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Baby got app: STRAIGHT THUG’s gangsta gifs

Y’all know, if you follow me on Twitter, that I’ve got a love-on for iPhoneography — particularly of the app-mediated, filter-enhanced variety. That said, I’ve always kind of felt that Instagram, Hipstamatic and tools of their ilk were missing something…

When I discovered Straight Thug in the app store, I immediated realized what that something was: a Doo rag. (And also, bouncing low-lows, pimp chalices, vicious dogs, sparkling grills, teardrop tattoos, chains… Ya know, rapper stuff.)

“Straight Thug celebrates the ridiculousness of 90s Hip Hop album art by allowing you to thug out your photos into an animated GIF Hip Hop album cover,” reads the App’s description. “Thug out your photo with a variety of static and animated accessories from lens flares to the hottest rides. Drop in your album title and generate the photo as an animated GIF. Share the platinum GIF with your homies!”



You can find more user-submitted Straight Thug images on the app’s official Tumblr blog or on Better yet? MAKE YOUR OWN.

Straight Thug is available for iphone 3Gs, 4, & 4s. Ninety-nine cents well spent, my friends.

Bed time. Weekend has been cray so far, but like a good girl who wants to NOT be sick and exhausted for NXNE, I stayed in this evening to rest, watch basketball and Tweet about NBA hipster fashion.

How was YOUR Saturday night?

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French journalist goes on a hipster hunt, and it is good.

Take a few minuntes to watch this if you’re not too busy delivering babies in the back of taxi cabs or something. It’s really good. Better than creeping that chick you worked with for like, 2 months in highschool’s vacation photos on Facebook right now, I promise.

Bravo, Lorena Galliot and Julie Percha! This project is both informative and hilarious. Dope, even. I’m in love with it.

The hipster subculture fascinates me — especially from the other side of my computer screen where I can’t smell it. My hope is to one day visit the hipster homeland myself. I already have the perfect guise. I’ll blend right into the people of Williamsburg!

Back to the editing suite! AKA my converted closet / micro-office…

(video via Laughing Squid)

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What’s up this Weekend and the Dubstep Hipster Cat

Bonjeezy, goat massage enthusiasts!

So much has happened this week that I can hardly think of an appropriate way to start this post. Thus, I’m going to do the most logical thing possible. Lead with photographs of myself:

Hey — few things make more sense than mirror selfies when I’m wearing a day-glo sweater and carrying brand new robotic Internet bunny friends. Right? I was born in the late 1980s (okay, mid. Shut up Sean.) THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

More about Social Media Week, my new robo-friend, and my unintentional chair / sign / glow-worm matching outfit later.

Right now, I’ve got to spread the woid about what’s up this weekend before I bust out to DO IT ALLLLL!

Last night was a pre-SXSW party at Spice Route, Yoga at the National Ballet of Canada, Cision’s Social Media Ref afterparty at Wyrst and a fashion exhibit for Pardon Le Dopeness on Queen West. But none of that helps you now, does it? It’s Friday. Let’s all swoon over PLD’s Bleeding Pigeon hat and then move along:



Sunday and Monday are still in flux — most likely, I will rest SO HARD on Sunday (read: sauna, gym, blog) and then try my best to convince Seany to come with me to the science centre on “Family Day”. The Leonardo DaVinci exhibition is almost over!

Anyhoo, if you haven’t seen dubstep hipster cat yet, you probably should:

And to the (literally) 7 different people who over the past few days sent me the “cats as fonts” thing I Tweeted snarkily about on Monday, thank you for noticing that I do very much love both cats and typographic culture.

I want to love this meme, but I cannot. It’s derivative. The photos are old, the concept is old, the format itself is PLAYED OUT. It’s as if the creator thought “Hey! I’ll throw together 2 Internetty things, slap it up on Reddit and EVERYBODY WILL LOVE ME FOREVER!!!”

Okay, I actually like this one.

Well played, homes. It was a hit. In the days before Font Conference — in the days before my mother knew was a LOLcat was — I would have thought you genius.

Better luck when time travel becomes mainstream and you can go back to 2008 and impress me.

That little rant is so ironic coming from a girl who just pimped Dubstep Hipster Cat, non? :)

Love always

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