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LOL’s 2013 Holiday Party Wrap: JWT Chalet, Media Profile, High Road, HoHoTO and More!


Murry (belated) Chrsms, permps and berches!

This is such a strange time of year, right now, you know? That week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when everybody is just lying around recovering from the holiday madness by eating leftovers at their parents’ house and watching cheesy movies on the W network…


Taking a week of vacation always feels like a good idea when you book it…. until you’re three days into said vacation like “MOOOOOOOM I’M BOOOOOOOOOREDDDDDDDAHHHH,” just fiending for the office like a strange, sad work drone that can’t be powered down.

For me, shopping is the remedy. Shopping and going to the gym and partying with my friends.

Ooooh Boxing Day, Ooooh Boxing Day, your shoe sales are a-may-zing…


I scored 2 pairs of shoes, some suede booties, a sweet work dress and these wicked plaid pants at Le Chateau during their MEGAHUGE boxing day sale at the Downtown Chatham Centre (my adorably bodunk little home town’s legendary shopping mall) — much of it for 50 per cent off, all of it MADE IN CANADA. Nice.

I also re-pierced my own belly button with a safety pin last night, so there’s that.


Anyhoo, this post has devolved into another stream of “LOOK AT WHAT I WORE AND BOUGHT!” pictures. Sorry.

The point of me writing today was to tell you about all of the sick holiday parties I was fortunate enough to attend this holiday season!

Without further ado, here is one monster Storify with tons of photos from all of the agency Christmas parties I went to, friend nights, and of course, O`Nizzle family Christmas.

Big ups to everyone who sent me an invite to their shindigs this year — I had one blast of a December :)


‘Twas the season to be jolly, and jolly we cerrrrtainly werrrrrre – HO HO HO!

P.S. – I found this old Mac running iOS on Tumblr and it made me go “ooooooooooh.” #AppleLife



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Murry Chrizzums from the CHT : A Photo dump and Contest Winner Announcement

Hey, hi, happy holidays homies! And a very merry Christmas to you from Ikea Monkey, The O’Neil family, dozens of dearly departed cocktail shrimp and all of your friends (okay, friend) here at

Groundskeeper Willie is not one of your friends if you’re pet shop Santa, clearly.

That photo is from last Christmas, but it’ll never get old because it’s a classic — like Woll Smoth and the 2/10 would not bang thing and innocent mischief and the act of bringing one’s laundry home for mom to do because she’s just way better at than you’ll ever hope to be…

Here are a few photos from the past couple of days in Chatham and Windsor doing Xmas 2012 — relatively low-key with lots of family, food and fawesome fpresents, just the way I flove it.

Christmas Part 2

Storified by Lauren O’Nizzle· Tue, Dec 25 2012 21:09:19

Same stocking I’ve had since I was one.laurenonizzle
And now for the traditional last-minute wrapping of the presents while Siamese cats interfere…laurenonizzle
My mom and I made pasta nurse and doctor ornaments when I was a kid.laurenonizzle
My wrap game is tight.laurenonizzle
I got my brother and dad matching onesies from The Drake General Store. Hipster swag.laurenonizzle
Brodie got my parents a meat dehydrator "so they can make me jerky" hahahalaurenonizzle
Brunch cat.laurenonizzle
I got Sean the Breaking Bad Christmas shirt. O’Neil
I can’t even fit 1/3rd of what’s on this table into an Instagram frame.laurenonizzle
Holiday viewing.laurenonizzle
Double fire — it’s a Festivus miracle!laurenonizzle
My aunt is giving my cousin a 5-strand braid! That’s some next-level Pinterest type stuff right there. #braidslaurenonizzle
My cousin Sheldon is a little flat.laurenonizzle
I went for "Super Christmassy."laurenonizzle
My mom is in love.laurenonizzle
"JUST TAKE THE PICTURE!" #christmasInstagramlaurenonizzle
Greasy hair don’t carelaurenonizzle

Oh! And before I forget, the winner of LOL’s BIG 2012 CHRISTMAS SMARTPHONE GIVEAWAY is Ravi Steve with his super soup (get it?)

Big ups to all of the generous contest entrants – if it were up to me, you’d all win phones and ponies too.

I’ve got to “GET OFF OF THAT COMPUTER, LAUREN!” now, but first I must share with you this video from Slacktory in which one man attempts to answer the age old question: “what if Santa were a finance worker named Dave Penderson who drove a 1998 Ford Focus?”

Jetta bra!

Merry Gifmas to all, and to all a good 5 more minutes that are left of Christmas.

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The 2012 Holiday Party Report Part 2 + Scumbag Car and Good Guy Tweeps

Yesterday was one of those days — the highly memorable kind that you could totally call “a rollercoaster” if it had been anything other than stellar for the first 80 percent of it… Or if I had spent it at Cedar Point or Wonderland or something.

It all started out dreamily with some DIRELY needed hair TLC at Sparks in Liberty Village (full review of that adventure coming soon, but long story short: Sparks Salon = beauty heaven and Liquid Keratin = gorgeous hair in a bottle.)

Then, I spent some quality time with the boys…

Did some last minute Christmas shopping…

Hit the gym, computed a little, packed my car and hit the road to head home for Christmas.

Vinyl Tap was on the radio, my coffee cup was full, and I was only 4 hours away from SLEEPING IN MY SWEET BED IN CHATHAM!

Or so I thought.

Scumbag car strrrrrikes again! WHY MAN? WHY? Just as I’m getting on the 427 you decide to overheat? Why are you so hot? IT’S FREEZING OUTSIDE!

I called my dad who advised me not to drive four hours West with the gauge at full H and the check engine light on. My boyfriend, his brother, and everyone else I talked to agreed, and since I couldn’t get one person to give my bright idea at the very least a “meh, you’ll be okay,” I did the next best thing.

I Tweeted.

It was a long shot. I’d already pulled over and started Googling shops in the area on my iPhone to see what time they’d be open the next day, fully resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to make my family Christmas today.

And then this popped up on my screen:

“Huh,” I thought. “Worth a try.”

30 minutes later, this:


Not only were the guys at Bento’s able to take me in right away, they got me back on the road within an hour — All because Tania took the time to reply to my tweet.

She didn’t have to do that. She could have let the tweet pass by and clicked over to something more entertaining, but she took the time to find and send me that number instead.

That little gesture made a world of difference to me — the difference between making it home in time for my extended family Christmas in Windsor and having to catch a train home the next evening with four huge bags of gifts in tow.

Thank you, Tania. You saved my Christmas with your simple act of kindness, and that does not deserve to go unrecognized or un-paid-forwarded.

So here; I donated a mango tree to a school in Africa through Plan Canada in your name (which I wrote as @tania since I don’t know your last name and wanted this to be a surprise.)

Just a small token of my appreciation that I hope makes someone’s life a little better, like your speed-Tweeting that shop’s number did for me.

Now for the Holiday Party Roundup Part 2 (Y’all can see Part 1 here) complete with 140 character party reviews once again — enjeezy!

LOL’s 2012 Holiday Party Roundup Part 2

More 140 character reviews!

Storified by Lauren O’Nizzle· Sun, Dec 23 2012 00:22:21

Double polaroidlaurenonizzle

2. HoHoTo at the Mod Club

Right now. @hohoto fun.Cheryl Howard
I have a self-imposed curfew of "whenever my phone dies o’clock."Lauren O’Neil
RT @TheModClub: @laurenonizzle is in the building. It’s true! I saw her. O’Neil
Over $53K raised for #hohoto!scribblelive
BAUCE! @saulcolt got a freaking chain made of himself like Rick Ross!laurenonizzle
If a businessman can get a chain of himself made, why NOT a news girl? I’m doing it.laurenonizzle
Spotted: the grinch at #hohotoscribblelive
Glory to the newborn king. #hohotoLauren O’Neil
Good kid, Maad city.Lauren O’Neil
VICE XMESS PARTY 2012 @vicecanada @partsnlabour (@ Parts & Labour w/ 4 others) O’Neil
Parkdale hipsters be alright by me. In fact, I rather like them.Lauren O’Neil
Blonde besties @laurenonizzle @keriblog @erinbury #hohoTOCASIE STEWART

3. Critical Mass Holiday Party at… a bunch of places

Photo by laurenonizzle * Instagramlaurenonizzle
Boyfriend’s work soiree. Started at a nice private club, then a chill pub, then a Karaoke bar. After party with a VHS and a polaroid, real late. Advertising people know how to party.
Boyfriend’s work Christmas party. Bring on the merry?Lauren O’Neil
Photo by laurenonizzle * Instagramlaurenonizzle
Oh it’s THAT kind of Christmas party… Bwahahalaurenonizzle
I’m surrounded by Ad guys. Flashback.laurenonizzle
Empire Records on VHS. This happened.laurenonizzle
Instagram of an actual polaroid picture. No filter.laurenonizzle

4. My work party

CBCNews Christmas thingie.laurenonizzle
Daytime potluck with more treats than a hungry showdog’s day dreams. I might have diabetes now. It was worth it.
Snow in #Toronto!laurenonizzle
ALL OF TEH COOKIES! I love it when the Mennonite baker ladies come to the CBC.laurenonizzle
P.S. I brought Lisa Simpson-shaped fruit.
I brought Lisa Simpson to the holiday potluck party at work.laurenonizzle

2. urbanebloc x Tunezy’s S.T.F.U. Party at the Burroughes Building

“A party slash shopping event as far as i could tell. Sick DJ, free coconut water and some random stairwell soup that made me laugh. Too much.

Took a selfie with a canned good to entertain myself. When life gives you gumbo, make GUMBONADE!!! #dbaglaurenonizzle
#stfupartyGwyneth Williams
DJ horse in the place to be!laurenonizzle
Ran into this cutie at the #stfuparty… Think we might be going home together ;) laurenonizzle
Is this art, or dig someone get drunk and decide to make a vodka / Chunky soup cocktail in the stairwell? #stfupartylaurenonizzle

5. Oxford Beach’s A Toronto Christmas

Drunk boys are bad photographers.laurenonizzle
The roundhouse looks nice all done up for Christmas :) #atoxmaslaurenonizzle
@courtney_c53 @harmony_xoxlaurenonizzle
My shadow is awesome.laurenonizzle
"YOU ARE A BLONDE GIRL!!!" screams a drunk guy in my face as he walks by me on the street. Cool story bro.Lauren O’Neil
Last night I went to a party with a candy bar. #atoxmaslaurenonizzle

7. Raptors Game

Not technically a holiday party, but it was part of Sean’s birthday present and I included THAT party in the last roundup so… whatever.

Dang, they got some gourmet corn dogs up in the ACC booths!laurenonizzle
Big ups to JustGreen for feeding me sushi in your box! #raptorslaurenonizzle
Show me on your jumbotron.laurenonizzle
"SHOW ME ON YOUR JUMBOTRON" – @laurenonizzle #raptors #greengameNate Black
The later it gets in the game, the more shameless I become about GETTING ON THE JUMBOTRON. @RaptorsLauren O’Neil
Me: "I just love… to have anger…" @NateJamesBlack: "That was a weird statement to make. Just so you know that."Lauren O’Neil
JustGreen is offsetting the carbon footprint of getting to and from this @raptors for everyone here. #greengame O’Neil
Raptors games have the best freaking music, always. cc @RaptorsLauren O’Neil
Didn’t get on the jumbotron but I just did the robot on teeveeeeeee. Again. @raptorslaurenonizzle

Last but not least, this:

Don’t read the comments. Just believe…

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