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The Home Tee and WMCFW Toronto, S/S 2014

I put on for my city, on on for my city, but my country? I put on and on and on and on — especially in this bauce new t-shirt I just recieved from The Home T.

My boy Peter Shankman linked me up with that gem, courtesy of his friends at a company called The Home T-Shirt.

“Our shirts are simple, and they say one thing: ‘home.’” reads the company’s website. “By combining that statement with the border of a state, the impact is instant and you stylishly confess your pride for the state you call home.”

For canucks like me, we can stylishly confess our pride for an entire COUNTRY: Canada.

Not only does the Home T use high-quality American Apparel tees (those really soft ones — you know the ones,) a portion of the proceeds for every shirt sold is donated towards multiple sclerosis research. Guilt free purchase. I dig that.

Get your Home T here and be cool like Mila Kunis.

And now, because I never did actually blog about it (SORRY, STUFF HAPPENED) here are my photos / tweets/ grams from World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2014. Thanks for all of the show invites, homies :)

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Monkey Toast: See me at Comedy Bar in Toronto TONIGHT! ( + Mean Gurlz & Daft Cluck )

Hey hey, who’d have thought I’d be back on the stage at Comedy Bar so soon?

RON TITE, I guess. He’s the host of Monkey Toast, a wicked and wildly succesful improvised late night talk show host that I’m appearing on TONIGHT.


“Put some Monkey on your Toast. Join us for the June 22nd show.
Host: Ron Tite
Monkey Toast Players: Paul Bates, Kerry Griffin, Herbie Barnes, Jennifer Goodhue, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, and Lisa Merchant.
Guests: Drew Hayden Taylor & Lauren O’Neil

Get your tickets in advance at or by calling 416.551.6540″


Come. Laugh. Drink beer, and watch me do a lot of this:


Now, some Daft Cluck to pump you up for Saturday night — whatever  it is you end up doing:

See also: Mean Gurlz. Actually. It’s my favourite thing of the week, brought to us by Toddrick Hall (the same genius behind Beauty and the Beat):

YOU CAN’T TWERK WITH US! #QuickNDirty #RatedRforRachet

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WIN IT: Tickets to St. Party’s Day in Toronto 2013

Sláinte chugaibh, my friends!

As many of you know, I’m a festive kind of gal.

I’m also Irish-ish. IrISH?

While I strongly identify as a Canada-born Euromutt (more French than anything, tbh) I feel a special connection to the Irish part of my heritage. I’m proud to be descended from the fierce O’Neills of County Tyrone! My last name may be anglicized, but the older and more like my father and grandfather I get, the more I understand how much of my personality is influenced by that part of my family; The sense of humour, the hyperbolic storytelling, the prankster gene, the feistiness…

As historian Carl Wittke puts it:

“The so-called Irish temperament is a mixture of flaming ego, hot temper, stubbornness, great personal charm and warmth, and a wit that shines through adversity. An irrepressible buoyancy, a vivacious spirit, a kindliness and tolerance for the common frailties of man and a feeling that ‘it is time enough to bid the devil good morning when you meet him’ are character traits which Americans have associated with their Irish neighbors for more than a century.”

Hilarious hotheads. Hi.

That’s me and my friend Jilly a few years back on a visit to Dublin. I did a tour of Southern Ireland after that. Got fresh with the Blarney Stone :)

I love Ireland. Every member of my family has been there now, though none of us together except for mom and dad. If ever I strike it rich somehow, that’s where we’ll go. Right after I ride ALL OF TEH ELEPHANTS in everywhere.

That’s not to say this has anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day — at least, the North American incarnation of it.

St. Patrick’s Day in Canada / The U.S. is it not be the most traditionally-rooted (or heck, even respectful) of holidays — but it’s not supposed to be. We here in Canada don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as an Irish holiday (though Newfoundland has declared St. Patrick’s Day a public holiday — one of only two cities outside of Ireland to do so ) — we celebrate it as a tribute to who WE are as modern descendants of old Irish clans, and we celebrate the fun-loving traits we’ve inherited from said ancestors.

Plus, it’s good craic!

I’d like to invite everyone out there to join me at the MASSIVE St. Party’s Day bash in Toronto this weekend — and I’m giving away two pairs of tickets to make it even easier for you to do so!


St Party’s Day is going to be bigger and better than ever! This year the event will take place over 2 days at Ontario Place

This 2 day festival will include massive heated tents, authentic Irish music and dancers, live DJ sets, the official Budweiser Big Rig and 15,000+ attendees where you will be sure to see that old high school friend.

Saturday March 16th – 11:00AM – 8:00PM
Sunday March 17th – 11:00AM – 8:00PM



  • Simply comment below with your name, email address and ONE THING you love about St. Patrick’s Day in Canada
  • OR email me with the same information
  • Winner will be announced Friday, March 15
Follow the converstaion on Twitter this weekend using the hashtags #StPartysDay! Casie and I will be Instagramming the action all day long, believe :)

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