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Your date with Marilyn… (+ “I’m Comic Sans”)

That glamourous, that cute, that breathy buxom babe. The penultimate platinum blonde.

Miss Norma Jean, this one goes out to you.

Marilyn blew a lot of kisses. This much, I know thanks to Google.

I’ve been enamoured with Ms. Monroe since the seventh grade, like every single other girl my age I think.

Once, I performed a monologue in drama class as Marilyn Monroe. I donned a cropped blonde wig and one of my mom’s old furs. There’s a photo on the bulletin board in my childhood bedroom that I’d probably scan and show you if I were at home right now. I had braces and it was ridiculous. *sigh*, To be 16 again…

I learned so much about Marilyn Monroe while researching and writing that piece — a lot of which I’ve since forgotten. Maybe you have too.

Fancy a refresher?

Alliance Films has given LaurenOutLoud 10 pairs of tickets to the advance screening of “My Week With Marilyn” on November 17th at the Varsity Cinemas in Toronto.

The first ten people to comment below (with an email address, so that I can send you the promo codes) will win a pair of tickets to the screening

The film, which hits theatres on November 25th, stars Michelle Williams (as Marilyn, obvs) and my british boyfriend Eddie Redmayne.

Remember my hot romantic date interview with him during TIFF? Of course you don’t, there were like a zillion other things going on that week.

So much was cut out of that – including the part where we fell madly in love.

Come see this movie with me and you will fall in love too. With Eddie, with Michelle, with Marilyn. Maybe with me? Are you reading this, Leo?

In other bits of awesome, I found this clip from GHOSTWRITER today (old school Julia Stiles, what!?) and it made me so so so so very excited.

It was this very episode that made me start obsessing over the Internet before I even knew what the Internet was.

“In there… it’s a world where you’re judged by what you say and think… not by what you look like. A world where curiosity and information = power.”

Power and lulz. Read this, please, if you read ANYTHING today. It’s the best thing I’ve read all week:

Bwahahahahaha, I still hate you Comic Sans. But I love that rant. And Timothy McSweeny’s. Hot damn is that website dope.

I must now go to celebrate 11/11/11 in STYLE.

Love you all so much for reading this here blog. Really I do.

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Google Helvetica.

Just do it!

Unless you read this post after they’ve changed things back to normal (if, Ceiling Cat forbid, they ever happen to do so), your search results will be in Comic Sans. THE HORROR!

Oh, why yes, now that you mention it – that IS yours truly in the realtime search results… not even staged. For serious! Several people had already screenshotted and emailed this to me before I was even aware of the MAGNIFICENT WIN!

Back to worky! It’s my last night of LGFW. More photos in my Flickr gallery, always (185 images and counting!).

Still trying to decide on what to wear tonight. It’s down to 3 outfits that I purchased recently, and a few others that I already own. It’s really rather cruel that (the official) fashion week is only 5 days long. Perhaps I’ll just have to start dressing more stylishly at work. Not that monster tees aren’t stylish…

Whatevs. It’s all about balance. Right, monkey riding a goat on a tightrope?

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