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Gram Slam, Instasham, I live life on Tumblr…

Presented without comment, this hilarious piece called Instasham by Pandyland’s Andy Pandy:


That’s probably a lot funnier to me than it should be. It’ll be double funny to my boyfriend / family / co-workers / everyone else who knows me (except for my friends, because they all do it too.)

My feline family won’t be amused, on the other paw, because they’re the ones I’m always commanding to pose pretty.

Also, their comprehension of the English language is quite poor, so the entire premise of that comic would fly right over their fuzzy little heads anyway.

Here are my 50 most recent grams — about 2 weeks’ worth, it seems to be. If you want to go back even further, go for it. I get pretty snap-happy during the mitten-free months.

How many do YOU think were shammed? :)

That one took a few minutes to set up, between moving the pops and napkins out of the way, arranging Sean’s sushi nicely, getting the angle right and waiting for the perfect Breaking Bad screen to capture.

He didn’t care.

Finally, because it IS Wednesday, would you rockkkkk this Lana Del Rey suit jacket? God bless whoever made (or shopped) it and put the photo onto Tumblr / Pinterest (whichever came first. Chicken, egg, it matters not.)

Finally, I rescind my “finally,” above for one more thing: A video. A video of featuring a cover of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” to be specific.

Just watch to see why it doesn’t suck (lyrics in the video description here. It helps to follow along.)


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SXSW Day 2: When Southwest Was a Word You Could Still Say…

Hi hi hi. I’ve been busy…

Yesterday at the Screenburn Arcade, I met Juliet Starling — everybody’s favourite power-tool toting high school cheerleader cum zombie slayer and star of the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw game.

I’ve been waiting for this one to drop for longtimes (the date has now been set for June 12th of this year), so when I saw the testing station / promo bus / Cosplay characters I ran on over to geek out.

Free Lollipops with pre-orders, shyeah!

If I didn’t know any better (or have values, an education, eyes…) I’d think this game was made for me.

Personally, I don’t mind the skimpy costumes and horror-sexual overtones. The main character was actually designed by a female… if that makes a difference. Probably not. Fingers crossed that Juliet’s week script gets bolstered before widespread release though.

I can handle a female character who kills zombies in her underwear — what I can’t handle is a female character who says things like “bring it, fat*ss!” and “you stupid undead douchebags!”

Here’s what’s up with that cute little beaver. Don’t even.

Last night I saw a Comedy Bang Bang Showcase at Esther’s Follies as part of SXSW Comedy (which, I must say, I’m loving so much more than the Interactive stuff.)

The show was hosted by Scott Aukerman and featured James Adomian, Greg Proops, Dan Mintz, Seth Morris and a few more gems. All strong performances, but Adomian killed it. I took some photos but the lighting was bad for that so here’s something I wish I took backstage:

image via Earwolf

Greg Proops was great too. Homeboy is a LEGEND. The best parts of his set were the raw, blatantly mocking bits. He commented on how young the audience was, referring to himself as grandpa often. To paraphrase…

[As us] “What was it like, grandpa? In the olden days, when people still said “South By Southwest instead of just ‘South by’? What was it like when ‘Southwest’ was a word? A real world that people could say?

I know quite a few people who’d get a kick out of that :)

After the show, Kate and I ran into the Decentralized Dance Party on 6th Street:

Dec 31, 1969 | Source:

Then we went to Coyote Ugly and I ran into Johnny Knoxville coming out of a dive bar next to some Taco Hut. I’ll have more about all of that in the video.

Today I hit a comedy writing panel (so good), the Samsung Blogger Lounge, took a rickshaw ride, got lost in Austin + a bunch of other things I’ll remember once I watch the 4900 hours of footage I shot.

Now, I’m going to try and sneak into the major lined up Mashable party.

Yours in finding Pete Cashemoredness,

PS – Apparently LEO was here last night and I missed him. GAHDDANGIT AUSTIN TRIP! BE COOLER!

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love / hate / lol : October 5, 2010

The love / hate / lol digest for October the 5th, 2010.

Let’s start with the love, shall we?:

  • Free sandwiches from Druxy’s during lunchtime meetings. My boss was like “we ordered some vegetarian ones, too!” and I was like “oh frick, here we go…” since a lot of the veg. sandwiches I’m offered at conferences and meetings are little more than some sprouts and tomato slices on buttered white bread.Pitiful excuse for a sandwich, this was NOT. I’m very impressed with Druxy’s right now. I’ll definitely hit up their shop sometime for another hummus and veggie sandwich
  • The following Threadless tees. I must choose one or two to spend those Threadless dollars I nabbed from the Chigaco boys on. Decisions, decisions…

Homeboy’s got an incredible backstory too, or so say my friends who went to the Toronto TED conference. Good on him.

  • My new clogs and flared jeans.I’ve been rocking skinnies for so long that I forgot how good it feels to pretend I’m one of the Bee gees.

  • Animal Fashion Shows:  I’m tempted to buy some tickets for Paws for the Cause. It’s expensive, but all of the funds go to the OSPCA so… we shall see.

    If I had a dog, I would totally enter their Petorialist contest, but I don’t so I’ll just work on getting my kittehs in Matilda’s fashion show instead.

And now for the hate:

  • I hate that there is NO Goodlife Fitness in my neighbourhood. I’m getting sick of having to drive all over the city for my gym time! I’ve been a member for almost 3 years and love everything about the gym – especially that I can use any of them in Canada (nice for at frequent traveler) – but I need a place that I can easily hit before or after work.Too much of my day is spent in transit and I’m looking to cut down where I can. Exploring ze options… If y’all know of a good place for me to get my fitness on in West Toronto, holla!

But speaking of transit, I also hate…

  • overcrowded subways. Are you shocked? I know I tend to keep my feelings about the TTC on the DL…

Thanks to my new friend Ellie for starring in that little viddy, btw. Making tweeps on the subway is how we roll (when we aren’t masking the smell of BO and cat pee with our scarves) because we’re positive like that.

And finally – most importantly – the LOL:

Also, this, this and this:

Bwahahaha. Cultural sensitivity FAIL!


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