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Salt, Pepa, Hot sauce soup.

Here I go, here I go, here I go again. Girls, what’s my weakness? MEN! CondiMENts!

Welcome to the inside of my head, where infant me raps in an all-female hip hop group under the moniker “Ketchup” and has the body of a grown woman who wears cool African hats.

Hang on tight.

I have no idea how or why Toronto’s Festival of Beer managed to get the effing Queens of 90s Hip Hop into their entertainment lineup, but I’m going to assume it has everything to do with some random blog post I wrote about Shoop in June.

I swear to Jazzy Jeff that I had no idea Salt-N-Pepa would be coming to Toronto this summer — or even that they were still together — when I wrote that post.

Jul 29, 2012 | Push it. by laurenonizzle on

It all went down like this:

I had Googled “Do do that voodoo that you do so well” after reading it in some Vice column or something and stumbled upon the Shoop video. One related video led to another and, before I knew it, I had DL’ed the entire Salt-N-Pepa discography. And I LIKED it.

Typical Millennial, fetishizing 90s culture. You know how it is.

I wasn’t really old enough to appreciate their music fully the first time around (I was two when Push-It was released), but that’s not to say that I don’t know all of their hits’ choruses off by heart.

You do too, because they’ve got mad longevity. They really are classics.

A few short days after making that Shoop post — after spending hours looking at 90s hip hop videos with Sean on the couch — I saw a streetcar go by with an ad for Salt-N-Pepa at beerfest on it.

It felt like fate and I decided to go. I almost missed the entire thing to stay late at work and finish a story, but my timing ended up being flawless and that felt like fate too.

Salt and Pepa’s hype men (called the ‘shakers’ - get it?) were taking the stage just as Casie and I walked through the gates.

We managed to worm our ways through the crowd to the very front of the stage — a practice my friends call ‘Nizzling’, as in:

“This club is at capacity. They’re turning everybody away. Let’s go.”
“Just Nizzle your way in like you always do…”

All is fair in love and access.

Anyhoo, Wikipedia tells me that Salt (Cheryl R. James) and Pepa (Sandra Denton) are 46 and 48 respectively.

That performance was NYUTZ for two women that age. Not only did they kill it vocally and with their moves, the entire performance was just slinky and spicy as heck – Like a big ole bowl of hot sauce soup. Hot sauce shoop!

I should win a bloggy award for that Segue.  Are bloggies still like, a thing?

You know you’re doing “social media” right when your branded Facebook post soars to the top of Reddit. And also when you come up with a joke recipe that actually makes my mouth water.

I’ve got to go outside now. Happy Caturday :)

P.S. — I would like to publicly declare my love for Dr. Dre, in hopes that he comes to perform within 5 blocks of my place. With Eminem. And Snoop. Come on, come on… OVOfest would count. Just Sayin’ :)

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The Union Station flood meme, Diamond Jubilee tweets and so many LOLinks

Well, that just happened. My first live TVs hit for work. I can’t tell you how they went because I haven’t seen them yet, but oh how the Tweeps came through with photos!

Biggest of ups to my bestie for catching the tail end of the first one on Viddy :)

You can see the sweet interactive Diamond Jubilee feature I was talking about here, and some of the best of CBC Community’s “Tweets for the Queen” project here.

Moving on to something a little bit more local, UNION STATION FLOODED yesterday. Like, majorly flooded. That’s newsy in and of itself, but it was what happened after the flood photos started surfacing on Twitter and Facebook that makes this blogworthy.

My contribution to the meme:


You can see dozens more of these most lulzy images on BlogTO right now, or here on the Toronto Flood’s very own Tumblog.

I love my city. And also this four-legged cover of the Gotye song everybody is soooo sickkk of:

Happy Caturday :)


Super kid: Adorable photos of Lori Anne Madison, the 6-year-old child who crushed Scripps National Spelling bee. I love her.

Photo essay: Your veil is not a battleground, by Kiana Hayeri.

Woah 90s: Vanilla Ice might star in Michael Bay’s new TMNT movie. This thing just keeps getting weirder.

Block rocking teeth: This musical grill makes Nelly’s bling look downright primitive.

Gamer Love: How to cuddle while playing Diablo with your sweetheart. Awwww.

Talent crush: This guy is probably the greatest Flair bartender alive.

Royal steeze: The many hats of Her Royal Highness (and one of my personal style icons) Queen Elizabeth II.

Pianomannas: Musicians put a classical spin on a Kanye & Jay-Z hit with Pianists in Paris

Zombie Panic: The CDC releases “Zombie preparedness guide.”

Simpsons chairs: Thai design firm 56thStudio has released a collection called “Caricature as Furniture,” which makes me feel more excited about chairs than I ever thought was possible (see also).

Slick specs: Line-Drawing frames look sketchy — in a good way.

Silly cows: This one escaped McDonald’s to chill in a Burger King parking lot. May god rest his soul.

Weird Science: Harvard researchers build emoticons with DNA strands.

Iron Man Iron: That’s it. It’s just an Iron Man iron. Pretty sweet.

Google Images Dictionary: It’s every bit as inappropriate and entertaining as you would expect.

Headline lulz: This story is not funny. In fact, this story is giving me nightmares. But this headline — “Porn actor fingered in murder…“? Well. (See also)

Nintendo lulz: Dorkly introduces us to Super mario’s not-so-super brother, Regular Giuseppe.

Disco bird: This parakeet has more talent in his left wing than 90 per cent of the humans I know.

LGSS: I don’t even get these. Anyone who has actually ever danced in toe shoes would hate this concept.

The preview is always better than the movie: The trailer for Les Miserables, the movie, has finally dropped, and it’ll give you chills (if you have a soul at all).

Scientifically sexy: Have your favourite element made into a miniskirt! I would not rock this, but I can appreciate the idea.

BIEBER: I had way too much fun with this MorphThing the other night. Behold, Justen O’Biezzle.

Well, being that I’ve got a whole boatload of stuff going on this evening and I woke up at like, FIVE AM, I’m going to take a nap. It’s raining outside, anyway. An orange kitty beckons from the bed…

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Cat City, Party cows and Tetris the freaking movie: Happy Caturday!

Two percent two percent yea we getting it…

THAT, my friends is one of many excellent Rack City parodies. About 6 months too late, sure, but it’s Caturday my friends — and that shick is clever in so many ways. CAT CITY TRICK (Not to be confused with Cyriak’s “Kitty City,” please — a totally different and FANTASTIC beast.

I’m “procatinating” with Groundskeeper Willie right now, not going to lie. My friend Ashley is coming into town today so I’m getting my workout done EARLY. It’s way hard. And so, I continue to blog.

Imagine? If Tetris were a movie? So well done. Also great = These cows who crashed a backyard party and DRANK ALL THE BEER. True story. Party cows! (Not to be confused with Cyriak Harris’ cows&cows&cows. Themes! Links! Connections!)

Lastly, this Tumblr is the greatest thing I’ve seen in weeks. Classic scenes from The Simpsons contrasted with the film shots they’re based upon.

Story time: When I studied Citizen Kane in 2rd year Media Aesthetics class I actually got excited over recognizing moments from the Mr. Burns Bobo episode. Ahhhh, Season 5. A golden time for the greatest show in the history of the world.

Ugh. I need to go run now.

Love you all!

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