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Swagger on a hundred, thousand, dozen… Polaris Prize Pierogies too.

right image via cbcradio3

Last year around this time, merely a few months into my fancy new life as somebody who doesn’t have to photocopy textbooks from her university’s library so that she can spend her OSAP on designer boots, I discovered the world of Gifting Lounges (swag suites, present lairs, Christmas-come-early — call it what you will)…

You can read the rest of that post here.

Big ups to EGPR’s Essentials Lounge, rock-it promo’s Tastemakers Lounge and the folks from RealTV Films for inviting me into your sweet suites. (HECK YEAH HOMONYMS!)

Moving onto things that AREN’T related to the TIFF (because I am simply sick to death of that film festival right now), The Polaris Prize was awarded last night to none other than Arcade Fire! Maybe you’ve heard of them?

I was psyched to hit last night’s gala at The Masonic Temple. All of the sets performed by short list nominees were great (obvs – they were nominated for a reason) but a few, like Galaxie‘s and Timber Timbre‘s stood out to me.

Austra actually blew me away. The driving beat in this song played LIVE in a venue with acoustics like that had me right entranced, Hamm jammin‘ at the back of that auditorium like a bass-eating zombie.

It’s important for my memory to note that they were serving Pierogies at the Polaris Prize Pala Gala.

Coincidence that both Toronto’s Polish AND Ukrainian festivals wrapped just one day earlier? Meeeeebe. Mebbe not. Either way, I’m smiling. Sweet boiled dumpling goodne s, three days in a row!

Life. She is good, my friends.

Thought of the day:
Why is it considered cruel to laugh at the misfortunes of others? When I suffer from misfortunes (and this is often, I assure you) it makes me feel better to know that at least somebody is getting pleasure out of the situation. Lulz, you know?

That is all. Early morning ahead. Bon nuit!

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Lashes, Tractors and Pink Pony Punch: Video Roundup

See Lauren. See Lauren run.

See Lauren run around like a chicken with her head cut off hunting for a new condo while simultaneously trying to get everything lined up for TIFF (7 out of 12 outfits down and counting!) and work 60 million+ hours per week. Don’t get it twisted though – she loves this shizz.

See Lauren aggregate all of her recent videos into one big blog post.

Aggregate Lauren, Aggregate. Blog Lauren, Blog:

1. The Eyelash Extensions LOLVlog: I recently had my lashes pimped by Laura from BeFabulous Spa Studio. Belle, non?

Not only is she crazy talented in the beauty department (rumor has it her Brazilian waxes are the best in Toronto), Laura is whip smart and nicer than apple pie. Wait, is apple pie nice? I don’t even know… haven’t spent too much time speaking to pies lately. I spoke to Laura the entire time my lashes were being applied, however, and she rules.

Note: Get Eyelash extensions. Well priced and, with regular maintenance, they last forever!

2. Pink Pony Punch with a side order of robots: Sometimes, I get to drink yummy things out of robot piggy banks on camera at work. And by “sometimes”, I mean “one day last week”. I like this video because it’s short, sweet and has both ponies and robots in it!

3. The CosmoTV Blogger Girl’s date with Evan Starkman: Full post available here.

4. Backstage with Stereos at the CNE: Interview + behind-the-scenes footage and uh… garbage tractor rides:

5. Thought Controlled Computing: vitaminwater visits Interaxon: Some technical issues here (audio problems, lens out of focus, my brain wouldn’t work…) but I like the idea behind this story.

6. Steampunk Octopus at Burning Man: The fact that I had nothing to do with this does not negate the fact that it’s amazing and deserves a place in this post.

C’est tout. Must sleep. Tomorrow, we ride… we ride to win.


Get it? If not, keep hitting those books… and maybe a little bit of TVtropolis too.

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Sister, Sisterrrr….

How about that two way twister? Shakin’ up our family tree with sibling syncronisity – Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh… (hoo hoo!)…

OHHHHoooowoahooowoahoooWOAH – Sister SISTAHHH! *sass*

It happened, guys! I finally found her – my long lost secret twin.

We were shopping at the mall one day with our mother and father respectively when all of the sudden, in a store that just so happens to resemble my bedroom…



I haven’t met the Tia to my Tamera just yet, but there’s always room for hope right?


This week on my CosmoTV blog, I lament over my lack of female siblings. I was feeling lonely and whiney and sick when I wrote that, plus I just recently started playing with the Photobooth mirror feature and I got sucked in hard. Expect a Casie/Raymi mirror style video soon :)

I’ve been working like nyutz these past couple of days… shooting, hosting, writing, editing, coding, posting. I love it, but gahd dang does this shizz take a lot of time!

Huge weekend ahead – Beach, Boards, Tosh, Pedestrian Sunday, Jays Game, Pool party… No Osheaga though. Shut up.

Now, please watch this fabulous video I just made on BombayTV. Bollywood Classic meets Dr. Dre:

<a href="" title="graphisme">publicite graphique</a>


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