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Christmas Giveaway: Win an HTC One X Smartphone from TELUS!

Look what you’ve done to ‘em!

Christmas is now exactly one week away, my homies. Have you started shopping for presents yet?

Neither have I.

But fret not! Laurenoutloud’s annual BIG CHRISTMAS SMARTPHONE GIVEAWAY is here to save the daaaaay (like, for one person, who won’t be announced until Dec. 25th, so you should probably go and buy one of those Hickory Farms meat log and cheese log things for your grandpa anyway.)

BEHOLD: The lovely HTC One X smartphone, available in Canada on the TELUS Network (hence the adorable baby cheetah image I found on their Facebook page.)

This is a dope phone, guys: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS, Super fast 4G LTE capabilities, a 4.7-inch HD display with a Gorilla Glass screen, 1080p video and still photos, integrated Beats™ audio for smoooooth listening… You can learn more about its features and specs here.

As for why I’m giving one away on my blog, MORE CHEETAH!!!

Earlier this season TELUS became the first Canadian carrier to eliminate activation fees — more specifically their $35 activation fee for new customers and $25 equipment exchange fee for renewing customers who purchase new devices. It’s all part of their “ongoing efforts to make the customer experience clear, simple and easy.”

To spread the news about this and some of the other ways TELUS is listening to customers, my telec’homies have given me this smartphone to give away.

All you’ve got to do to win it is…

As in canned goods. Non-perishable food items of any kind that you intend to donate to a food bank qualify, actually. If you could have used it to get into one of those “5 bucks of 2 canned goods for entry” holiday dances in high school (other people had those too, right?) you can use it to get into this contest.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Locate a food bank or food donation drop box near you. Most major grocery stores and office buildings have food drives going all month!

2. Take a canned good (or 50, whatever) to said food drive box.

3. Take a picture of yourself donating the can / holding the can you’re about to donate / the box you’re putting the can into. You get my drift. Take a photo as “proof” — I’ll trust that it’s legit because if you fake it, you’re likely too cheap to shell out for a smartphone plan anyway.

4. Upload your photo to a publicly viewable URL online. Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Imgur or your own domain all work just fine!

5. Paste your link, along with your name and email in the comment section of this post.


Out of all entries recieved, a computer will choose the winner randomly (legally, I’m told this is the safest way to run a blog contest) and I’ll be contacting you ON CHRISTMAS DAY, Just like Santa Claws.

Good luck!

Ooh – and heads up, you can also order TELUS’s 2013 adorable baby animal calendar right now, foh free. I got mine in the mail yesterday and pretty much lost it over the goats on the cover. Baby animals can’t be beat. They just can’t. I chose TELUS as my wireless provider when I was 16 based on the piglets alone and never looked back.


Wu Tang Girl ain’t nothin ta.

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Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat: A Photo Essay that will probably make you call your grandmother

Meet Misao, an 88-year-old Japanese farmer, and her nifty-eyed ride-or-die companion for NINE lives, Fukumaru.

Misao found Fukumaru (“God of fuku”(good fortune) + “maru”(circle)”) abandoned in a shed on her property as a kitten. She decided to adopt it, and since that time they’ve been inseparable.


Misao’s granddaughter, photographer Miyoko Ihara, has been documenting the her grandmother’s life for 13 years — and thank goodness for her efforts.

The photos in her new book dedicated to the pair are stunning and the story they tell is as heartwarming as it is gutwrenching.

“Partly because they are both hard of hearing, my grandmother and Fukumaru are always looking into each other’s eyes. They’re really close,” Miyoko said in an interview with “Fukumaru is so happy and contented at my grandmother’s side. When I take a picture of the two of them together it’s like I’m photographing myself as a little girl.”

I was bawling by the time I got to this one (spoiler alert: the cat doesn’t die. I just tear up easily when it comes to animal things.)

You can buy Ihara’s book here for 3,800 yen. Worth every penny (yenny?) imho. Apparently, it’s taking Japan by storm.

Here’s the set I found posted to Reddit the other night, via Nippon probably.


In other cat related goodness THIS:

Happy day after Caturday.

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Shop crush: Market Twenty Seven and the skinny b*tch top ( + GIVEAWAY! )

Few things make me happier than cute clothes or cute animals. Hilarity is one of them — especially when it’s of the irreverent, absurd, smart and / or sarcastic variety. The kind of humour that makes you open your mouth and go “HA!” or “BWAHAHAHA” or “YES.”

This tank top by Market Twenty Seven made me do all of those things:

Please excuse my post-popsicle mouth.

I first discovered Market Twenty Seven a few weeks ago when they retweeted something snarky I said about orange people.

Orange people don’t look good, by the way. STOP MAKING YOURSELF ORANGE, PEOPLE!

Anyhoo, I fell in love with M27 before I even know what their shop sold based on their custom URL shortener (RIGHT!?!) and choice Twitter stylings:




“Like most boys and girls, the sisters behind Market Twenty Seven grew up in a home of severe dysfunction,” reads the shop’s about section. “As a result, these girls learnt not how to be decent, loving or kind, but rather they realized that love can be shown through many different channels, including, but not limited to: sarcasm, cruelty and (playfully) offensive remarks.”

I don’t find their cards / prints / apparel offensive, but maybe a pearl-clutching myaw-case would.

It matters not. These tops are adorably hilarious, not to mention soft. I have the skinny betch giraffe (see above, duh) and this cute little Polar Bear tank.

Fitting, as Sean and I are both up to a full Litre a day of Diet Coke… each. I know. It’s OOC. Can I go to rehab for Cola? It’s my very worst health habit. I’m straight up addicted. IT’S SO HOT DANG REFRESHING!!!!

I also have a big crop of their wicked cards, including this, my favourite one:


Also great = the cupcake tee, the baby-got-back camel, all of their breakup cards and this:

Like these cards as much as I do? Well guess what? You can ha dat.

Market Twenty Seven will be giving one reader 5 cards of his or her own choice. I highly reccommend this be one of them because the kitty is cute (as long as, for the love of god, you don’t send it my way.)

To win, simply:

- Like Market Twenty Seven on Facebook
- Tell them which card you like most (mention that I sent you, too)
- Leave a comment here to let me know that you did and you’ll be qualifiedm, bang bang boom!

… That’s a Hanson song, isn’t it?

Nope. Nope, says Google. This.

I used to thing the least douchey-looking one was cute… I wonder what he’s up to these days?

No, j/k, I don’t. NO TIME FOR WONDERING! TIFF imminent. More (so much more) on that later.

Love always,

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