I recently learned that “link farm” is a dirty black hat SEO term that draws up images of spamdexing spambot spamwiches for people in the know.

Here I was in my naievity thinking that link farms were simply digital vegetable gardens of Urly goodness, carefully tended to by a loving webfarmer (ME) to provide for her information-hungry cyber family (YOU).

This is not the case.

I decided to find myself a new word for those lists of links I sometimes post, because “Links leading to cool things I found on the Internet” doesn’t have much of a ring to it.

Urban dictionary and I had a nice little sit down this morning over coffee and micow-eggs. A number of eligible candidates emerged, some from UD and some from my own mind (inspired by the terms I found on UD).

In the running: Tabathon, Linkbomb, Tab-blaster and my personal favourite as of 1:13pm, RAMbush (get it? Because opening up all of these tabs at once will tax the physical memory of your CPU…?).

For the purpose of mouthfeel and comprehensibility, I’ve decided to go with “LINKSPLOSION” and will post one today. Right after I drop some photos (and a Twitter joke) from this weekend:

On Friday night, I met a giant leaf. He offered me fake drugs but I declined just like they told me to in V.I.P.

The next morning I got my hurrs did at Civello on Queen West and it was a lovely experience. Here I am surfing the web on my iPhone while somebody washes my hair. They were polite enough not to make fun of me for it (at least not to my face):

Saturday afternoon brought some of my boyfriend’s family members to Toronto. They wanted to go shopping, as out-of-towners always do, and I was more than happy to tag along.

Seany bought the vest. I passed on the dress.


I wholeheartedly love neon but can we please not get carried away with the 80s crap, guys? Day-glo sweaters and highlighter nails are one thing (two things, actually), but skintight wetsuit-inspired dresses, especially ill-fitting ones, are ugly.

If it didn’t work for Michael Kors, what on Saturn made H&M think that anybody would want this?

Saturday night was stacked with dinner at Fresh and some party-bopping &Cabs&Cabs&Cabs&Cabs.

I wanted to show off my cool new leather paperpag shorts but the Mod Club’s basement was a little dim…

We were there for Brocky’s birthday and to see Nixon play. They were dope, as usual. Our guests were impressed and I felt cool being like “Yeah… I’m totally friends with them. *hair toss*”

Nixon last night cc @TinyDanza

Apr 16, 2012 | Source:

Later, we went to Loft 404 for Dudebox’s Dirt McGirt party. It was packed with awesome people and, as I’ve written before, I LOVE that venue.

Photo by Andrew Williamson

Dudebox, a seven guy “charity party collective” threw this bash to raise funds for The About Face Collective‘s rooftop garden project in The Annex.

Learn more about The Everything Roof (and show your support!) here.

I would have stayed at that particular party for a lot longer if the others in my group weren’t so intent on bouncing to the next one, which just so happened to be Toronto’s preeminent monthly dim sum dance party Happy Endings. Got snapped there too…

I’m starting to think that this kissy face is worse than the duck face. Surely, both are better than shocked face. I could do with a better face. Look at my hat!

Today involved much sleeping and cuddling and running indoors. Gotta love that rain…

Fancy that ‘splosion now? Git riddy…