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Extreme Cuisine: The Meatza Pocket Monstrosity (by Brodie)

They say that University boys eat the most disgusting things…

Okay, nobody really says that, per se, but it’s true. Trust me.

I was the only girl living in a house with 4 (awesome yet extremely guyish) guys during my second year of undergrad, and have since lived with many others – all cool, and all nutritionally challenged (with the exception of my vegan roommate in grad school. He ate like a total hippy because he was a freaking hippy.)

In my experience, boy freezers are filled with chicken wings and their cupboards overflow with half-eaten bags of chips. In fact, I’m pretty sure a few of my guy friends still consider Kraft Dinner a vegetable.

It was nice, never having to worry about anybody stealing my tofu or broccoli in those houses, but I worried from time to time that my friends might contract Scurvy.

Boys will be boys, I suppose… and after all the things I saw my brother and dad consume growing up, little could faze anyhow.

Which finally brings me to the POINT of this dang windy post! Behold, one of Brodie’s latest culinary creations:

He showed me that photo on his cellphone a couple of weeks ago and I made him send it to me so that I could submit it to This is Why You’re

They haven’t posted the dirty deets yet (What’s up with that site lately?) so I WILL. Best part of that photo is the vitamins in the background, bwahahaha. Awesome.

My brother listed the ingredients off for me in an email:

“7 cut up meatballs, two layers of mozzarella cheese (top and bottom) sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, jalapenos, ranch sauce and two deluxe pizza pockets as the bread…the next one will have bacon and other meats as well….so if this one doesn’t make the website my next creation will!”

Gross… but relatively mild for a kid who eats spicy Pepperettes for dessert.

The funniest thing about Brodie’s “This is why you’re fat” diet is that he’s not even a fat guy at all. He just eats like one.

How much would you pay to have the metabomalism of a 22-year-old boy?

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Fonts and Kicks and Pate Chinois *yawn*

I just downloaded and installed tens of news fonts. TENS! like… 36, approximately. This one reminds me of Vice a little bit:

I’m a font freak, if you didn’t already know. My major project for Dr. Spencer’s “The Shaping of News and Information Through Technology” course last year was on typophiles and font culture.

Geeking out over design trends with all of the legit graphic designers was my favourite thing about interning at an advertising agency. What does that say, I wonder? I often wish I had gone to art or design school instead of journalism school… meh.

Grass is always greener, right?

I should post that paper / powerpoint combo right now… I worked pretty hard on it.

If only I could keep my darn eyes open.

Five more minutes, body, then bed. I promise. Just five more minutes of Internet, pleeeeease.

Today, I shopped a lot and broke in my new Asics. I’m digging the green quite a bit.

It’s nice to be home for the weekend, out of the city.

My mom cooked SO MUCH FOOD for me. I’m still full from the deconstructed veggie cabbage rolls she whipped up in the crockpot. Check out the little vegan Pâté chinois she made for me to take home:

I really appreciate how she makes meatless versions of my favourite childhood foods so that I can eat them now. Sometimes, a dish is so close to the real thing (hello veggie chili!) that she can trick my dad and brother into eating my `hippy food`. These yummy pre-made meals will save me so much time this week.


Long post coming your way tomorrow. Leaves and boots and big scary cats… Oh my?

<3L PS - Daylight Savings is ovah. Sleep in today!

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SMILE, dangit! (The Friday highlight reel)

Yo Yaooow.

Check it! I was on the Urly show this week! I skyped into the Urleqsque headquarters in New York City to sing about garlic naan and make funny faces at the webcam. I was obnoxiously peppy and stuck my tongue out way too much, but I won tl;dr so I’ll consider this experience a win. Thanks a kabillion for having me on the show, Urlbots! I love you guys so hard.

It’s been a busy week up here in CaNAnaDUH-land for this smiley blonde Internet kid. For many kids, I’m sure. Big things are poppin’ behind the scenes… you’ll hear all about it soon enough, I promise (and will you EVER!).

But right now, It’s Friday Friday! Time for me to blog about what made me smile in meatspace and in cyberspace this week.

- The AmexCanvas challenge on Tuesday was awesome.

I love you Colin Mochrie.

American Express rounded up a crop of local bloggers and pitted us against eachother in a friendly digital design competition for charity. I like how Jen wrote it: “Toronto’s Twitterati Pack a Tent to Splatter a Giant American Express Canvas“. That’s exactly what we did!

We were called up to the stage by Colin Mochrie (love him!) two at a time and handed fancy digital paintbrushes. Mine reminded me of Sailor Moon’s sceptre, so I yelled “Moon… Prism… Power!” into the microphone before I started “painting”.

I think about 3 people in the building caught the reference… everybody else now thinks I’m a nut bar if they didn’t already. But that’s okay because… well, I’m kind of a nut bar.

I battled Tyrone Edwards from 1LOVETO, but neither of us won the grand prize ($5,000 dedicated to the United Way in our name).

The adorable Lisa from HipUrbanGirl swept the game with her sick splatters and the crowd went wild like “AHHHH! AHHHH! GO LISA YAY!!!!” I was psyched also, because I heart her. Congratulations bebe! :)

I may not have one the grand prize (or an iPad like Casie and Ticka, who drew the lucky scratch cards. Congrats to you ladies too!) but I DID have fun, and it’s always nice to catch up with my Toronto blogfriends IRL – especially when it involves free cookies.

image by

Shout outs to Christine Estima, Jen from shedoesthecity, my HipUrbanGirls, Casie Stewart, Tika Simone, 1LOVETO, Summer from Trendhunter, and Aly Robb.

Want to make your own pretty painting and get the chance to win a trip to NYC / iPad / Amex gift card? DO IT.

Also, in real life awesomeness = MY LUNCH.

Yes, yes, it’s hyperstereotypical to post about my food but I swear to you friends – the curried carrot & ginger soup and Adzuki Sesame roti from The Annex Hodgepodge is truly blogworthy.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying three new vegan restaurants this week and have two more scheduled for next. I hear the corn soup at One Love is to die for. Am I right? I guess we shall see.

Working down at Queen’s Quay was nice with the water and all, but The Annex is a much hipper hood. More students, independent restaurants, and cool shops – Not so many suits, crappy franchises and tourists. I actually feel a Torontonian working in Toronto now.

It’s a good feeling :)

Other bomb happenings: A solid work week, free candy at the office (yay, post-halloween!), FINALLY getting to watch Scott Pilgrim, Lil’ Wayne getting out of jail (What up, Weezy!?), pimping my home office enough to finally use it annnd a whole bunch of other stuff.

Let’s move on to the Internet, because I’m running out of time and it’s really much more interesting than my rambling on about daily minutiae. Primarily because you can CLICK ON IT!

If the following things don’t crack open that face of yours, a doctor’s visit is probably in order. Now, it’ll cost you a pretty penny for a “sense of humour” implant, BUT if you can find a crooked dentist, a tank of nitrous is relatively cheap and trust me – it’ll do the trick jusssst fine.

If all else fails, I think whipped cream is on sale at No Frills right now.

I am Hungary (I want to be friends with these people):

Lane Community College’s Tobacco Free Campus rap. (How does this only have 8,325 views? I’m having a conniption over here! Soooo funny to watch everybody’s mom play NWA)

VISUAL PUNS. Do you get these?

The coolest math teacher ever. He’s my crush of the month, btw. Effing brilliant, this guy:

This music video for Hermanos Inglesos’ Wanderland by Kristof Luyckx. Not so much funny as it is fantastic – but it’s sort of funny too. Especially minute 2:17. wtf?

Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe – Wanderland from Kristof Luyckx on Vimeo.

Same deal with Benga’s Baltimore Clap video. Dooope, but not funny. Not funny at all :(

Benga — Baltimore Clap from Tempa on Vimeo.

I saw Benga live this summer. He’s amazing.

Last but not least, the Puff Dog meme – for this alone:

Honourable mentions go to Teenage Meme, The pink play-doh at my new desk, and Robyn on Gossip Girl.

I’m out. Gymming it up before I hit the road.

I’m getting out of dodge this weekend. The cold’s a coming so I’ve got to go home and fetch my mittens, coats, snowboard gear and the soup that my mom will make for me. I hope she’s reading this and makes me soup. She’s the best. Best cook I know and she can make TWO emoticons now. The most important ones of all:

I love my mommy. And I love you too, Internet friend.

<3 Always, La Bunadee

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