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Speeeeaking of Foursquare Day in Toronto…

… Because we totally were like, two weeks ago right?

I’ve had this “blog post egg” sitting in my warm cushy queue for so long awaiting fertilization that it’s probably dead or derpity by now, but I must continue on and plant my seed because I WANT TO, I still have photos to share and – OH HAPPY DAY – I finally have more than 30 minutes after 10 days of `GOGOGOGO`to pump out a post for my own blog!

Sorry for the weird reproduction metaphor, btw. I recently learned something about chickens that no 25 year old should be shocked to find out.

They adopted

Anyhoo, back to 4sq Day YYZ. It was awesome – much like the SWEET CROWN I constructed out of construction paper:

Lots of great cats made it out to win some fabulous prizes. Big ups to all of the incredible sponsors that Karly shouts here. (Yeah, I’m that lazy. It’s the weekend. Sue me.)

I had a blasty rocking the mic as well. I always have a good time when some sort of vocal amplification system is under my control.

OOOH! And remember that silly video I made for Mayor Ford? The one where I begged him to proclaim Foursquare Day in Toronto all legit-like?

Well apparently he SAW it (and is now following me on Twitter…)

While all the work in getting this congratulatory certificate was done by the 4sqDayYYZ team and one ambitious Mr. Dan Levy (who went to sweet-talk the mayor’s team in person and then back again to pick the fancy scroll up), it warms my heart to think I may have played even a small part in securing this:

Also secured were lots of fun photographs, which can be viewed in my 4SqDay Toronto galllery on Flickr. Most were taken by my handsome partner-in-cool Seany O’Walsh, a few sniped from the lovely Val, and the ones with “Julie Heather Photography” on them were taken by this lovely dame.

Thanks to everybody who showed up and made my night that much more fun. Also thanks to Karly et. al for asking me to MC (and also for calling me a “maven”, hehe)

I’ve got to jet now, get ready for Saturday night and all that. I’ll be heading downtown in a bit to swoon over humanity’s finest at the UFC match.


I’m going to an art show opening party at a gallery on Ossington this evening. Not even being hypocritically Ironic, either. And Speaking of hipsters, my new favourite illustrator FINALLY drew my picture!


Now, please enjoy some chair dancing with paper plates because this video is real, and this video is GOLD.

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From One Mayor to Another on Foursquare Day’s Eve

Dear Mayor Ford,

Tomorrow is Foursquare Day in Toronto. Actually, it’s Foursquare Day everywhere – but ESPECIALLY in Toronto because, 4 squared equals 16 and we’re the 416. Get it?

Yay Math! I didn’t even need to use a calculator for that.

Heh heh heh. Sorry.

Anyhoo, Mayor Bloomberg has made things official over in New York City with a proclamation, as have mayors in several other major cities all over the world.

Toronto doesn’t need another reason to feel inferior to New York City, know what I’m saying? Help a home-nerd out and watch this video. That’s all that I ask. And maybe also for a tiny little proclamation or something… and nicer TTC staffers.

Did Bob Marley make you a video like that? Louis Riel? Betty White?

I didn’t think so.

Thanks :)

PS – Will I see you at the Firkin on King tomorrow night? Everybody’s welcome!

PPS – This video rules. If you can get past the salty language, It’s a great window into the collective brain of my generation’s coolest members.

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Foursquare Day Toronto : Will Mayor Ford make it official?

On April the 16th of 2011, mobile gaming gurus and curious n00bs alike shall gather together in celebration of the greatest-location based social network known to nerdkind.

Ins will be checked, badges brandished, and mayorships stolen, as we the digerati unite, meatspace-style, in our respective cities all over the world.

Toronto is one such city, and I am one such aspiring super mayor.

My friends, ready your smartphones for a gathering most grand, a SUMMIT SUPREME : Foursquare Day is imminent.

An overly dramatic introduction? Maybe… but I get dramatic when I get excited. Sue me!

You see, I like Foursquare . A LOT.

I’ve also been asked to MC the Foursquare Day Celebration in Toronto this year, which is hecka cool and madddd blogworthy! You should totally come – NAY – you MUST totally come! I am the mayor of One Love Vegetarian restaurant on Bathurst and David’s Tea in the Annex, thus I can command you to do as I please.

What I can’t do is officially proclaim Foursquare Day in Toronto. Only the LEGIT mayor of a city can do that, as has been done in Atlanta, Victoria, Tampa, Austin, Cincinnati, Kalamazoooooo (say that one out loud. It’s fun.)

The Foursquare Day Toronto team is working on getting Toronto’s own Mayor Rob Ford to jump on board and make a proclamation of his own. Will it happen? We shall see…

Either way, one heck of a party will be going down next Saturday and you’re INVITED LIKE CRAZY – Foursquare User or not.

Want to get involved? Please do so by…

Rumor has it, you can win lots of prizes if you come to the event:)

And if you’re not on Foursquare yet, you should probably get on that too…

BAM. There’s a reason for that trend.

See you on the 16th?

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