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LOL x CFL: Tales from the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto (Go Argos, Go Argos, GO!)


SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAYYYYYyyyyy…is the day that this guy took his shirt off to try and impress Casie as we walked around the crowds at the 100th Grey Cup — The superbowl of Canada, pretty much.

“Lord Neddard Stark of Winterfell!” shouted I. He didn’t get it so I curtsied toward m’lord and skulked away to rouse rabble elsewhere. WHERE MY GEEKSES IS AT?

Big ups to Telus and Casie and the CFL for making my first Canadian football game an amazing one. I may not follow the sport, but I LOVE me a some big excitement, and as far as events in Toronto go this month go – heck, even this YEAR – the Grey Cup was a huge one.

My entire weekend, save for a Saturday shoe and dress shopping spree, revolved around it pretty much. The streets around my office were closed off for the 100th Grey Cup Festival and parties / concerts/ meat eating contests could be found every which where.

Casie’s got a nice take on our time at the CFL Awards player’s party Thursday night here, and if you’re interested in the actual football stuff, you’re looking at the wrong blog.

According to some text messages, we were on the teevee a few times during the actual game, which makes sense because we were sitting directly behind game MVP Chad Kackert‘s folks.

But y’all KNOW I’m not about to spend 20 more minutes of my life scrubbing through football footage looking for two bouncing blonde heads (at least, not tonight.)

Here are some more anecdotes and photos from Sunday’s adventure (Storify a yeah-yeah…)

LOL at the 2012 Grey Cup

Storified by Lauren O’Nizzle · Tue, Nov 27 2012 01:06:46

I got into the spirit early on in the day. BLUE HAIR (streak) DON’T CARE!
I put a blue streak in my hair for the TEEDOTOH. #greycup #greycup100laurenonizzle
Casie hooked me up with a hat and cap that Telus sent over, and a sweet face painter lass working for Scotiabank completed my outfit with sparkles on top. Corporate overlords, you are too kind.
Thanks for the sparkles, Scotiabank!laurenonizzle
Our face twinklers balled so hard under dem bright stadium lights. Like tinsel tree topahs we was! GAZE UPON TEH GLAMOUIRUASLIURRURURURRR~~~!!!
We’re like, ON the field. Row 4. Thanks @Telus! #GreyCup #100gc O’Neil
No but for real, those seats were SICK. Right behind the Argos bench = prime tight-white-pant watching region. Hellloooooo footballmen :)

I caught much of the opening ceremony (and our reactions to it) on my video camera because 3G was spotty, but for speed’s sake here are a few of the tweets that got through:

WOAH! There are fireworks inside the Rogers’s Centre right now! #GreyCup #GreyCup100 #100GreyCupLauren O’Neil
This is what’s happening right now as far as I can tell: Dr. Dre just walked the latest in a long line of old white men out onto the field.Lauren O’Neil
@laurenonizzle Watching here in the states on @NBCSN. Looks cold. I can see everyone’s breath.Joe Bua
That’s RACIST against CANADIANS, Joe Bua. The game was inside the Rogers Centre. We’re not ALWAYS cold. Jeesh.
3G is overloaded :( #GreyCup100Lauren O’Neil
It was at this point we realized that most of our Tweets (AND NONE OF OUR INSTAGRAMS) were going through.


So @laurenonizzle went all #LionKing to summon the WiFi gods and now WE HAVE SERVICE! #BFF STEWART
It was time for an Instagram dump:
This guy is hardcore. #greycup #greycup100laurenonizzle
The Argos’ band is called the "Argonotes!" hehe #greycup100 #greycuplaurenonizzle
Football head #HeyArnold #greycup #greycup100 #cfllaurenonizzle
He’s been to every #greycup since 2002. So many buttons.laurenonizzle
When we got back, we were sitting directly behind Mike Bradwell, a boy I innocently chatted up at Wakestock one year without realizing who he was and now see at parties sometimes but can’t even look at him without blushing. I have a highschool nerd complex; football players make me nervous. I’ve always preferred me a boy on a board :)
Hey @bwelltweets. @casiestewart and I are the ones behind you yelling "HEY! HEY MIKE!" #greycuplaurenonizzle
GO CHAD!!!! #KACKATTACK #Argos #aaaargooooossssss @cfl @TorontoArgosLauren O’Neil
WOW! The Argos just got six points at once!!!! #Cfl #GreyCup100Lauren O’Neil
I was really just trolling my guy friends who got all bent out of shape that I, a girl who knows and cares nothing about football, was going to the Grey Cup and not them.
The guys are debating the play that just happened while @casiestewart and I try to decide which footballmen are the cutest. #GreyCup #cflLauren O’Neil
DAFRIG IS GOING ON?!? #football #greycup #greycup100 O’Neil
Cheerleaders are like mermaids. I love them the most, after the hot footballmen. #GreyCup100 #GreyCupLauren O’Neil
At the 100th Grey Cup 1 team of cheerleaders isn’t enough, hell 2 teams isn’t enoughThere are actually 198 on the field right now#IcountedMichael Knudson
Justin talking to cheerleaders at the Grey Cup in Toronto yesterday ;) lol justin™
Time for another drink of WiFi and an eat of some overpriced stadium food.
I just had a 14 dollar jerk chicken and ketchup salad at the #Argos game. WORTH IT.Lauren O’Neil
Mmmm, better ‘n sketti! DAS TUMBLECORE LIKE KITTY PRYDE!
Tumblrcore with our BudLights at the #greycup100 #greycup @casiestewart @teluslaurenonizzle
"Lord Neddard Stark of Winterfell!" I yelled as this guy pretty much proposed to @casiestewart: O’Neil
Um, no. O’Neil
Then, guys, it was Bieber Time. I actually cried. Mainly because my iPhone died about 2 seconds after I took this photo:
I got tons of video with Canon 2 though. Likely, it will live inside of a memory card until I die and somebody retrieves it for my post-mortem found footage biopic. Coming to an Internet near you, Spring 2013.

Until then, some Tweets from the peanut gallery.

"This young man certainly touches his privates a lot" -my aunts take on @justinbieber’s halftime show #cflRyder
Before the onslaught of @JustinBieber tweets…..It’s "i" before "e" except after "c".Melissa Grelo
99% of Canadians won’t care who wins the Grey Cup because Bieber will win their heartsStats Canada
If he was my boyfriend, I would ask him not to wear garbage bags. #greycup #bieberMark Forward
Not political, just proof that I’m way too cranky now. Justin Bieber at Grey Cup half time last night. Really, what? Librarian
so it turns out canada doesnt want bieber back…they booed him at the grey cup whatever that isMatt VanKirk
Justin Bieber Gets No Love From His Homeland! | Trill
LIES! I didn’t hear any boos. Maybe a few, but what do you expect with a teeny bopper idol performing for a stadium filled predominantly with grown drunk men?

Thank goodness I found a phone charging station to get enough juice for them gem of an Instagram. SMH at my yesterday self.

We figured out why @justinbieber wears drop crotch pants now :) #greycup100laurenonizzle
This guy got puke on my shoe. Night night #GreyCup. O’Neil
I like going to football games now. The #greycup was a blast :) Big ups to @telus , @casiestewart and the @cfllaurenonizzle

And that’s all she wrote for now, for it’s late. SO LATE.

Love always,

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Bring it on: The Musical + A Very Toronto Saturday

Mmmm to the hmmm, it’s true. I finally saw Bring it on: The Musical at the old Canon Theater in Toronto (Now called “Ed Mirvish Theatre” or something) and jeepers effing crow was it good. Shockingly good. Mind-blowing good. Punch a snarky hobo in the mouth good!

I’ll admit that I kind of cringed my way through the first leg of the show, with all of its annoying one-dimensional characters and soulless dialogue.

Fortunately, it got better by leaps, bounds and basket tosses when a steezier crop of cast-members hit the stage.

Voila, three of my favourites — Nautica, Bridget and La Cienega:

To quote the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Jones in his review, the directors would be better to do away with “all those lame cheerleader gags, snappy one-liners in the hackneyed, played-out “Clueless” and “Mean Girls” modes, and all the other campery and frippery that bog down at least the first 25 percent of this show, an opening quarter that is, to put it frankly, so bad that it nearly chokes the entire evening.”

Nearly. One is always better able to appreciate excellence when there’s a little bit of “meh” up in the mix, after all. As lame as the Truman High stuff felt, I was still entertained by all of the pretty voices and costumes and dancing.

Expletives started flying from my mouth, though, when “the crew” from Jackson (ie; the rough inner-city school preppy-rich-white-girl Campbell gets transferred to) strutted onstage.

Image via TriggerCritic


I think it was loud enough that nobody could hear me popping my mouth off while the action was hot, but an audible “FU*CK YES!!!” was definitely heard by more than a few people when the first act ended on a punch and flash. I got some looks.

I have no etiquette when my senses are overloaded. Ask the ride attendants at Cedar Point who watched me flying-kick a garbage can out of sheer joy when I was 19. They were not amused.

Big ups if you get that reference.

Moral of the blog post: GO SEE BRING IT ON if you can. I promise, it’s like nothing you’d expect from a musical based on a movie that regularly plays at 2 in the afternoon on crappy Canadian Music television stations (Not that I don’t love the film. It is a classic.)

There are cheerleader fireworks, break-dancing leprechauns, hot basketball players rapping, quadruple threat 20-somethings just beating the stage up for hours, taking our names like MOVE. It was funny. Splashy. Dope. Entertaining enough that after 2 and half hours I STILL WANTED MORE. If you know me at all, you know how crazy that is. I can barely sit through an entire episode of a sitcom these days.

Here’s another video compilation. Neither do the energy of that show justice, imho.

When we left the theatre, Ashley and I were pulled over to Yonge-Dundas square by a sick, throbbing beat — like fruit flies to a bowl of apple-cider vinegar, crack-heads to an abandoned shopping cart with a quarter in the lock at No Frills.

Ohhh yeah! I had totally forgot that DESIfest was on this weekend.

May 26, 2012 | I love my city. by laurenonizzle on

Some spunky South Asian chick was rapping and singing onstage when we got there and for a brief moment we thought it might be MIA. Of course, she was not MIA, she was Ramee singing “Peengh.”

First off – BWAHAHAHAHA to the name of that song. Secondly, that girl is GREAT live. I hope she explodes mainstream. I could find almost nothing online yet, but this Stranger Family she’s part of looks HUGE in India.

Because CIBC is so muliculturalistic and stuff, they were giving away paper turbans from a van. There weren’t any left when we rolled up so I swiped one from the ground under a garbage can. What Lauren wants, LAUREN GETS:

You pretty much need a PhD in Rubik’s Cubery to assemble one of these puppies, FYI. We had to walk into a Popeye’s chicken and sit down for 20 minutes to put just one together.

I was getting funny looks as we waited for the streetcar afterwards, which I completely understand outside the context of Desifest and related marketing activities.

“HEY!” I shouted (in my mind). “I got this for FREE from CIBC and I worked REALLY HARD to put it together! I am a C-I-B-SULTAN!”

It was so nuce to have Ashley in town. She’s one of my oldest and dearest friends from home – one of the only Chathamites I still actually see, truth be told. She gets the meaning of hilarious in a way that few of my Toronto friends can comprehend.

We had a great time just walking around my neighbourhood(s) and popping into shops, galleries, parks, etc. Some photos? Some photos:

Lastly, I just found some fun things cruising YouTube :)

I usually have the cartoons on while I blog on Sunday evenings, but the season is OVER and the TV listings are all re-runs, sports and Kardashian Krap. I’m not having that. Thank goodness for weird ancient Disney cartoons and baby sloth videos and the like…

Also worth a look = The Tim Burton zoetrope cake, this story about a stray dog racer and L8R by Azealia Banks. Pretty sure I’ve blogged that before… multiple times, probably. Watch it again. It’s good.

Sweet dreams, puppies!

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Instagramarama, Met Con Blue and Srirarcha lollipops. Also, Willie.


Shhhhhh. I’m blogging now.

Purrhaps if my iPhone stopped buzzing, I’d be able to get some of the stuff I’m being buzzed about done. I’m a BUSINESS man not a business-man. Ugh, that’s a lie. I’m neither of those things.

I’m just a busy creative who hates crunching numbers and making plans and coordinating schedules and booking dentist appointments and remembering to pull my Optimum card out of my wallet when I go to buy my weekly skid of Life brand diet cola from the mascara & Benadryl store.

Can normal people have account managers for their lives? To organize things?

I just Googled it. Apparently some people DO have managers. They’re called “Justin Bieber” and “Taylor Swift.”

OH YEAH, Biebs? Well I had dozens of managers when I worked at McDonald’s in Grade 10. They hated me and I got written up for wearing nailpolish on the regular. Good times.

Not my fingernails. I freaking wish they were.

Inneehoo, all venting aside it’s been a busy busy couple of days, and things are ramping up fast what with ROFLcon and TFI25 and an ADVENTURE RACE I’m training for. More on that later ;)

Here are a few snaps from the past couple days. For the play-by-play, you know where to turn… but honestly, don’t.

You’ve got better things to do than waste your precious time wrapped up in the minutae of some other human’s life. We all do.


P.S. Sriracha lolipops exist.

Do. not. want.

More bloggage tomorrow. More everything. Bring it on looniverse.

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