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Lauren O’Nizzle, Professional Creep….

I like the sounds of that :)

Somewhere between yesterday morning and late last night, MTV starting running commercials for the new show I’m on. I know this because when I woke up from that fever-induced stupor this morning I had a freaking meter of text messages to scroll through.


“There’s this chick who looks just like you on MTV. You have to see it.”

My brother’s was the best “Somebody said u were on MTV.

Dude – didn’t I tell you that like, 4 times already? Boys.

So here’s what’ up, straight from the mouth of Press Release (which doesn’t actually have a mouth. Could you imagine? How creepy would it be to get a release with a real, moving mouth on it? AH!

I’ve still got a pretty high fever. Sorry.

“… Social networkers better beef up their profiles ‘cause the folks at MTV Canada are getting creepy with the all-new, original production MTV CREEPS premiering Thursday, Jan. 5 at 11 p.m. ET, immediately following the premiere of JERSEY SHORE. This weekly series takes creeping to a whole new level as a panel of judges analyze and vote on the worst, and best social media profiles in Canada. After its premiere episode, the weekly series settles into its regular time slot of Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET, exclusively on MTV. Encore viewings of all the above series are available after their on-air debut, at

Produced in-house at MTV Canada, MTV CREEPS features a rotating panel of three, expert social media “creeps” (judges) that scrutinize the posts, pictures, and ultimately, the virtual lives of three, different social media addicts. Once each profile has been critiqued, the “creepers” decide whether to add, ignore or recommend their friends to remove them…”

I’ll blog more about this as the episodes roll out. For fear of saying anything too revealing, I’ll leave it at this: Filming this show has been one of the most fun things I’ve done in a very long time. Long live Creeps!

You can watch the trailer here, follow MTV Creeps on Twitter, or BETTER YET, check out the premier of MTV creeps on Thursday, January 5th!

It’ll be screening directly after the season premier of Jersey Shore. Yeah yeah, I know. Shut up.

#GuiltyPleasures #VinnyIsHot #JShoreIsHilarSTOPJUDGINGME

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SMILE, dangit! (The Friday highlight reel)

Yo Yaooow.

Check it! I was on the Urly show this week! I skyped into the Urleqsque headquarters in New York City to sing about garlic naan and make funny faces at the webcam. I was obnoxiously peppy and stuck my tongue out way too much, but I won tl;dr so I’ll consider this experience a win. Thanks a kabillion for having me on the show, Urlbots! I love you guys so hard.

It’s been a busy week up here in CaNAnaDUH-land for this smiley blonde Internet kid. For many kids, I’m sure. Big things are poppin’ behind the scenes… you’ll hear all about it soon enough, I promise (and will you EVER!).

But right now, It’s Friday Friday! Time for me to blog about what made me smile in meatspace and in cyberspace this week.

- The AmexCanvas challenge on Tuesday was awesome.

I love you Colin Mochrie.

American Express rounded up a crop of local bloggers and pitted us against eachother in a friendly digital design competition for charity. I like how Jen wrote it: “Toronto’s Twitterati Pack a Tent to Splatter a Giant American Express Canvas“. That’s exactly what we did!

We were called up to the stage by Colin Mochrie (love him!) two at a time and handed fancy digital paintbrushes. Mine reminded me of Sailor Moon’s sceptre, so I yelled “Moon… Prism… Power!” into the microphone before I started “painting”.

I think about 3 people in the building caught the reference… everybody else now thinks I’m a nut bar if they didn’t already. But that’s okay because… well, I’m kind of a nut bar.

I battled Tyrone Edwards from 1LOVETO, but neither of us won the grand prize ($5,000 dedicated to the United Way in our name).

The adorable Lisa from HipUrbanGirl swept the game with her sick splatters and the crowd went wild like “AHHHH! AHHHH! GO LISA YAY!!!!” I was psyched also, because I heart her. Congratulations bebe! :)

I may not have one the grand prize (or an iPad like Casie and Ticka, who drew the lucky scratch cards. Congrats to you ladies too!) but I DID have fun, and it’s always nice to catch up with my Toronto blogfriends IRL – especially when it involves free cookies.

image by

Shout outs to Christine Estima, Jen from shedoesthecity, my HipUrbanGirls, Casie Stewart, Tika Simone, 1LOVETO, Summer from Trendhunter, and Aly Robb.

Want to make your own pretty painting and get the chance to win a trip to NYC / iPad / Amex gift card? DO IT.

Also, in real life awesomeness = MY LUNCH.

Yes, yes, it’s hyperstereotypical to post about my food but I swear to you friends – the curried carrot & ginger soup and Adzuki Sesame roti from The Annex Hodgepodge is truly blogworthy.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying three new vegan restaurants this week and have two more scheduled for next. I hear the corn soup at One Love is to die for. Am I right? I guess we shall see.

Working down at Queen’s Quay was nice with the water and all, but The Annex is a much hipper hood. More students, independent restaurants, and cool shops – Not so many suits, crappy franchises and tourists. I actually feel a Torontonian working in Toronto now.

It’s a good feeling :)

Other bomb happenings: A solid work week, free candy at the office (yay, post-halloween!), FINALLY getting to watch Scott Pilgrim, Lil’ Wayne getting out of jail (What up, Weezy!?), pimping my home office enough to finally use it annnd a whole bunch of other stuff.

Let’s move on to the Internet, because I’m running out of time and it’s really much more interesting than my rambling on about daily minutiae. Primarily because you can CLICK ON IT!

If the following things don’t crack open that face of yours, a doctor’s visit is probably in order. Now, it’ll cost you a pretty penny for a “sense of humour” implant, BUT if you can find a crooked dentist, a tank of nitrous is relatively cheap and trust me – it’ll do the trick jusssst fine.

If all else fails, I think whipped cream is on sale at No Frills right now.

I am Hungary (I want to be friends with these people):

Lane Community College’s Tobacco Free Campus rap. (How does this only have 8,325 views? I’m having a conniption over here! Soooo funny to watch everybody’s mom play NWA)

VISUAL PUNS. Do you get these?

The coolest math teacher ever. He’s my crush of the month, btw. Effing brilliant, this guy:

This music video for Hermanos Inglesos’ Wanderland by Kristof Luyckx. Not so much funny as it is fantastic – but it’s sort of funny too. Especially minute 2:17. wtf?

Hermanos Inglesos feat. MeMe – Wanderland from Kristof Luyckx on Vimeo.

Same deal with Benga’s Baltimore Clap video. Dooope, but not funny. Not funny at all :(

Benga — Baltimore Clap from Tempa on Vimeo.

I saw Benga live this summer. He’s amazing.

Last but not least, the Puff Dog meme – for this alone:

Honourable mentions go to Teenage Meme, The pink play-doh at my new desk, and Robyn on Gossip Girl.

I’m out. Gymming it up before I hit the road.

I’m getting out of dodge this weekend. The cold’s a coming so I’ve got to go home and fetch my mittens, coats, snowboard gear and the soup that my mom will make for me. I hope she’s reading this and makes me soup. She’s the best. Best cook I know and she can make TWO emoticons now. The most important ones of all:

I love my mommy. And I love you too, Internet friend.

<3 Always, La Bunadee

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The parody meme…

Social Network Trailer Spoofs take the interwebz by storm : Are you ready to LOL?

Comedic web videos – those of the well-produced, smart and independent variety – are like fine wines to us here are

Not because we like to smell them and then taste them and spit them out and brag about how old they are to our friends (weird), but because we are, as ze wineos and foodies call zemselves, les “connoisseurs”.

Connoisseurs of Interweb hilarity.

And like a oenophile may prefer reds to whites, merlot to shiraz, I too have my preferences.

Watching animals close-up with a wide angle lens is great for about 10 seconds (longer, if you’re not completely sober) but what really floats my goat-filled boat are the witty, creative pieces put forth by all of these awesome online comedy troupes and small video production companies. (I also like animutation, but that’s more of an aesthetic thing… and a 90′s Internet kid thing… and a weirdo thing.)

The point to all of this rambling is that I like clever parody videos a whole darn lot.

In elementary school, my friend Kate and I used to make TV commercial spoofs with my mom and dad’s gigantic old video camera (purchased in 1985, jeez!).

In 1996, it was incomprehensible to me that anyone would ever be able to edit videos on a home computer – let alone broadcast them to millions of people around the world, easily and for free.

I love that technology has taken us here. I love it so hard that I would marry it if this concept were somehow personified.

Rambling again. I know. Back to the point…

Remember a couple of weeks ago how I was loving on Justin Timberlake’s sweet fro the trailer for the upcoming Facebook-story flick The Social Network?

Welll my affections have been swayed.

It was only a matter of time before something so earnestly cheesy, so culturally relevant among hyper-ironic netizens like you and I, went memetic and spawned a whole crop of hilarious spoofs.

The Auction Website trailer. The Video Website trailer. The Twit Network trailer.

Not a weak link among ‘em, they’re all fanstastic – though I must admit I am particularly fond of the Youtube version:

The Keyboard Cat wants more money!

Do you like being a joke Keyboard Cat? Do you Want to go back to that? You were NOTHING before… I MADE YOU!


The Ebay Trailer, also awesome.

Product as described…
A+++++++ Seller.”

And of course, the Twitter trailer. The production value on this one is super high. So funny.

The Fail Whale is showing up! — No, what is the Fail Whale? Why do you always go limp when we have fights.

If you put a ‘tw’ in front of any word it makes it infinitely cooler. Check this out: hey, can I get a twhiskey?”

You Retweets have seriously confused all of my followers


Love Always,

- The blognerd

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