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*turns around slowly* Oh hello there, friend. I didn’t see you come in… to my blog

You guys know Bobak, right? Bobak Ferdowsi?

As in the brilliant-hot flight director on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity mission / “NASA Mohawk Guy” supermeme I covered (multiple times) at work / boy I told you I was going to marry on this here blog last August? SPACE BIEBER OF SUMMER 2012?!?

I randomly walked into him on Saturday under the St. Party’s Day tents. Talk about luck of the Irish, eh?

I could barely believe my eyes. What are the chances that a) some superfamous NASA rockstar would be chilling out in Toronto on (day before) St. Patrick’s day? b) that I’d run into him and c) that he’d be cool and kind enough to let me talk his ear off about how much I love Curiosity’s adventures, and then take some pictures with me.

I don’t even care that my eyes are pink and my tongue is green. ‘TWAS THE SEASON.

I haven’t fangirled that hard since I met moot, which would probably be weird to you if you knew of all the band guys and actor guys I’d interviewed since then. Not even a humble brag — I just really get excited over smart people. SPASE PEEPOLE.

Thursday’s night’s episode of CBC Live Online was pretty amazing.

Big ups to producer Fabiola Carletti for giving me a chance to speak with retired astronaut Dave Williams, Edward Tabarah of the Canadian Space Agency, and Chris Hadfield’s son / social media manager Evan Hadfield on the day that Canada (okay, a Canadian commander) took control of the ISS!

That experience, combined with rogue fashion week activitiessolid hangouts with funny friends, some cool stories at work and… some other stuff… made for a really good week. It’s been a rough month and it’s been nice to get my head up out of that fog a bit. Fingers crossed that the swing keeps ticking up?

*sigh* time will tell.

Here are some more photos from St. Patrick’s weekend if you’re into the Green&Green&Green&Green&Green…

St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Storified by Lauren O’Nizzle· Tue, Mar 19 2013 23:49:58

Decidedly sporty today. Built the outfit around my new leather wedge sneaks.laurenonizzle
6 p.m., #stpartysday #toronto @stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
This guy is making the party. People are chanting "Leprechaun! Leprechaun!" #stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
Eh me fellow weebs! That’s good craic. #stpartysday @stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
None of my guy friends dressed up, so @harmony_xox is sticker bombing them. Ha! #stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
New whip for the ladieslaurenonizzle
Harmy be queen bish up in this #stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
Holy. #StPartysDaylaurenonizzle
Wikipedia party.laurenonizzle
The boy @BillyHennessey playing teevee man. Nicely done, homie :) @StPartysDay #stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
DREAMS. COME. TRUE. Infinite cool points to the first person who identifies this man. (Hint: NASA)laurenonizzle
Second-best follower I’ve scored this week :) laurenonizzle
4 p.m. #stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
Wee! #stpartysdaylaurenonizzle
These guys are the guys. @casiestewart @jesselabelle @harmony_xox @weare1188 @frikshunlaurenonizzle
The tower’s gone green tonight too, bless that festive little omnipresent bugger.laurenonizzle
"Kiss me, I’m Irish!" he says. #cattrickslaurenonizzle
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!laurenonizzle
Four leaf cLAUver. Get it?laurenonizzle
Photo by laurenonizzle * Instagramlaurenonizzle

P.S. Thug Kitchen is my new food bible. Peep this healthy shhh:

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New Year’s Eve 2012: It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to…

Blog if I want to…

Blahh-ha-hawg if I wawnt tooooo…

You would blog too if it happened tooooo youuuu (doo doo doo doo!)

*record scratch*

Ugh, Get OFF of my blog Selena Gomez. That wasn’t the gif I meant to post. Your wholesome All-American beauty makes me feel like the Jessie Spano to your Kelly Kapowski and I do NOt feel like getting digitally egged by Beliebers again right meow, capickhee?

There, that’s the right one.

Google tells me that the song I just blang (blog-sang) to you was first performed by an artist named Lesley Gore in 1963. My only frame of reference for it is this classic scene from Problem Child in which Junior destroy’s that little flower pictured above’s birthday party. Shahaha.

Here a couple of fun tracks from 2012 to enjoy the rest of this post to:

My New Year’s Eve pre-party wasn’t ruined by a red-headed stepchild — in fact, it wasn’t ruined at all. It was effing awesome! That’s why I changed the lyrics of the song to say “blog” instead of “cry,” even though I didn’t actually blog duringthe party. Frig, I barely found the time to tweet!

I’ve hosted many a dorm-party, club-party, university party-house-party and after party in my day, but never before have I thrown a REAL GROWNUP PARTY in my own loft with over 40 people in attendance.

I set up a Photobooth for kicks and left it alone for the most part. About half of my guests used it — some to hilarious effect. The James Brown pictures are my favourite of the lot. This one of my brother’s friends and Sean makes me laugh too, for some reason… the family portrait aesthetic:

You can view the entire Photobooth set here.

I had a blast, and will definitely be doing this again, but holy kamole is throwing even a pre-party SO MUCH WORK between just two people.

If it hadn’t been for Sean (who did almost all of the foodstuff, half the hosting and 100 per cent of the A/V) I’d have spun out after 5 minutes. I must say, we’re a pretty dope team.

Sorry for the gratuitous mushy.

Making a Facebook event and texting your friends to come over is one thing, but then there are all of the actual party-time things to do, like buying and putting up decorations

What? I hung a garland...

I didn't actually buy this.

Preparing food (sorry about all of the fire alarms, guys) …

Keeping the cat / guest of honour from swiping at anybody (To his credit, he was actually pretty good – hung out with the people the entire time.)

Photo via Casie Stewart

And then of course, there was the playlist (easy,) my wardrobe (EASY,) cleanup (WAY easier thanks to Saroox who took it upon herself to be angel of dishes — swear to god, best party guest / friend EVER) annnnnd the main event itself: Da bar.

Pretty, right?

At 6 p.m,, my bartop was organized and clean with all of my spirits and mixes where they should be. Martini glasses were at the ready for me to mix up some of the fun Whipped vodka cocktails Pinnacle sent me recipes for.

That semi-organized bar only lasted for about 30 minutes, but in that time I managed to make about 3 of the five recipes I’d picked out before-hand, plus a few impromptu cocktails with the different kinds of booze and mix guests brought over.

The ultra-sweet Whipped® Cream Pie (pictured above) was a hit among the younger ladies who, for some reason, always seem to have stomachs of steel.

• 2 part(s) Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka
• 1 part(s) coconut rum
• 1 part(s) half & half
Shake over ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Top with a dollop of Whipped cream.

Also popular was the Orange Cream (pictured to the left.)

I served these ones in gold party cups for the most part and didn’t get many photos (things got crazy) but my friends loved them. The word “dangerous” was tossed around a lot. Much like a Piña Colada, it’s easy to toss back a few too many of these pretty quickly. You don’t want to stop drinking. It just tastes so dang good…

•  2 part(s) Pinnacle® Whipped® Vodka

• 1 part pineapple juice

• 1 part orange juice

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an orange slice and serve.

Eventually, bartending had to take a back seat to socializing and people went wild (or not-so-wild) with their own concoctions. Whipped cream vodka is actually pretty tasty mixed with diet cola.

You can find Pinnacle Whipped at liquor stores across the country for only $25 a bottle. BAM!

I brought some with me to share at 159 Manning when I left to go bartend Tim McCready’s BE NICE party with Raymi — at a proper bar that didn’t have chicken wings on it!

McCready's Dashiki

I served more PRB tall-cans Monday night than ever before in my entire life — chiefly because most of the bars I’ve worked at don’t sell tall-cans of PBR, but also because hipsters.

I met tons of interesting, nice, and in some cases severely attractive people. Time-warp band guys, what up :)  They don’t even need to open their mouths before I know that they’re musicians. A torturous sixth sense I’ve had since I was 14…

I didn’t get to walk around the party much, but when I did I was like “holy crap this is cool.”

People playing music all over the place, funny signs on the doors, and more cute fur collars than I could shake my stupid wizard hat toward. That doesn’t even make sense. I’m tired. Here are some photos:

More photos from NYE 2012 here.

I spent most of New Year’s Day sleeping and cleaning and sweating it out at the gym — nothing fancy.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t even hung over. Like, at all. Go figure that two days later I am now sick as a dog. *sigh* ain’t that the way though?

I’ve been making a list of dumb New Year’s Resolutions that I’ll share when I’m feeling better. For now, it’s back to the bed and the bottle (of cough syrup.)

Happy New Year, homies.

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Introducing TEAM 5318008: Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure

Let’s hear it for the newest members of the Fleet-A-Pita franchise TEAM 5318008 of the 2012 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure in Toronto!







That introduction isn’t going to make much sense to you if you’re not a Simpsons fan… and if you are, then you’ll understand why I could never use another way to introduce my running team (or any team ever, for that matter.)

There’s us, team 5818008 (minus Sarah, who was ill that night)– aka a select group of my best / most fun / most runnerly girlfrands!

Casie, Courtney, Harmony and Sarah (alphabetical order, of course) will be joining me on September 30 for my first ever charity run — you can read more about why I’m running and what I’ve been doing to prepare here.

If you still haven’t figured our name out, plunk it into a calculator and flip it upside down Grade 7 styles.

GET IT? Hehehe…

As much as I’d like to, I can’t take full credit for the wicked team name.

I actually put the name to a vote after a wee brainstorming session with the girls and this was the moniker chosen by thee the people — overwhelmingly so!

Nice to know that my digital friends are every bit as mature as I am, bwahaha :)

We’ll be getting shirts with our team names on them so that when we do handstands, people will get it. I’d better start practicing my handstand now… something new to add to my training regime.

Speaking of, training has been going well! I’ve been a bit lax on the outdoor running, but I’m killing it on the treadmill.

That doesn’t count, does it? #shamed

DAT BLOG, mayne. Dog shaming is the new PWWTKT. Book deal imminent.

But I digress.

As for fundraising, I’m up to $350.00 thanks to a few very generous donations from Internet friends. That’s just $650 short of my $1000 team goal (and $50 over my personal goal!)

That said, we haven’t even had our major fundraising event yet, which, as we decided on Friday will be…

*drumroll please*

THAT’S RIGHT! Keep those rags and machines hummin’.

More details on team 5318008s big bad carwash to come — but trust, there will be cars. And there will be washing.

There may even be some under-dressed cuties washing rides :)

For more information about the CIBC Run for the Cure, visit the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation of Ontario’s website, join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also register to run, volunteer to help out with a race, or hit me up by email if you’ll be in Toronto at the end of September and would like to join my team at laurenoneil at gmail dot com.

If you’d like to donate to me directly (you GOD OF GODS!) here’s the link.

Love always,

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