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The hipster shop, being geek chic and “awww, you guys!”

“You like cats?” asked the slow-speaking Urban Outfitters cashier as he price-checked a holographic iPhone case for me.
“Yeah… but I’ve always been into cats,” I replied. “Like, I liked cats before they were cool. Before they became this big thing on the internet…”
“Yeah man, like the Weeknd…”


The sole reason that I’m wearing my too-short bangs under a hat or twisted to the side until they grow out is so that I don’t look like a stupid hipster. I don’t look like a hipster, I don’t dress like a hipster, and I don’t act like a hipster (F*CK BRUNCH. Yeah, I said it.). But dag nabbit if I don’t say things that make me sound like one sometimes.

I liked cats before they were cool.

WHO EVEN SAYS THAT? Cleopatra’s grandma?!?

Okay so hi… *blush*

Remember that one time in Grade 4 when a seagull pooped on your head during outdoor gym class and you started bawling and ran into the school humiliated, not because you’d been pooped on (that part was actually pretty funny) but because you’d started wailing like a little baby in front of all your classmates, and so the secretary called your daddy to come and pick you up from school so that you could take a shower and then all of the sudden it’s the next day and you arrived  at school in the morning and felt everybody staring at you like ” she stooopittt….”

That’s never happened to me.

I was the girl who peed her pants on the trampoline in gymnastics when she was 8 (true story,) but the seagull thing felt more relevant here — plus it totally happened to a boy in my class so it’s not entirely a fabrication.

What I’m trying to say is “Thank you” and “I’m okay.”

I received a flood of emails and messages in response to my last post, all of them touching and much appreciated. Some of them even made me misty-eyed. The one with the underwear guy made me dry heave (AGAIN) but this is the internt and that’s what you get when you put your email address on your blog alongside photos of yourself trying on skirts at Urban Outfitters.

a) I love that coat on the left but didn’t buy it because like, bills. b) I DID buy the skirt on the right because it’s leather and pleated and crazy cute. I tried on the tee for lulz, but am now reminded of something else I stumbled upon recently.


Cats Rule Everything Around Me

C.R.E.A.M. — Cats rule everything around me. What a creature! Thanks again to Google Images for that gemly gem.

Back to what I was saying though, about the nice comments and things you said… a lot of it was quite useful and helpful. If I haven’t replied to you yet, don’t worry – I saw it, I love it, and I’ll reply soon (unless you’re underwear guy, natch.)

I’m in the planning stages of a redesign now. I hope to get a new, cleaner, more modern layout up by the beginning of April. It might not be perfect, but it will be done. Some new editorial themes and features will likely roll out after that. I don’t want to stop blogging, but like I said before, some things need to change. I love you all for sympathizing and understanding.

My friend Holly passed along this excellent piece on procrastination, perfectionism, achievment and expectations that I think you’ll really like (or at least feel) if my last post resonated with you: Procrastination is not Laziness, by David Cain (who is a FANTASTIC blogger, btw. Canadian too)


All I do is shop shop shop, no mattah what… Oh my ew. I just sang something in the style of DJ Khaled. WHO AM I?

Shopping – not necessarily buying – is therapy for me. It makes me feel good. Pretty things, clothes, gadgets… those things make me happy. American Apparel and Future Shop, I could go for days. Most of those days would be spent laughing at of the funny outfits I can put together at American Apparel :)

Anyoo, check it oot! I’m “Lady geek of the week”  at Being Geek Chic — a self-described “blog for stylish geeks, sophisticated nerds and people who enjoy the musings of a complete dork.” Wicked! My favourite kind of honour :)

Head on over to BGC for the rest of that interview to see who I cited as my ultimate fictional style inspiration (hint: IT’S TOTALLY SAILOR MOON AND BLAIR WALDORF MIXED TOGETHER LIKE A SWIRL CONE.)

Bed time for this gal. Balance, ya?

P.S. – PLOT THINE PUSS ON THE CAT MAP, MEOW! For the tigers. For the tigers.

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Glow-in-the dark dinosaur money? You’re killing me, Smalls!

Hey. So guess what?

The Royal Canadian Mint (read: the government agency responsible for creating all of Canada’s highly touted funny money) issued coins with freaking GLOW IN THE DARK DINOSAURS ON THEM this week.

This confirms my suspicion that our country is being run by 11-year-old boys on acid.

Have you ever wondered why Canada doesn’t have orphans wandering through the streets offering to shine your shoes and stuff? IT’S BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN CAPTURED BY THE GOVERNMENT AND ARE BEING FORCED TO DESIGN YOUR MONEY.

I assume these chaps are being stored in the 1990s because that’s the last time I heard of anybody dropping acid, and also because I want to picture them looking like the Sandlot boys.

That is, without a doubt, the greatest movie of all time. I don’t even need to argue why. If you know what’s up, you know why. For-ev-ver

I just Googled the rival gang leader kid from that scene. I wanted to find out what’s became of such a fine little actor. Turns out his name is Wil Horneff and, well, not much has become of him at all. Some time after the Sandlot, he appeared in Bop. *cough*

Back to the money.

In Canada, we have plastic hundos and ride the streetcar with golden coins called “Loonies” and “Toonies”. Like video game characters. Is it any surprise we’ve developed a reputation for being “Wacky?”

This is the greatest effing country in the entire world.

Canada, thank you for contributing to my own weird-as-heck personality. I’d be happy to design a new bill for you one day when if your orphans OD. In the meantime, I’m content to write about you (and… other weird things).

I’m still trying to make this more of a fashion blog, I swear.

Maybe if I didn’t stay up so late cruising the web for gifs and writing about hot dog pizza I’d be able to wake up in the mornings with enough time to take photos like Tavi used to…

Soon. Soon. I’ve got to set up my Karotz first so that he can do it. Big weekend ahead! 6 parties on Saturday night alone. Will I make them all? No way in h-e-double hockey sticks. Whatever happens, I’ll wear something cool. AND BLOG ABOUT IT. There. Fashion blogging 101. I’m done already.

Hehe. That was a good day.

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Peepza, Bunnysocks and a dozen + Geeky Easter Eggs

Happy Zombie Lich Jesus day, friends!

I meant to push this post live earlier in the day but passed out straight after family Easter brunch instead. Peep coma.

SPEAKING OF PEEPS (my favourite candy of all time), I only recently discovered that there’s an entire world of marshmallow chicken cuisine out there.

Peeps Sushi, Peeps Krispies, Peepsicles, Deep fried Peeps, PEEPZA!

Be still my pancreas.

I also stumbled upon a massive “Peep show” at the Carol Arts Centre in Westminster Maryland, where hundreds of artists have been creating “marshmallow masterpieces” every spring for the past 5 years.

Road trip 2013?

I didn’t go as big for Easter this year as I usually do for holidays. No chocolate factory video blogs, trampoline benders, taking my cats to see the Easter Bunny or sugary myspace graphics…

No anything, really.

I had intended to make some cool undead Easter eggs but time slipped away from me this weekend with all of the unexpected last-minute parties and Highway 401 breakdowns.

Belt broke. Smoke billowed. Engine overheated. Kapow.

A couple of nice OPP officers pulled up behind me on the shoulder of the road and called what turned out to be the coolest tow truck ever. VROOM VROOM! The driver reminded me of Santa.

That’s the kind of cab you need to climb up into, and if you didn’t already know how much I love climbing (trees, fences, buildings) now you do. I really like climbing.

Purple truck, silver lining.

My dad had to come and pick me up in Woodstock after that happened yesterday afternoon and by the time we got home to Chatham, I was so bummed and beat that I “took a nap” at 8:30 p.m.

I woke up 14 hours later, just in time to take a shower and get back on the highway for Easter Brunch with the fams in Windsor.

Now I’m home and enjoying some of Chef Mommy’s leftovers / crusing the web for Easter hilarity. She made Perch and potatoes and baby bok choy last night. And crepes!

Anyhoo, I’d already started building this “Geeky Easter Egg” roundup post last week so I decided to go forth now. It was inspired by Neatorama and Oddee these sweet Pantone Easter eggs:

Here are way more than a dozen more (not really even that) geeky Easter eggs for you to enjoy:

“Easter” egg (get it?):

One egg to rule them all:

Bender egg:

Mia Wallace Egg:

Pokemon eggs:

Eggshell script egg:

Forever alone egg:

All of the memeface eggs:

Super Mario eggs:

Nightmare before Easter egg:

Master Shake egg:

TV test pattern egg:

Southpark eggs:

Domo egg:

Clockwork Orange egg:

Kitty Cat Egg:

Egg Kitty Cat:

Easter Bunny Kitty Cat:

Kitty Cat meets Easter Bunny:


I must now acknowledge that many of the above eggs aren’t all that geeky, but newf*** social media derps love that word and Google bringeth mad clicks. Not that I uh, care about traffic…

If you’re still jonesin’ for some oviform goodness, Pleated Jeans has got some Famous film scenes created with Easter eggs here.

And finally, the greatest (not yet pranked) church sign I’ve seen outside of the Simpsons (via Buzzfeed):

How’s that for progressive?

I’m going to go watch some TV now, because that’s pretty much all I can ever do when I come home. Not because Chatham’s just that boring, but because my parents’ couches / TV / fridge / cats / blankets are just that good.

Those are my bunny socks. HAPPY EASTER!

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