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NXNE 2014: Reggie Watts, Strip Comedy and The Pizza Underground (+ I WAS ON A BOAT)

The Mio Canada Squirtcar was basically a party on TTC wheels

What up slim thugs?

Wait, that’s the name of a rapper isn’t it? I don’t even know why that came into my head.

Anyway, hi.

These past two week has been a doooooooze, guys… a good one — just busy.

In the interest of time and, well… interest, I’m going to focus on NXNE 2014 right meow because that JUST wrapped up last night.

It was my… fourth year covering North by Northeast (I think?) and while I didn’t run into any giant Marge Simpson cars, I did have quite a raucous time.


Okay, this is from the MMVAS -- not NXNE -- but I don't have time to blog about both.

Okay, this is from the MMVAS — not NXNE — but I don’t have time to blog about both.


My adventure began Wednesday when I went to go and pick up my media pass at the Hyatt. For some reason (because I’m a narcissistic, probably) I decided to tweet out a picture of myself holding my badge thingie.

The @NXNE Twitter account was fond of that, and challenged me to do the same thing for all 5 days of the festival. So I did. They were kind enough to return me this little collage:




Thanks @NXNE, you’re sweet :)

Wednesday night, we celebrated Jenny Jen‘s 30th birthday on a BOAT which was fun and not at all NXNE-related but look at how cute my outfit is:





Okay so after the boat party, I went to check out the Perrier Pop Up party at the Burroughes building which WAS NXNE-related and also very fun. There was cotton candy.

I kicked Steve’s butt at ping pong (*cough* again) and also got nearly 1 million points playing some Transformer’s pinball game. My uncle had a pinball machine in his basement when he was a kid so like, not to brag, but I’m pretty not ridiculously bad at it.






Thursday is when things really got cranking with a STREETCAR PERFORMANCE by the Pizza Underground (that Velvet Underground cover band that only sings about pizza and has the Home Alone guy in it.)

So here’s the sitch: Mio Canada basically took over an entire Queen West streetcar and turned it into a concert venue. Like, bands were playing while we rolled down my own freaking street and I was just ballistic over the concept. It was so. much. fun.

PLUS, while the pizza-themed band was playing, we got pizza from the homies at Panago (MY FAV.) On the streetcar. Streetcar pizza.

Here are some pictures and videos from that whirlydoo, including a (basically failed) Macaulay Culkin selfie:







I got even MORE Pizza Underground time the next day when I went to visit the Panago Pizza party at MOCCA (or whatever it’s called now) on Queen West.


I really do love you, Panago.




Later that evening, Steve and I both ate burritos and attended the World Pride 2014 flag raising ceremony, which was just beautiful.







We also attended the 2014 IdeaCity afterparty that evening. Here’s another gratuitous outfit post:


*catches breath*

OKAY THENNNNNNNNN we hit the Mio Canada Squirtcar again, THIS TIME for Reggie Watts! I friggin’ love this guy. He’s so creative and talented. I remember catching him at SXSW a few years back and being blown away, so to get front row seats (er, knees) for this was a dream. Thanks again Mio!




You can listen to a full song that I recorded on Instaradio here (and while you’re at it, check out my ‘Lauren Walks to the streetcar‘ series!)

On Saturday, we went to check out the GAP x Sidewalk Hustle NXNE showcase. THERE WERE FREE POPSICLES, GUYS! Great bands too. Well done SH!


Later that day, Stevie and I hit up the ROM for some good old fashioned Saturday fun… and by “fun” I mean posing with dead stuff. I am actually in love with the ROM’s biodiversity exhibit. It’s phenomenal.

10474960_1445141309072331_1519145459_n (1)




That evening, we TRIED to hit the Future Islands show at Tattoo but it was lined up down the blizzock. So we went to the hideout and Casie gave me one of her sweet new biznass cards:


Steve and I made our way over to Comedy Bar after that for some STRIP COMEDY, which was sick. Funny stuff. I don’t have much to say about it other than that we had a good time… I was a little bit gone by that point. Here’s a photo though:


C’est tout!

Now, I’m off to go play with my new colour contact lenses… ’cause COOL.

Love always,

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Gearing up for teh GLAMOURLYFE with Rent Rock Repeat

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POKExFASHION: Where Miu Miu meets Mewtwo

Some things fit together so naturally, so logically, that you don’t even need to think about them — they just kind of go, like socks and feet, bread and toasters, gumzy and keebler 3…

These things are boring.

I wear socks in my hair, mmkay? And as for bread, I ball that ish up, dip it in hot sauce and toss it into my mouth like a soggy little timbit of FIRE.

Gumzy and keebler3 are actually just awesome and not boring at all. I stumbled upon that older adults from Virgina dater hookup thread while searching for “pairs of things that go together.”

Either the whole lot of characters there is inadvertently hilar, or I’m just severely overtired. Whatever the case, it’s greatest thing I’ve stumbled upon in the past half-hour.

Found this gif there, too. GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!

Anyhoo, this Pokémon x Fashion blog is also great, because unlike all of the things I mentioned above, Pokémon and Fashion aren’t the likeliest of combos. And yet it works, so very very well.

Turns out I’m not the only human out there who loves both Clefairy and Céline, Tentacruel and Thierry Mugler, Diglett and Dior (Not sure if the pokexfashion artist actually made any of these combos, I just like alliteration)

WHO KNEW? Facebook, probably. Also, all of the fashion webzines. Stylecaster first reported on pokexfashion back in July of 2011 and Refinery29 had it in December of that same year.

A whole bunch of outlets came along like “hurr durr lookit so cool” last week and now I’m like “HURRRRPDUURRRP I M COOL TOOOOO,” but like, I actually do like both fashion and Pokémon very much.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit Ugh, this isn’t about me. I’ll stop. Throwback Thursday, woo!

Wow, Sir Snarksalot up in here eh? I’ll tone it back. Hecka stressed out right now. Sometimes it comes out in sonnnnng! But not now.

Here are a few more cool posts from pokexfashion, which Internet tells me is run by a young man in ONTARIO (just like me!) called franny pack. FRANNY PACK, WHO ARE YOU? LET’S BE FRIENDS! DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR POKEMON CARDS? I’ll steal some from my brother.


Go check out the rest for yourself right here right meow!

Night night.

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