “We are Young” parody makes my 30 year old friends cry.

- Hilarious “I’m 24″ video makes my 24-year-old friends cry (and me laugh.)

- This article about 9 Ways Twentysomethings Screw Up Their Lives would make me cry if I could feel things inside anymore. It’s terribly depressing but also kind of kick-your-butt-into-gearish.

The brain caps off its last growth spurt during our 20s, but that doesn’t mean twentysomethings ought to wait around for their brains to grow up. Our 20s are wiring us to be the adults we will be. So step away from the videogames and pick up a book. These are use-it-or-lose years when neurons that fire together wire together. Whatever you want to change about yourself, now is the time to change it.


Finally, THIS:

Have a great Saturday night! I’ll be spending mine editing a video and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning… so much cleaning. Film crew in my house tomorrow. Mess must be removed / hidden. You know how it is.

Who plays Simpsons musical numbers on a freaking OCARINA? That chick. The coolest chick ever.


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