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Gearing up for teh GLAMOURLYFE with Rent Rock Repeat

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POKExFASHION: Where Miu Miu meets Mewtwo

Some things fit together so naturally, so logically, that you don’t even need to think about them — they just kind of go, like socks and feet, bread and toasters, gumzy and keebler 3…

These things are boring.

I wear socks in my hair, mmkay? And as for bread, I ball that ish up, dip it in hot sauce and toss it into my mouth like a soggy little timbit of FIRE.

Gumzy and keebler3 are actually just awesome and not boring at all. I stumbled upon that older adults from Virgina dater hookup thread while searching for “pairs of things that go together.”

Either the whole lot of characters there is inadvertently hilar, or I’m just severely overtired. Whatever the case, it’s greatest thing I’ve stumbled upon in the past half-hour.

Found this gif there, too. GOLD, JERRY, GOLD!

Anyhoo, this Pokémon x Fashion blog is also great, because unlike all of the things I mentioned above, Pokémon and Fashion aren’t the likeliest of combos. And yet it works, so very very well.

Turns out I’m not the only human out there who loves both Clefairy and Céline, Tentacruel and Thierry Mugler, Diglett and Dior (Not sure if the pokexfashion artist actually made any of these combos, I just like alliteration)

WHO KNEW? Facebook, probably. Also, all of the fashion webzines. Stylecaster first reported on pokexfashion back in July of 2011 and Refinery29 had it in December of that same year.

A whole bunch of outlets came along like “hurr durr lookit so cool” last week and now I’m like “HURRRRPDUURRRP I M COOL TOOOOO,” but like, I actually do like both fashion and Pokémon very much.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit Ugh, this isn’t about me. I’ll stop. Throwback Thursday, woo!

Wow, Sir Snarksalot up in here eh? I’ll tone it back. Hecka stressed out right now. Sometimes it comes out in sonnnnng! But not now.

Here are a few more cool posts from pokexfashion, which Internet tells me is run by a young man in ONTARIO (just like me!) called franny pack. FRANNY PACK, WHO ARE YOU? LET’S BE FRIENDS! DO YOU STILL HAVE YOUR POKEMON CARDS? I’ll steal some from my brother.


Go check out the rest for yourself right here right meow!

Night night.

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This is what’s up for New Years Eve + KIMYE IS PREGNANT


Kanye West just spilled the news that KIM KARDASHIAN IS PREGNANT WITH HIS BABY at a concert in Atlanta and the Internet is actually, at this very minute, exploding like spiders across the motherfricking stars — so imma make this post quick, for the hour of joke-writing and eye-rolling over said bad jokes and photochoppery is upon us…

There. That’s my grand contribution to this momentous piece of history. Peep the original image here if you want to see what STRONG photoshopping skills look like while I get back to thinking about my own life (in like, 3 minutes.)

Jokes, jeers and jealousy aside, I’m actually really happy for Kimye.

Those E! marathons that entertain me while I clean my room / lie on the bed eating bon-bons have taught me that the Kardashian Clan is quite baby-friendly, and I straight up love Yeezy as much as ever – as a producer, as a rapper, as a hilariously conceited public figure and, in recent years as a fashion plate too.

Kanye’s style is supreme – and I’m not being ironic. I love how ballsy and fashion-forward he is in terms of what he wears both onstage and off. Did you see those Margiela masks last night? Priceless!

Anyhoo, tomorrow is New Years Eve and here’s what I’ll be up to:

FIRST, I’m hosting an early-evening cocktail party at my place courtesy of Pinnacle Vodka who graciously sent me soooo many bottles of their delicious Original Whipped (from France!) that I loooove — along with some recipes and mixology supplies and the like.

I hit the party store earlier today for decorations and have decided to set up a Photobooth, make cupcakes with edible glitter on them, and assist Sean in making some real food for people to eat (if they’re not feeling glittercakes for whatever reason, though I can’t see why they wouldn’t be…)

You’ll see lots of photos from that bash to be sure both here on the blog and instantly as the festivations happen on Twitter and Instagram.

THEN I’m heading over to 159 Manning for one HECK of a bash (as are all of Tim McCready‘s legendary parties.)

Raymi and I are co-hosting / bartending / co-tending / tarbending, so stop by and say hey if you’re in the good hood and over the gross New Year’s Eve club scene too (sorry promoter buddies — NYE is amateur hour downtown. If I wanted to get puked on by sloppy shoeless suburbanites I’d… go into a club downtown on New Year’s Eve. I’ve got nothing. It’s late.)

There will be jillions of photos from that party too, believe.

Now please go eat some broccoli with hot sauce on it like I am doing. It’s good for you, and delicious too. Chances are, you’re going to be doing some delicious things that aren’t very good for you tomorrow night (Tequila shots off the hood of a cop car? Don’t do that. Never do that.)

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