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A very red wedding in Toronto: HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 3 DVD release party


There’s something you should understand before reading this post, and this is that I am Lauren Stormborn of House O’Nizzle, the blood of old Valyria — the Unburnt. Mother of Dragons. Khaleesi to Drogo’s riders, and queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, and that despite any previous allusions to the fact that I may in fact be part Baratheon, I AM 100% TARGARYEN.


Now that this is out of the way, GUESS WHO WENT TO THE SICKEST PARTY LAST TUESDAY? *points at self with both thumbs*

That’s right, THIS GUY.

To launch the release of Games of Thrones Season 3 on DVD, the homies at hibbo decided to throw a red-wedding themed superbash at the Berkeley Church in Toronto. Like everything HBO touches, it was amazing.

Not only did I score a SICK TARGARYEN STEIN, eat tons of great food and sit in the iron freaking throne, I got to meet Bran AND Hodor!


No but for real, check it out:


Despite being told I was a Baratheon by a witch lady when I tossed my coin into a witchy smoking pot thing (I argued that I was definitely a Targaryen to no avail) I had a fantastic time at this party.

Please enjoy this Storify of live-tweets, photos and grams:

Love always,

The king of Queen-Westeros

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The Home Tee and WMCFW Toronto, S/S 2014

I put on for my city, on on for my city, but my country? I put on and on and on and on — especially in this bauce new t-shirt I just recieved from The Home T.

My boy Peter Shankman linked me up with that gem, courtesy of his friends at a company called The Home T-Shirt.

“Our shirts are simple, and they say one thing: ‘home.’” reads the company’s website. “By combining that statement with the border of a state, the impact is instant and you stylishly confess your pride for the state you call home.”

For canucks like me, we can stylishly confess our pride for an entire COUNTRY: Canada.

Not only does the Home T use high-quality American Apparel tees (those really soft ones — you know the ones,) a portion of the proceeds for every shirt sold is donated towards multiple sclerosis research. Guilt free purchase. I dig that.

Get your Home T here and be cool like Mila Kunis.

And now, because I never did actually blog about it (SORRY, STUFF HAPPENED) here are my photos / tweets/ grams from World Mastercard Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2014. Thanks for all of the show invites, homies :)

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Monkey Toast: See me at Comedy Bar in Toronto TONIGHT! ( + Mean Gurlz & Daft Cluck )

Hey hey, who’d have thought I’d be back on the stage at Comedy Bar so soon?

RON TITE, I guess. He’s the host of Monkey Toast, a wicked and wildly succesful improvised late night talk show host that I’m appearing on TONIGHT.


“Put some Monkey on your Toast. Join us for the June 22nd show.
Host: Ron Tite
Monkey Toast Players: Paul Bates, Kerry Griffin, Herbie Barnes, Jennifer Goodhue, Sandy Jobin-Bevans, and Lisa Merchant.
Guests: Drew Hayden Taylor & Lauren O’Neil

Get your tickets in advance at or by calling 416.551.6540″


Come. Laugh. Drink beer, and watch me do a lot of this:


Now, some Daft Cluck to pump you up for Saturday night — whatever  it is you end up doing:

See also: Mean Gurlz. Actually. It’s my favourite thing of the week, brought to us by Toddrick Hall (the same genius behind Beauty and the Beat):

YOU CAN’T TWERK WITH US! #QuickNDirty #RatedRforRachet

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