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The Cee Bee So-Chee 2014 Winter Olympics Wrap



Welp folks, That’s all she wrote. All she wrote about Sochi, anyway.

The past three weeks have been intense… but also very, very fun. I’ve learned tons, have made some great new friends, and really actually enjoyed working in the sports department for a while. See also: taking photos on the CBC Olympics podium.




Alas, the Olympics are over now and it’s back to NEWS. I’m stoked to be on a regular schedule again (read NO MORE WORKING WEEKENDS) and to be covering my regular weird internet things and like, news, but I’ll always remember my time in sports land fondly.

Big ups to everyone on the CBC Olympics team, and especially these cats who made my job one heck of a lot more fun:



Here are all of the stories I’ve written about the Olympics since the last time I blogged about Sochi. Please note the abundance of cute animals, cute boys, and Canadian humble-pride:




I am immensely proud of my country’s athletes right now.

Team Canada CLEANED UP, eh? Gold in both men’s and women’s hockey, Gold in both men’s and women’s curling, a full 25 medals combined and our women earned more gold medals than the women from any other country on earth.

Sochi may have had its problems, but the controversy surrounding these games also started up some important conversations about human rights, animal rights, and the spectacle of the Olympic Games in general. All in all, I’d say it was an… impactful three weeks. For better or for worse. I’m glad to have been part of the conversation.

Please enjoy this wee slideshow of Lauren-in-sportsland photos and Tweets before I rock the heck to bed.



Peace out, my friends :)


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Cee Bee SoCHI 2014: Lauren O’Neil, Professional Sports Sports Sports Person

lauchi 2014

Word up Nizz bizzzkits,

It’s your girl Lauren O’SPORTS here coming at you live from… my living room. BUT, but BUT, I’m working in the sports department at work for the next 3 weeks (‘cause Olympics, duh) and therefore I’m going to pretend I’m writing at you from SPORTSLAND, which is where I be spending my days right about meow.


Yo, check it, here are some of my recent stories (and by recent, I mean everything I’ve written in the last three days when I haven’t been live-tweeting / Facebooking / Instagramming SPORTS THINGS) from the massively amazing CBC Olympics site:


C’est tout bbs,

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LauLau GoPro SnoBo and Net Neutrality in Canada


*clears throat*

IT’S SO COOOOOOLD IN THE T! HOW THE HECK DO WE ‘SPOSED TO KEEP (ourselves from turning into frozen) PEAS?

BAHHHHHHHHHHHH Go home, Polar Vortex. You’re drunk.


So, I’m cold. You’re cold. We’re all cold… and that was the extent of a faux forecast I performed at work today whilst messing around in the weather centre.

For the record, weathergirling is way, way, WAY harder than it looks.




Also harder than it looks is SNOWBOARDING, but if you’ve ever tried to snowboard you already know that.

I myself have been at it for six (relatively non-aggressive) seasons now, and it’s pretty much the only thing about post-Christmas winter I don’t absolutely hate.

Last week, I hit the WONDEROUS MOUNTAINOUS RANGES of Moonstone / St. Louis in… what, Barrie? Somewhere about an hour north of Toronto. Close, which is why we went there.




Big ups to the magic that is GoPro (and Sean, who wore said GoPro on his head) for this video I edited of myself doing pretty much nothing on my board. I went down a very small hill. That’s it. That’s all there is at Moonstone.




Steezy, brobro.

Eh, so in case you don’t remember, I host an online show at work called CBC Live Online.

Last night, we focused on Net Neutrality and had some brilliant guests.

I beckon you to watch the episode here if you’re at all interested in preserving the free and open web we’ve all been enjoying since the 90′s… and if you don’t want to see my geeky mug for the next 30 minutes, watch this instead. SHICK’S IMPORTANT, YO.




In other news this week, my friends and I scored third place in trivia at the Soho House (woohoo!)…




I got my hair did (THANKS ROSE!)




… and my wall has a brand new party sign (THANKS STEVIE!):




In other other news, Rob Ford got stuck in an elevator today and Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Justin Bieber something.



Oh, Canada…

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