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The top social media moments of 2013 PLUS my 2 favourite gifs


What up bloggies?

That reminds me of Smoggies. Remember the Smoggies? It’s vague for me, but YouTube tells me that this show did in fact exist and also that it was Canadian. GO GO GADGET NOSTALGIA!



I’m watching the backwards episode of Seinfeld right now, and the part where Elaine gets drunk and calls Jerry “Jugdish” never gets any less funny. Never ever ever ever JUGDISH hahahahahahaha.

I know it’s way past the point of year-end roundups, but I totally need to share this clip from work in which I talk about but THREE of my 40-zillion top social media moments from 2013… mainly because I attempt to do the actual Harlem Shake on live national television,  but also for posterity’s sake. You know.


I’m sorry if you can’t see that because you’re in Amurrica. Please enjoy these year-ender / holiday-themed articles I wrote for work within the past two weeks instead:

As always, you can read my latest work stuff here. And if you’re curious about my favourite gif from 2013, I have two — two delightful gifs that I simply cannot choose between, both from news moments that I witnessed live on teleivsion (AND LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF, screaming “WHERE IS THE GIF? WHERE IS THE GIF? SOMEBODY MAKE A GIF!!!!”)

1.  The “WTF AP?” microphOWNED moment during a press conference after the LAX Shooting in November. Small lady, big stand, hilarity all around :


2. The corn-cob-eating sign language interpeter lady who helped Gov. Deval Patrick let Massachusetts residents know that… something about snow, but that looked like corn.


On that note, NIZZLE OUT!

No wait, wait, I made a GIF tonight too. Harvey’s sent me a t-shirt with “The Lauren O’Neil burger” on it. Regard:

Night :)

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The evolution of animated gifs: Podcamp Toronto 2013

My shortbangs bring all the boys to the yard, and they’re like “Did you cut your own bangs with dirty kitchen shears or something?”
Dang right, I cut my own bangs with dirty kitchen shears or something — I could teach you, but I’d rather just talk about animated gifs because I’m not very good at cutting my own hair.

And that was Saturday. Wake up, butcher bangs, go to present at a conference. I ain’t even mad.

That there is the description for the “Evolution of the animated gif” talk I gave at Podcamp Toronto 2013 on Saturday Here are my slides, but be forewarned that animated gifs don’t appear on SlideShare. Or Prezi. Or Sliderocket. Or anything I’ve been able to find in the cloud. I had to run the entire thing from my MBP! KEEP UP, SOFTWARE.

This was my fourth year attending the annual “unconference” at Ryerson’s Rogers Communications Centre, and while many things have changed since 2009, nothing brightens up a dreary February day like getting together with some old like-minded friends. I always have a great time at Podcamp.

Asking Picard about Star Trek guys with the things on their foreheads

Last year, I gave a presentation on internet memes, which feels pretty trite already after only one year. It was funny though. There were lots of people and they laughed.

I feel as though this year’s presentation was less hilarious, more informative. I spoke about the history of the animated gif as both a file format and a unit of culture; its ups and downs throughout the 90s and 2000s (oughties? god, I hate writing about that decade) as well as its contemporary use in news and entertainment media, business, art, fashion and online communities.

There were cinemagraphs and lenticulars and FASHGIF and even Myspace glitter graphics.

If I’d have given myself more time to prepare, I’d have built my own physical gif for the occasion. Maybe.

This 6 and a half minute long video from PBS (who is absolutely KILLING IT online lately, no joke — one of the best web content producers in the game right now) will sum up most of what I said in my presentation and then some in a far more entertaining way than clicking through my slides.

The website for twohundredfiftysixcolors (a “16mm film that traces the arc of increased complexity and pointed use of the animated gif”) has some great, more academic resources too.

And if you’d just like to see how the presentation and my morning went in real time, Here’s a wee Tweet / Vine / GIF dump for y’all.

Podcamp Toronto 2013: Photos, Vines, <3 and GIFs

Storified by Lauren O’Nizzle· Tue, Feb 26 2013 00:16:46

Stoked to give a presentation on the evolution of animated gifs at @podcamptoronto. Y’all ready for this? #PCTO13Lauren O’Neil
Hold up / now let me switch into my nerd rap. #ootdlaurenonizzle
Good. #pcto13 #coffee O’Neil
About to listen to @laurenonizzle talk all things GIF. My life is officially a tumblr page #PCTO13 #pcto13sessionsDan Speerin
Watching @laurenonizzle Hamster Dance at #pcto13 so yes it was worth waking up on a Saturday morning for a ‘talk.’Russ Martin
Thanks @laurenonizzle I had finally repressed that…nooo #pcto13 #pcto13sessions Speerin
Did you know that the Oxford English Dictionary recognizes GIF as both a noun and verb? #funfacts via @laurenonizzle #PCTO13Relay
Learning all about GIFs with @laurenonizzle #PCTO13Laura Velasquez
My GIF is a hard "G". #PCTO13 hahaha @laurenonizzleAndrew
All of the gifs. Meta gif brought to us by the ever adorable @laurenonizzle @podcamptoronto #pcto13Vine
Can’t wait to finally learn how to pronounce GIF #PCTO13 @laurenonizzleRóisín Bonner
"Nobody’s wrong, unless you say jif." Amen. @thebraddavidson @laurenonizzleMorgan Cadenhead
@morgancadenhead @laurenonizzle nope. Jif is accurate.Brad Davidson
Power of gifs #PCTO13 @laurenonizzle Park
The GIF has serious application in journalism. I didn’t think of it that way! #PCTO13 @laurenonizzleAndrew
@laurenonizzle is doing a great animated presentation on animated gif’s. #pcto13room 204Jim Courtney
Oooka Chaka baby, hamster dance, MySpace, and the entertaining @laurenonizzle #PCTO13 Jacobson
Just got a panic attack from looking at @laurenonizzle’s desktop. Digital Hoard-her!Russ Martin
#pcto13 @laurenonizzle now I know more about gif and current cultureAgentSocialMarketing
pcto13 #gif @laurenonizzleVine
Frands! #pcto13laurenonizzle
@laurenonizzle @PodCampToronto Loved Your EnthusiasmDan Radu
TIL about GIFs (their history and intellectual use) by @laurenonizzle while @PodCampToronto Funny, smart stuff #EID100 #digitalliteracyJoan Digba
B*tch cake, grab a slice! @vinylcountdown O’Neil
best @picard102 snap of lifelaurenonizzle
Photo by laurenonizzle * Instagramlaurenonizzle’s photo on Instagram
@laurenonizzle Me too! RT @planningnotepad All I can think about are Gifs #PCTO13 ccLaura Velasquez
And @planningnotepad finally managed to insert a question on GIFs to the content session. Thx @laurenonizzle for creating a monster #PCTO13Roberto Faria
Walked into the wrong #pcto13 room, but @laurenonizzle is presenting so I guess I’ll stay Levine

BONUS for me; some guy said I looked like Sailor Moon in that outfit. I’m not even going to try and misconstrue that as creepy (Not a Cosplay kind of convention, yo) because of how flattered I was. Moon… Prism… BEDTIME.

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Grammy Lulz and FASHUNSTUFF + Barklemore’s “Pet Shop”

Hoy litens,

Yeah, I ball. But this post isn’t about me breaking the NFL’s Super Bowl party display thingies (Sahrry Commish! And I’m also sorry for my point of reference to you being a post on The Cut about how you sat next to Anna Wintour at Kimberly Ovitz’s show the other day.)

BEY-sically, I didn’t get time to finish the Weekend Wrap party post I had been working on last Monday (Maple-Rosemary donuts at the opening of 2ndFloorEvents! Diplo and the wasted masses at a Bud Light Platinum Party! SUPERBOWLSTUFF! Other Stuff! voila.) and I just really liked that photo… predominantly because I know what happened directly after it was taken (SMASH! Again, sorry Commish. Great party!)

From Bud Light Platinum's Toronto launch party, to which I wore a toque -- AND WHAT?!

ANYHOO, what I actually wanted to blog about this fiiiine Monday evening (but should have last night if I really wanted it to mean ANYTHING to ANYBODY who isn’t myself in the future since every major web outlet is full-staffed during major events now for instant gif coverage a la 2013): Grammy lulz.

PIMP CANE PRINCE is not even funny, just awesome. That “no puffy genital” wardrobe advisory that nobody followed anyway was pretty funny too, but alas, that was pre-Grammy.

In no particular (but semi-chronological at times) order, here are ten of the funniest things that happened at the 55th annual Grammy Awards last night, as remembered by my brain:

1. When Tyler the creator duckface photobombed Frank Ocean’s mom, deuces up. His Tweets throughout the night were hilarious too, if you’ve got the stomach for Tyler. Thank goodness I do :)

2. Jay-Z yelling “You’re Welcome!” after Lena Dunham’s boyfriend’s friend thanked him for something, drinking from his Illuminati chalice like a boss the entire time. Gotta love Jay.

3. T-Swift totally pwning her teenaged ex-boyfriend in front of everybody. I don’t know much about Harry Styles, but I wanted to hate him for girl power’s sake at that very moment. TEAM TAYLOR!

4. Speaking of Taylor Swift, Bwahahaha.


I feel like Taylor Swift is a prettier, younger, more talented, farrrr wealthier version of myself sometimes. I really do.

These two just creep me out with their plastic faces.

6. Chris Brown Trying to throw some shade at Frank Ocean by sitting during his standing ovation and GETTING YELLED AT BY ADELE! Go Adele! I totally love her now.

7. Kelly Clarkson photobombing Ellen and Portia:

8. Bruno Mars’ hat, hehehe.

9. When Carrie Underwood’s dress’ screensaver turned on halfway through her performance. Oops! Teehee!

10. Ellen and Beyonce, presenting together…. Not at all funny, again, but great.

Speaking of Justin Timberlake though, WOAH. Talk about bringing sexy back… and forth, and back, and forth…

Gifs on Gifs on Gifs, girl!

I am now very tired and ready for sleep. Sleep is important you know. Listen to Amy:

Before I go, my picks for the best dressed on the 2013 Grammy Awards red carpet include:

T-Swift, Karlie Kloss, Rihanna, Bey, Count 2 Chainz, Adele (seriously, that outfit was perfect on her), Kat Denning, Kaley Cuocuo, and really I’m just naming off TV actresses I like at this point.

Worst dressed: Florence Welch, J-Lo (Why you gotta try so hard?), Carly-Rae Jepsen, Estelle and… I’m torn on Katy Perry.

Purrhaps I’ll add pictures to illustrate tomorrow. But for now, y’all can GOOGLE THEM. It’s past my bedtime.

P.S. This is ruffing AWESOME:

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